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Halo 5 And Fallout 4 Coins, GTA San Andreas Domino Set, Japanese Super Mario Bros. Candy Container

Super Mario Bros. Japanese Candy Container Item 1989 Nintendo

We are heading towards the end of the month which will bring us into December. Yup, that time of year when you need to start thinking of who you will be getting gifts for. Fortunately for me I have a bunch of Christmas exchanges so I won’t have to buy gifts for so many people. Don’t get me wrong, it’s always nice to give someone a gift and see how happy they get, but more money in my pocket means more video games in my bookshelf LOL! Anyhow, most of you have probably started thinking of what to get, but if some of you have some extra cash they want to spend then take a look at these awesome auctions I found today. We got some unique items so have a look and please note that all the auctions end today!

Game Auctions:
Metal Gear Solid PS one Premium Shareholder Pack Rare Press Promo – Thanks Jack!
Fire Emblem Thracia 776 Deluxe Box Rare Nintendo Super Famicom Limited Edition – Thanks Jack!
Fire Emblem Awakening Bundle Rare Nintendo 3DS System Japanese Edition – Thanks Jack!
Halo 5 Military Challenge Coin
five nights at freddy’s animatronics & toys school backpack long lasting desing1
five nights at freddy’s animatronics & toys school backpack long lasting desing2
Nuka Cola Quantum from Fallout 4 – Sold out at Target
Super Mario Galaxy 2 Light-Up LED Christmas Ornament Holiday NWS Nintendo
MAX OVERLOAD #1 ~ 1994 Dark Horse International – Includes free stickers! Cheats
Playstation superball official promotional; clear with logo, 1996
1985 Bandai Japanese Super MARIO Brothers candy container figure NINTENDO Rare
BoomBots PS1 Production art Doug TenNapel Original Earthworm Jim Book
Mega Yarn Yoshi Amiibo USA TRU Exlusive RARE
BlizzCon 2015 Official Goodie Goody Swag Bag + IHeartSC Women’s L Shirt
Remote control airplane Tom Clancys Splinter Cell Blacklist
Awesome Vintage RARE Space Attacker Video Game Watch Berger Nelsonic 1981
Nintendo Gameboy SNES Promotional Promo Display CES E3 Tradewest Battletoads
Vintage Punch-Out Nintendo NES Magnetic Ball Handheld Kid’s Toy Retro
Rare Fallout 4 Challenge Coin
Vintage Nintendo 64 Promo Poster Perfect Dark Copyright 2000

Good luck!

Everything Japan Import Merchandise Nintendo (NES) Promotional Items Store Displays The Legend Of Zelda

Star Tropics 2 Store Display, Lunar Silver Story Null Plush and More!

Exclusive Early 90's Nintendo Donkey Kong Wall Display Poster Life Size

Good morning VGA readers. Hope your enjoying your Saturday. It’s getting colder here, but I like it, prefer snow then cold rain, but snow will come, and I’ll start up on some of my favorite SNES RPG titles. Have a look at the auctions today, maybe you’ll find something you like:

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Destiny the Taken King Coin, Super Mario Bath Gel, Famicom Nintendo Disk System US Gold and More!

Famicom Disk System GOLF US Gold Nintendo Japan FS

Happy Halloween everyone! I have good news! eBay’s search system finally corrected itself if any of you have noticed, now the merchandise section is filled with more collectibles than the the last two weeks. So this means we can continue to show great collectibles that won’t be lost like a needle in a haystack. So lets get going with the searches and show you what I found  today!

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Japan Import Limited Edition Merchandise Promotional Items Store Displays

Video Game Posters, FF VII Tonberry/Sabotender Christmas Set and more!

Final Fantasy VII 7 Tonberry and Sabotender Christmas Set Limited Edition 3000

Good morning VGA readers. We have a nice line up of posters and promo items. I tend to do the usual searches for Final Fantasy, Chrono trigger and other RPG titles because of habit, I always want to find that rare item which seems to be very rare these days to show up, even the Chrono Cross radical dreamers music box seldomly shows up. None the less there’s always something to showcase from eBay and we also get help from fellow VGA readers when an items comes up that we didn’t find in our searches or saved searches. So I hope you are enjoying your weekend, and you can possibly find something in this post that you’ve been looking for. See you next weekend!

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Retro Arcade Style Video Game Wristwatch from SDCC, Fox Hunt Press Kit, Game Boy Comic and More!

Game Boy Super Mario Comic Comics System Nintendo

Alright, it seems like eBay has once again screwed up the format of the video game merchandise section. Now instead of finding hundreds of auctions per day, it’s literally down to 20. This means that to find awesome and rare video game items, one will need to scatter through the entire category which will prove to be a time waster for all of us since many sellers put up useless crap that no one buys and they seem to put up more than 10 of the same items (ex: a very bad drawn vg character framed asking $20).

But don’t worry, we’ll try to figure something out on our end to scoop of the very best. In the meantime, check out what we have below. It’s not much but please bare with us while we try to fix eBay’s mistakes once again.

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Everything Japan Import Limited Edition Merchandise Nintendo (NES) Promotional Items The Legend Of Zelda

Sierra Space Quest Roger Wilco Patch

Ultra rare Sierra Space Quest jacket patch

Good morning VGA readers. The weathers getting colder now. Crazy to see how it was really hot two weeks ago, people outside in shirts, tank tops, and shorts, and this week, fall coats, even winter coats because it was cold. Well, with winter snow comes more gaming :) For me it would specifically be multi-player. I’m currently playing Gears of War: Ultimate Edition online and it’s awesome. I’m never really into the story modes, doesn’t stimulate me as much, i need competition, human competition, not bots. With that said I have a mix of auctions you may find interesting. Have a look, and don’t forget to add a comment!

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