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Ex Blizzard Employee Unleashes Collection, Rare Gex Plush and More!

GEX the gecko BD&A Super Rare Limited promo plush soft toy teddy 1999

Good morning VGA readers. I have auctions submitted to me by an Ex-Blizzard employee which all look pretty cool. I also have a GEX plush submitted which is from Australia. The other auctions are Final Fantasy related. I always try to snag a few Final Fantasy auctions to show as it’s still one of my favorite categorizes to collect. Enjoy your weekend and see you next week.

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Super Mario Collectibles, Final Fantasy and More!

Super Mario Bros 3 Nintendo Happy Meal Store Display Poster McDonald's

Good morning VGA readers. Today’s post will have tons of Mario collectibles from the 80’s and 90s. Most of them are buy it now, but a few are on regular auction. If you’re into negotiating like me, then you’ll reach out to the buyer and see if you can work on lowering the price. It’s a hit or miss, but at least you can try. I like the Game Boy display and the Super Mario Bros 3 Halloween costume. Enjoy the auctions today and the rest of your weekend :)

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The Best Search on eBay for Video Game Collectors

luigi's mansion flashlight gamecube Nintendo limited edition rare

So whats the best search on ebay for video game collectors? As subjectivie as that question is, I believe the “eye candy” search is the best. Most of the items will be out of reach with few low hanging fruits, but ultimately the “eye candy” search is exactly that: the window shopping of incredibly rare items that you wish you owned. The well-to-do video game collector who’s reading this now and thinks “That’s not expensive”, well screw you! I’m talking about the rest of the 95% who can’t afford that $1000 poster, or that $2000 limited edition console. So how do we go about conducting this “eye candy” search? It’s very simple:

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Nintendo 64 (N64) Sega Genesis Sonic The Hedgehog Super Mario Bros. 4

$1000 for a Metal Mario Plush from Super Mario 64? Plus Some More Auctions to Show…

Metal Mario Plush from Super Mario 64 Very Rare

You read the title right ladies and gents. $1000 for a Metal Mario plush. So, any bidders yet? None so far. But I don’t blame the seller for trying. It’s a super rare N64 plush, I believe the rarest although I’m not an expert in the N64 plush field. Still, $1000 for anything video game related is expensive and the item has to be incredibly rare to get that kind of price tag. Items that come to mind are Miyamoto signatures with other Nintendo staff (depending what he signs of course), Aeris Music Box, Resident Evil Mansion keys, LOZ Wind Waker Scroll and some rare sealed games.

Getting back to the Metal Mario Plush, this is what the seller says in the description:

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Mega Marathon Man, Final Fantasy VI The City Plate and More!

Yoshitaka Amano - The City - Plate Final Fantasy VI

Good evening VGA readers. I got some cool auctions to show, and some that bring me back to the peak of quality Final Fantasy Collectibles hitting eBay and in eBay stores such as the Final Fantasy VI ‘The City’ Plate and the Chrome set with Wooden box.

I want to raise attention to an upcoming gamers marathon being held for Child’s Play. It’s the MegaMarathonMan and it’s being held on Friday, September 4th at 5:30pm Central Time. You can watch it live by clicking I think these guys are out of Canada, Winnipeg if I remember. I watched the marathon a few years back and had a blast. This is a charity marathon so all donations and proceeds go to the Child’s Play Charity. The goal is to reach $2000, and they will be playing for 48 hours! If you want more info as well shoot an email to You can also donate here:

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BUY THIS NOW! – Ancient Activision Explorer’s Club Pitfall High Score Awards Letter

Very Rare Activision Explorer's Club Pitfall High Score Awards Letter Nice Ancient

I figure I’d start doing these type of posts auctions that are affordable and showcase something rare or interesting. Well, first item I spotted that someone should buy this now is an incredibly old Activision letter that was mailed out to you if you’ve scored more than 20,000 points for any of their games back in the 80’s. My guess is that you’ve need to take a picture of the screen showing that you’ve reached 20,000 pts + and mail it to Activision’s headquarters. Crazy to think how far Activation has come to being one of the super powers in the video game industry. This letter belongs in a museum!

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