Thursday, October 23, 2014

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Turbografx-16 Splatterhouse NEC Promotional Halloween Bag and More! Turbografx-16 Splatterhouse NEC Promotional Halloween Bag and More!

Good afternoon VGA readers. Todays a short post but we have some unique auctions and one that stands out for me is a submission from Mike (Thanks!) for the Splatterhouse Halloween Bag. Pretty cool auction as I haven’t seen one before, and it’s official. For the right collector he/she will jump on this. The price is ridiculously low and I assume it will only climb higher. Enjoy the post and see you tomorrow!

Video Game Auctions:

– Turbografx-16 Splatterhouse NEC Promotional Halloween Bag

– Halo Reach Promo Metal Trading Cards Full Set of 6 EXTREMELY RARE Employee Only

– 2014 Official League of Legends Season 4 Worlds Championship Jacket

– Vintage Nintendo Power Magazine File Case Holder Super Power Club Official

– StarFox Adventures Bobblehead, Limited Edition Target Nintendo 2002 NEW in box

– Shadow of the Colossus Double Sided Poster Set


– Wireless Ready 2 Rumble Boxing

- Original Snapback Super Mario Bros Character Yoshi Baseball Hat

– Blizzard Diablo 3 Whimsyshire Treasure Goblin Plush Doll SDCC 2014 Exclusive

Quick Sunday Post Quick Sunday Post

Disgaea Prinny Plush Set 3 + Cosplay Hat Atlus Japan Video Game Persona
Nintendo License Plate Signboard Sign NES FC FCD N64 GB Japan
Donkey Kong – Screenshot-Licensed POSTER-90cm x 60cm-Brand New
Nintendo Super Mario Bros. 2 Bow Biters Lock Your Shoe Laces in Place 1991 MOC
Orig Vintage Nintendo Game Cabinet Cart MARIO bros
GTA V 5 Grand Theft Auto Promo Car Air Freshener in Dollar
Playstation PS 4 four PS4 promo Folding Hand Fan very Rare from Gamescom 2014
Set Of 10 Vintage 1982 Atari 2600 Video Game Hanging Signs – Centipede Asteroids
Brand New ThinkGeek Beach Game Boy Towel
Zelda Symphony of the Goddess Poster
Fallout 3 Bloody Mess Perk Modify Watch – Limited Edition – New
RARE Vintage 1988 Nintendo NES Pencil Bag Carrying Case ~ Super Mario Bros
Rockstar Games Grand theft auto iv v 4 5 promo tee online bomber jacket
Club Nintendo DS Game & Watch Collection
VERY RARE 1999 Sony PlayStation 12-month PROMO calendar
Punch Out Limited Edition Little Mac Boxing Glove Nintendo Wii Very Rare Mint
Super Mario Bros Yoshi costume
Family Feud Board Game STILL SEALED 1990 Edition Pressman – Not vg related but still pretty fun to have :)
Charles Martinet Signed Framed 12×18 Photo Display Voice of Super Mario Bros

Good luck!

Counter strike Custom Knife, Naughty Dog Art Print and More! Counter strike Custom Knife, Naughty Dog Art Print and More!

Good afternoon VGA readers. Today’s a short post because I didn’t find a lot of auctions that would be of interest, but still there’s always something for everyone so take a look and hope everyone enjoys their weekend ahead!

Video Game Auctions:

– Naughty Dog 30th Anniversary Last of Us Firefly Art Print Signed by Devs 11/100

– Naughty Dog 30th Anniversary Limited Edition Pinny Arcade Pin ESC The Last of Us

– Club Nintendo Mario Gamecube Controller

– New Hori Gamecube Gameboy Player Controller Pad Black Japan RARE Snes Style Smb

– Vintage Zelda Super Mario Bros Pillow Cases Nes

– CS GO M9 Bayonet Boreal Forest, Real knife, Custom paint

– Ni no Kuni Wizard’s Edition Companion Book English Rare

– Magic Knight Rayearth

– Tetris 2 1994 Super Nintendo SNES Store Promo Video Game Poster 22 x 27

Original William’s JOUST Poster, 1960s Nintendo Gambling Game Set, Zelda Hyrule Warriors Triforce Clock Original William’s JOUST Poster, 1960s Nintendo Gambling Game Set, Zelda Hyrule Warriors Triforce Clock

Quick post… some goodies below:

Rare Video Game Auctions:
Punch-Out! Sign 8bit style Nintendo Arcade Game Room Video Snes Mike Tyson’s 64
1960s Nintendo Gambling Game Set Wood Chest Vintage Roulette Craps Home Casino
Adventure Time Gamestop Exclusive Preorder Bonus Lanyard
c2455 Game Gear Coca Cola Kid Limited Edition Console Japan 6th1
ULTRA RARE Authentic Splicer JESTER Mask Bioshock SPLICERS UNITE Event Costume
Vintage Game Boy LCD Watch New In Package 1994
The Legend of Zelda Retro Style Poster – NES Link and Zelda + More, Nintendo Wow
Kirby Plush Cupid with Bow and Arrow 2009 Squeak Squad
Tetris Games Room Door Hanger Sign. 8-bit Nintendo Arcade Video Nes Snes 64 Sega
WORLD OF WARCRAFT FOR THE ALLIANCE! Bath / Beach Towel Blizzcon Blizzard Excl NW
Final Fantasy VII 7 OST Original Soundtrack Limited Edition Digicube
Zelda Hyrule Warriors Triforce Clock – seller has other rare Zelda items…
Original Store Display for Xbox Live Service
Nintendo Rewards 22×28 Poster Set LOT 1 – The Legend of Zelda

Good luck!

Halo 2 Commemorative Launch Team Display Plaque and Much More! Halo 2 Commemorative Launch Team Display Plaque and Much More!

Good morning VGA readers. Today will be a short commentary, but to add we got an auction submitted to us from Dan (thanks!) for the Halo 2 Commemorative Launch Plaue, really cool stuff here. I’m a huge Halo 2 fan, game brings back many memories, though the price tag is too steep for me, but still none the less reeeeeaaallly cool. Enjoy the auctions everyone and see you tomorrow!

Video Game Auctions:

– Halo 2 Commemorative Launch Team Display Plaque


– Nintendo Promo Clear Plastic Ruler

– Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Care Package Drone

– Nintendo Mario Kart 64 Joystick Controller Toys Maze 1997 Applause

– GROWLANSER-Generations Silvertone Watch-NEW


– 1994 Official Nintendo Ultra Rare 7′ Super Metroid Cardboard Standee Display

Secret of Mana Arrange Album, ICO Official Guide Book, Fatal Fury Hat Signed by Falcoon and More! Secret of Mana Arrange Album, ICO Official Guide Book, Fatal Fury Hat Signed by Falcoon and More!

The one thing about video games that we all love and can attest to is the beautiful music that comes with the game play. We can all agree to a certain point that the game’s soundtrack makes or breaks a game. This is evident in RPG’s as well. When you think of RPG’s like the Final Fantasy’s, Chrono Trigger, Secret of Mana/Evermore, Xenogears, could these games really have reached their fullest potential if they didn’t have a good soundtrack? The topic is obviously subjective as music preference changes from one person to another. But we can all agree that the above mentioned games had memorable and beautiful music. To this day I still listen to the soundtrack of Chrono Trigger, SoM and the Final Fantasy’s.

With that said, we sometimes look for more and Arranged albums bring exactly that. Arrange albums can be either official or unofficial, both relieving full gratification to the ears as it’s something similar-yet-different than what we normally listen to. Champ-des-pins is an ebay seller who’s been selling soundtracks for many many years. He/she lives in France and I am guessing has a nice tight connection with someone in Japan where he/she is able to get their soundtracks (for dirt cheap). One interesting album I just came across is the Seiken Densetsu Arrange album. If I remember correctly, this is the soundtrack for pre-Secret of Mana as the one North American’s played was Seiken Densetsu 2 in Japan (correct me if I’m wrong). Now by arrange they mean that the composer took the tracks from the game and either does a subtle change adding notes or what not, or they completely remix the track. Again, it’s something different that you can appreciate as I certainly do. When I have some spare change I will be looking into buying the arranged album. Auction below:

Click here for Pre-Secret of Mana Arranged Album

Other Rare Video Game Auctions:
Nintendo Bronze Mario Statue Made By Oscar and Emmy Award Maker R.S. Owens
1989 SUPER MARIO BROS PUPPET KOOLER official Nintendo figure thermos nes wii 64
ICO The Official Guide Book/PS3 2011 JAPANESE Guide *Great Guide & Artwork!
Original Xbox windbreaker
Vintage 1988 Nintendo of America Super Mario Bros Aladdin Thermos
Nintendo 1988 Link, Zelda, Luigi Key Chain Lot of 7 Rare L@@K
Castle Crashers Barbarian Figure
Nintendo NES Vtg 1980’s Zelda SUPER Mario BROS Toy Chest Storage Display Trunk
Super Mario world Mario on Yoshi wind up figure toy with rare box (Nintendo)
Scarce N64 Nintendo Sports Radio Flash Light Siren Everything Works
Ga-Ko Metal Gear Alarm clock
SDCC 2014 EXCLUSIVE Mass Effect Alliance Cruiser Convention Bronze Edition
Tanooki Tail Ears Super Mario Bros Costume 3D World Nintendo WiiU Halloween
Rare True Vtg ~ Nintendo NES Limited Edition Commemorative Super Mario 2X Shirt
Fatal Fury SNK Promotional Baseball Hat Signed by Tatsuhiko Kanaoka aka Falcoon
SHADOW OF THE COLOSSUS 3D Art Diorama – Brand New Signed & Numbered
Metroid Prime Samus Varia Suit Statue Figure – BOX – ULTRA RARE
Nintendo SUPER MARIO BROS 3 Retro Yellow T-Shirt Adult 2XL Used But Nice Shape
Vintage Pac Man Plush Pillow by Toy Factory
Vintage Nintendo Power Magazine File Case Holder Super Power Club Official
Vintage Nintendo Super Mario Bros. Legend of Zelda Flat Twin Sheet
Playstation Visor Hat! Great Condition PS Logo
Nintendo N64 Sign N65M64D 12
Super Mario bros sound effects keychain
Way Of the Warrior t-Shirt 3D0

Good luck

Complete U.S Virtual Boy Collection, Doom 3 Mancubus Figure and More! Complete U.S Virtual Boy Collection, Doom 3 Mancubus Figure and More!

Good afternoon VGA readers. A quick post coming your way before the weekend. You have a Virtual Boy Complete set auction based on the US titles, a super cool Doom 3 pre-order figure, and a Resident evil Biohazard Nemisis figure sealed. Enjoy the post and see you all tomorrow!

Video Game Auctions:

– Kirby Triple Deluxe Store Display Standee

Vintage SEGA ZAXXON joy stick panel,book,and name plated

– NELSONIC PACMAN joystick Version Rare

– Doom III Mancubus Figure by Reaper Miniatures – Doom 3 Pre-Order

– Set of 3 Nintendo 1980’s Board Games: Legend of Zelda, Donkey Kong and Tetris

– Mad Catz Cyborg R.A.T. 9 Wireless Laser Mouse for PC /MAC -RAT 9 Matte Black

– Resident Evil Biohazard NEMESIS TYPE 2 (Series 6) Moby Dick (American seller)

– Destiny Ghost Edition Replica PS4 PS3 Xbox 360 One

– COMPLETE Nintendo U.S. Virtual Boy Collection All 14 US Games

– 1997 Super Mario 3-D 3D Ball Pinball Toy – 8 Character Pictures & Sides

$164,000 Video Game Collection and More! $164,000 Video Game Collection and More!

Good afternoon VGA readers. So we’ve come across a post which you may have seen with a guy selling his video game collection. This married father with his daughter seen playing a video game in one of the pictures depicts the evolution of hobbies and interests in one mans life. Some take the plunge and sell everything in order to “fix the porch” or attempt to pay for their kids schooling. Others hold on to every piece of collectible known to man-kind and god forbid you pick up one of these collectibles with your hands. I’m…. the latter :). So another collector has succumb to the bi**hing and complaining from his wife, or the denial that he needs to “let go” of his child hood. Well that’s totally understandable, and a chance for collectors like us to go in and take advantage of a situation that may even be dire. Regardless, it’s nice to see this man’s hard work over the years. Is it worth $164,000? Nah.. by looking over all the titles, taking into account the size of the collection, condition, extra collectibles, man hours to in collecting, I’d estimate this more to $80,000, and that’s rough accounting. Is it still worth it? HELL YEAH. I love the setup, the consoles, everything about this collection makes me drool. What would I do with all these games if I spent $164,000 that I can use for a down payment on a house? Nothing… I’d take it from a place where it was just sitting, to my basement, where they will continue to just sit, but let you tell you ladies and gentleman, my inner gaming soul would be at peace once and for all. Enjoy the auctions today and see you tomorrow!

Video Game Auctions:

– Baby Mario & Yoshi Japanese Paper Protector

– Lot of 10 Brand New Officially Licensed Portal 2 Spatulas

– NES Nintendo Trading Cards for Halloween

– Fallout New Vegas Welcome to New Vegas lighted sign


– Rare Ratchet & Clank Inflatable Blow Up Decoy Glove Figure – Insomniac Games

– Official S4 2014 League of Legends Jacket (Medium)

– Vintage 1990 Super Mario Velcro Wallet NES Hologram Avon

– Nintendo Virtual Boy System Console Store Display WORKING

– Super Metroid Samus Pin – Official Nintendo Promo Item for SNES Game Release

– Dark Megaman/Rockman and Bass/Forte exe Navi Chips for Link PET EX Exclusive Set

– 5700+ Games, 50+ Systems.Complete Nintendo & Sega Sets and more. Huge Collection

– The Best of the Nintendo Comics System Book

– Lara Croft Tomb Raider 8″ Wall Clock Battery Operated – New

– Ultra RARE Caps from Nintendo Super Power Club – Brand new in package