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Final Fantasy 7 & 8 Clothing, Majoras Mask Original Mini Standee and More VG Items!

Final Fantasy 7 Rare Leather Jacket Limited 50 World Squaresoft

Today we have a bunch of random items. Nothing incredibly rare but rarity is in the eye of the beholder. So with that said we got some cool items today, Majoras Mask Standee being one of the rarest items on the list as well as these two Final Fantasy 7 and Final Fantasy 8 jacket/shirt.

Final Fantasy VII Squaresoft Varsity Jacket (Only 50 Made)
Final Fantasy VIII Squaresoft Denim Shirt RARE

Seller says: “Only 50 of these jackets were given out to the public; otherwise, you had to part of the Squaresoft team working on Final Fantasy 7 to get this. My husband was part of the team that created this game. The XL jacket is a black varsity jacket that’s been worn but is still in good condition. This is a great gift for any Final Fantasy enthusiast as it’s a rare find! It’s definitely a collectible item.This comes from a non-smoking home.”

Seller also mentions this for the FF8 Shirt: We are moving and selling some of my husband’s collectible items. He worked at Squaresoft and was part of the team that worked on Final Fantasy 8. The Squaresoft team members received this employee denim shirt. This is a great gift for the FF fan as a collectible item. Chocobo footprints travel up the chest and to the collar where a cute chibi-style chocobo rests. Squaresoft branding is embroidered across the left breast, and the embroidered Final Fantasy VIII logo is displayed brilliantly across the back. Size: XL. The shirt was worn, and is good condition. No stains or rips. Non-smoking home.”

Other Video Game Auctions
Official 2011 CLUB NINTENDO Prize Mario and Friends Pin Badges RARE Collectable
Irem Bumpy Trot Steambot Chronicles Harmonica – E3 Promo – RARE
Nintendo Super Mario Luigi Metal Pin Badge – E3 Exclusive Pomo – Rare
Yoshi Bobblehead – Official Nintendo Collectibles
Playstation Mug – Playstation Buttons mug – Official Licensed ceramic mug
Call of Duty Atlas Corporation Advanced Soldier Manual
Resident Evil Biohazard Chris Refield Code Veronica S.T.A.R.S Winter Jacket Coat
Majoras Mask Standee
VINTAGE PAC-MAN Slide Puzzle Circa 1982 Hong Kong Scarce
Nintendo The Legend of Zelda Link Light Up Ornament with LED Limited Edition
Link Between Worlds Standee
Official Employee Namco Pac Man Embroidered Polo Shirt
Super Boy 2 Mario Zemmix Zemina Korean MSX MSX1 RARE VIDEO GAME KOREA CART
Playstation Mug – Playstation Console mug – Official Licensed ceramic mug
Call of Duty Black Ops 2 MQ-27 Drone with Care Package
Poster 40 X 30 Black Ops 3, Halo 5, Assassins Creed Syndicate, And Fallout
MW2 Modern Warfare Night Vision Goggles Infinty Ward
Legend of Zelda Majora’s Mask Watch Limited Edition with Collector’s Tin

Good luck!

Capcom Marvel PlayStation 3 (PS3) ps4 XBOX 360 xbox one

The Popularity of Marvel – From Movies to Games

marvel games

Marvel comics have been around for decades and are the creators of so many popular superheroes such as Captain America, Spiderman, Hulk, the Iron Man and many more. Both the brand and these popular superheroes have gained a lot more exposure during the last decade as these characters have been translated into popular online pokies games. The online casino industry has been flooded with Marvel comic games and the demand for these games continues to grow.

Some of the top online pokies games from Marvel are hosted on the popular Casino.com website feature games such as The Avengers, Ghost Rider, Iron Man 2, Daredevil, Captain America, Wolverine and the X-men.

Marvel comics have been around for ages and the writers have been successful in introducing superheroes on a regular basis that have resulted in them having an audience from 5 years to over 50 years. Online gaming providers have therefore created two sets of games that cater to children and adults.

Some of the top online casino games from Marvel such as Iron Man, Blade, Blade 50 lines, Punisher War Zone, The Incredible Hulk 50 lines, Thor – The Mighty Avenger and Spiderman can be found at Mansioncasino.com.

Marvel has created a section on its website called MarvelKids and provides children access to a variety of games under each superhero category. Children can now play a child friendly version of Guardians of the Galaxy, Avengers Games and Spiderman.

Websites such as Mansioncasino.com and casino.com offer Marvel games that have been developed by Playtech. These games have great graphics and bring to life one’s favourite superheroes and provide players an experience that keeps them coming back for more. Mansioncasino.com and casino.com have a special Marvel Jackpot pokies that cover the classic superheroes featured in Marvel comics and have great bonuses and exciting payouts.

Both websites allow you to play these Marvel jackpot games online via Instant Play and also give you the option to download the software and play these games from your computer. There is a four level progressive Marvel jackpot that keeps getting bigger with every new bet that gets placed and the rules ensure that the jackpot can be won at random. The four progressive jackpots are entitled Power, Extra Power, Super Power, and Ultimate Power.

While previous generations were restricted to enjoying their superheroes from a comic book, the rise in popularity of online marvel casino games has given fans the opportunity to experience the battle of their favourite superheroes against their old foes at the touch of their fingertips. Online gaming providers are constantly looking to introduce new and better versions of marvel games in order to keep their growing fan base happy.


Zelda Ocarina of Time T-shirt Misprint from Nintendo Power Magazine and More Video Game Auctions!

Zelda Ocarina of Time T-shirt from Nintendo Power Magazine

Here’s an interesting item. It’s a misprint Nintendo power t-shirt from Ocarina of Time. Now I’m not sure how valuable misprints are but I remember years ago many collectors were seeking items with misprints on them, be it a game box or a toy. I’ll be honest and say that misprints are not my thing, but lots of collectors dig the “one of a king” errors that’s found in video game pressings. Like this t-shirt for example, seller says:

Back in 1998, I was buying anything I could with Ocarina of Time on it. I knew it would all be collector’s items someday, and I was totally obsessed. In the “Spring 1998” Nintendo Power Super Power Supplies catalog, there was a new Ocarina of Time t-shirt. This was months before the game even launched. Of course I was going to buy one, but I noticed something odd about the image in the catalog. Link was right-handed. It wasn’t a reversed negative because the text was correct, it was a flipped Link. So I think “well that’s weird, but I only noticed it because I’m a super-nerd… I don’t guess shirts have to be canonical”. Besides maybe just the image was wrong and the shirt would be correct. So I bought one. I got the shirt. Link was right-handed just like pictured.

Now 3 months later the “Summer 1998” catalog comes out and whaddaya know, that shirt is in there again, ONLY NOW ITS CORRECT. Someone at Nintendo was as big a nerd as me and the noticed that Link is supposed to be a lefty, and then corrected the shirt and the picture in the magazine. This makes me feel all warm and fuzzy knowing that someone cared enough to change it. I imagine a board room meeting with a bunch of guys in suits and one of them stands up shouting and cursing “what did you do you idiot, Link isn’t right-handed!!! Your FIRED!”

So it’s not quite like that upside down airplane stamp, but it’s pretty close I think. This shirt was made, then corrected and re-released. Someone, somewhere recognized this as an error and corrected it.

I got the shirt ONLY for the purpose of having the collectible. It’s never been worn. It’s literally been folded in the envelope it came in for nearly 20 years. I’ve unfolded it once or twice, but the original packing folds are still very obvious. It is in BRAND NEW condition.

Along with the shirt I’m also selling the original packaging, the original receipt/insert with the description, price, dates and a somebody’s “quality assurance” initials. AND I’m including both the spring 1998 and summer 1998 Super Power Supplies catalog that together tell the story of this shirt and it’s change and relisting.

Just having an Official Ocarina Shirt from 1998 in brand new condition is pretty great, but there’s a little intrigue in this item that could make it one of the coolest collectables of all time. If word should ever get out about this item, it could well be priceless.

Thanks for reading my whole sales pitch. I hope you’ll check the pics and see that it’s all legit. BID! It could be yours!

Hey, it’s Ocarina Week! I’m also selling a DAY ONE copy of Ocarina CIB with original reciept AND also commercial distribution/packing boxes for that read “GOLD ZELDA CARTRIDGES! HOLD FOR PRE-SALE RESERVATIONS”. So check my other auction’s please.”

Click here for Zelda Ocarina of Time T-shirt Misprint from Nintendo Power Magazine

Other Game Auctions:
Original and rare Secret of Mana Poster – my last one
Legend of Zelda Majora’s Mask Club Nintendo Messenger Bag and Collector’s Pin
Kousen juu Gun Accessories JP GAME.
Toejam and Earl Rap cassette tape TESTED RARE Video Game memoribilia
Plants Vs Zombies 2 bag and Plant Chips SDCC rare
NEO GEO POCKET COLOR Console system – Solid Silver– SNK. Works fully
Ban Dai Pac Man & Pals Mini Plush Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures LOT OF 12
Symphonic Suite Dragon Quest 4
Call Of Duty Black Ops 3 III Official Jugger Nog Mini Fridge Soda Cooler
Star Fox Super Nintendo SNES Promotional Store Display Promo Standee
Metal Gear Solid 2 MGS 2 Rare TACTICAL VEST Sz M NEW PROMO
Super Mario Bros. 2 Tri-Fold Hologram Velcro Wallet 80’s 90’s Very Rare Nintendo
E3 Electronic Entertainment Expo 1999 AIAS Video Game Awards Program

Good luck!


Super Mario Bros. 1992 Nintendo Employee Recipe Gamers Cook Book and More!

1992 Nintendo Employees Recipe or Cook Book Gamers Recipe Book Super Mario feature

Here’s a quick post for tonight. I wanted to dump the items in my watchlist just before they expire. Also, TOTALLY cool Super Mario Employee Cook Book. Don’t see those around too often. Might pick it up myself ;). Good luck to all!

Super Mario Bros. Case Japan Nintendo case with zipper for pencils etc.
Chrono Cross Diorama full set of three. Free shipping!
Catherine Vincent’s BOXERS large L
Sonic The Hedgehog Mask
Mad Moxxi Limited Edition Borderlands 2 Statue From Gearbox 265
Mega Man X Japanese Guide Book Set
Nintendo Nes Castlevania II Simon Quest Box Cover Photo Poster
Mini Keychain Game Set
1992 Nintendo Employees Recipe or Cook Book Gamers Recipe Book Super Mario
Halo 3 Pins Mini Pins Stickers Set Collectors Edition

Good luck!

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Grand Theft Auto Store Display Standees, Donkey Kong N64 Magnet and More Random Auctions

grand theft auto III 3 Vice City Double Pack Xbox Playstation Rockstar Games

Nothing better than waking up on a Saturday morning and seeing the latest VGA post lol. I had to replace the missing Saturday morning cartoons that we don’t have anymore! So today it just a bunch of auctions ending later today so if there’s something that catches your eye make sure to save it and come back later.

I’ve noticed some pretty cool Grand Theft Auto standees, one from Vice City and the other one from “Double Pack”. Pretty decent prices to start off but I can imagine shipping to be in the $40 mark which is quite high. I’ve always been fond of store displays because these were one of the first things you saw stepping in your local video game store. There use to be a regular follower on VGA who had a massive standee collection. Not sure what ever happened to him but he had them all displayed in his garage. Looked badass lol! Anyways, check out the two links below for the standees:

Grand Theft Auto GTA Vice City III 3 Store Display Sexy Girls Official Rockstar

Grand Theft Auto GTA Vice City Stories Store Display Official Rockstar Poster PS

More Video Game Auctions:
Call of Duty Black Ops II 2 Cadet Hat Black BRAND NEW
vintage Nintendo Power MARIO & LINK folder unused NES 1988 video game toy
World of Warplanes Aviator Sunglasses Magnetic Wristband PAX Prime 2015
SUPER MARIO 3D LAND Jump Block Tomy Gatcha Danglers Keychain Charm
Megaman Sound Box 2 Rockman Capcom Wily Original Soundtrack BGM Music Score
Donkey Kong Magnet – OFFICIAL Licensed Nintendo Toy Rare HOLIDAY gift Video Game
Starfox Assault BobbleHead
Mario Nintendo 64 Display Custom Made Clay
Original ‘Nintendo’ 24 K Gold Plated Commemorative Pin (1993) – NEW
Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!! Punch Out Nintendo Famicom Handbill Flyer Poster Art
Street Fighter V 5 Lootcrate Lootgaming M Bison Pin
Conker Plush Stuffed Bad Fur Day Live and Reloaded Rare Limited Toy Vault
RARE 2002 XBOX Live PROMO Baseball Hat..NEVER WORN MINT..not sold in stores
Super Mario Bros. Brothers 2 Collector Glasses Vintage 1989 Set Of 4
Metal Gear Solid 4 Mini Store Displays Old Solid Snake LOT Konami Hideo Kojima
Metal Gear Solid 2 Trailer Documentary Making DVD Konami Japan Hideo Kojima RARE
Mega Man Final Fantasy Resident Evil LOT SOCOM PlayStation Vice City GTA Poster
Final Fantasy 11 Online X-2 Poster LOT Official Squaresoft Square-Enix Rare Pack
Grand Theft Auto Vice City Game Poster LOT SOCOM Playstation Professor Layton PS
Resident Evil Outbreak 2 Poster LOT Official PlayStation CAPCOM Chris Leon RARE
Resident Evil 4 Mini Action Figures Display Ada Chainsaw Zombie CAPCOM
Exclusive Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Coaster Set (Loot Crate) NIP

Good luck!

Featured Merchandise

Super Bomber Man 4 Hudson Soft Contest Bag from 1996 and Many Other Cool Auctions!

Super Bomber Man 4 Hudson Contest Bag Very Rare 1996 Nintendo JP Japane

Man oh man, I got so many goodies to show you today that I’m tempted to even buy some on the spot lol. But I figure I’ll throw it up here and if they are still available at the end of the day then it was meant for me lol.

First auction I want to talk about is the ultra rare “Super Bomber Man 4” Hudson Soft Bag. I wish I could find out more about this piece, but it looks like it’s official as I don’t know why someone would single out Super Bomber Man 4. The sad thing, however, is that the seller does really give a solid back story to this item. I mean you could message him asking for more details but all he really says is this:

This Bag come from a Hudson contest in 1996. Very RARE

I’ve noticed many sellers in Japan don’t give much details for their items. But what I do know is that they sell VERY RARE stuff so I’m ok with that haha.

Click here for Super Bomber Man 4 Hudson Contest Bag Very Rare 1996 Nintendo JP

More Game Auctions:
Vintage Nintendo Super Mario 4 Foot Tall Store Display Statue RARE. Circa 1989
Nintendo E3 Zelda Ocarina of Time N64 statue by Oxmox. Official Nintendo.
Exclusive HALO 5 Ammo Tin Box & Xbox One Supply Req Pack Code from Loot Crate
Biohazard HD Remaster Geo Kuji Prizes STARS Mirror Resident Evil
Final Fantasy VIII BANDAI HG Gashapon Full Set
Final Fantasy VIII FF8 ART PUZZLE 108 Pieces Laguna Loire
Final Fantasy Chocobo Dungeon dome mascot Christmas version Square 1999
Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater Official DVD Extreme Box
Final Fantasy VII – Official Stationary Set – Bandai 1997
Sonic 20th Anniversary Washcloth Official Sega Very Rare 90cm x 35cm
Megaman Rockman 15th Aniversary Pouch Bag Capcom Japan
Official Nintendo Super Mario Sponge Soft 36 Flake Stickers Japanese New Sticker
Resident Evil/ Biohazard Merchandise Lot
Chrono Trigger Special Edition – V Jump Original Video VHS 1995

Good luck!


Mega Man Servbot BACKPACK, Official Pokemon MEW Plush HUGE 32″ by Nintendo and More!

Mega Man Servbot BACKPACK

Got a quick post for this Wednesday night. Seller wickedkitty333 has a bunch of cool video game merchandise for sale. She also has two rare items in the bunch that I haven’t seen before (Mega Man Serbot Backpack and the Pokemon Mew huge plush). Both are buy-it-nows so if you’ve been waiting around for them now’s a good chance to grab em before someone else does!

Mega Man Rockman Tron Bonne ni Kobun Servbot BACKPACK
Pokemon MEW Plush HUGE 32″ Nintendo Official Game Mewtwo two Anime DX Pokecenter
Onimusha NEW Controller for PS2 Playstation 2 CAPCOM Japan USA Promo
Resident Evil 4 Playstation 2 PS2 Demo Disk Brand New Sealed CD Game CAPCOM
Vintage Pacman Glass LOT Retro Game 1980 Midway Atari Arcade Pac Man Donkey Kong
CAPCOM Street Fighter 2 II CHUN LI Statue PVC Figure Figurine Sexy Organic Vinyl
Vintage MEGA MAN Rockman Pin 90’s Capcom E3 Promo Classic Game NES SNES
Vintage MEGA MAN X Rockman Pin on Card Capcom E3 Promo Classic Game NES SNES

Good luck!


Lots of Cool Vintage Super Mario and Nintendo Auctions!

Nintendo Legend of Zelda Link Yoyo Yo-yo toy Vintage 1988 Game

Boy oh boy, did I stumble upon a bunch of cool Nintendo auctions or what? There’s a lot of cool vintage Mario stickers; the type you would get from vending machines as well as some cool Mario and Zelda toys.

There’s some unofficial items in this list today as well, but not many (ex: the Legend of Zelda beanie).


Video Game Auctions:
Legend of Zelda Wind Waker Stain Glass Black Knit Cuff Beanie
RARE Vintage Nintendo Mario Sweatshirt 1992 Nintendo of America SNES Promo Store
Official Legend of Zelda sticker 1990
Official sticker 1990 Mario Bros Cowboy
Super Mario bros vintage Jap 1985 Mario and Princess Peach Toadstool figure set – incredibly rare, but not sure what to think of price.
Official sticker 1990 Mario Bros Avoid The Gotcha
Official sticker 1990 Mario Bros i`m a Nintendo star
Official sticker 1990 Mario Bros Help Me Find The Princess
Official sticker 1990 NINTENDO
Official sticker 1990 Mario Bros Tic Tac Toe
Official sticker 1990 Mario Bros Castle
Bitcoin 1oz Gold Plated Collectible Coin BTC – not really vg related, but still cool lol
1969 Nintendo Dice Game Rare
Extremely Rare 1988 NINTENDO OF AMERICA Super Mario & Legend of Zelda YO YO
Set of 5 Sony Playstation Promo Gift Wrapping Paper Mod Nation Eyepet Gran Turis
The legend of zelda 64 collectable pocket watch
Good Smile Company Kirby’s Dream Land Kirby nendoroid Action-Figure
CS GO Collectors Coin 2015 Limited Edition 24k Gold Plated – damn this is a pretty sweet Counter Strike coin!
Gears of War Adam Fenix Medal in Box – I remember these were selling above $200 at one point in time!

Good luck!