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Nintendo 64 E3 2000 Press Kit Rare Promo Swag Zelda Pokemon Coin

Got a last submission for a bunch of totally rare game auctions! Some items are a little pricey, but the Nintendo 64 E3 2000 Press Kit is something I’ve never seen before and it’s brand new. Here’s the description from the seller:

“Nintendo E3 2000 Press Kit. Virtually one-of-a-kind, extremely rare, factory sealed promotional item!

This “shopping cart” kit includes freebies from a lot of popular video game franchises. This is what the “shopping list” says:

-Night Mask: a gift from Link to help you unveil the mysteries of The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask

-Pokémon Vitamins: to give you strength on your search for Pokémon Gold and Silver

-Hairspray: to help you tame the frizzies in Conker’s Bad fur Day

-Wart remover: to help you survive the mysterious Isle o’ Hags in Banjo-Tooie

-Dinosaur Puzzle: to help you piece together jurassic secrets on Dinosaur Planet

-Silly Putty: to help you mold your own little Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards

-A white Perfect Dark T-shirt: so Joanna can find you in the Perfect Dark

-Pokémon Gold and Silver coins: to bring you a wealth of fun at E3

I’LL SHIP WORLDWIDE! This is a very rare item, so it’ll be carefully packed!

Please check my other items, will be selling part of my collection (Nintendo, Zelda, Mario items) in the next weeks.

On Jun-22-16 at 14:22:52 PDT, seller added the following information:
Please note this kit has a Dinosaur Planet item, which is an unreleased game, later became StarFox Adventures. Press item of an unrealeased Rare game? WOW

Read more here:

Click here for Nintendo 64 E3 2000 Press Kit Rare Promo (Ends in 1 day! and current bid at $125!!)

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Zelda Ocarina of Time Ramune Action Figure Bandai Choco Keshi Gashapon Gasha WOW
Zelda Ocarina of Time Action Figure Stand Bandai Choco Keshi Gashapon Gasha WOW

Good luck!

Statues The Legend Of Zelda

Wolfenstein Blimp, Official Sony PlayStation Wallet, Uncharted 3 Drake’s Crest Cap and More!

E3 Link Statue

Big day for video game auctions! Lots of fantastic items that will be ending within 24 hours so please make sure if you’re interested in any of the items on the page that you don’t miss the auction! Now the first auction I want to talk about is the Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time 1997 E3 Link statue. We’ve seen plenty pop up on ebay over the year. By plenty I’d say maybe 5 in total? These statues are super rare!

So the thing is this. When a Zelda collector feasts his eyes on this piece the first thing they wonder is if it’s fake. Why? Well because it’s one hell of an ugly statue! Doesn’t really resemble the Link we’re all use too. If anything it resembles super old 80’s link that many fans might not be use to as they are probably more familiar with N64/Gamecube link and onwards (wow I feel old LOL). Now this particular statue seems to be in excellent shape minus the box. But as the years go on it’s harder to find old statues like this with a minty box. You buy this piece to display the statue, not the box :). So I haven’t noticed any damage on the statue itself so we’re good there. Statue is also complete and the price is pretty decent. Maybe the statue has gone up in value but if you’re patient you might be able to find one of these for $1000 or less. Here’s the description taken from the auction:

1997 Europe E3 Zelda Ocarina of Time statue manufactured by Oxmox.

This statue was only available in Europe at E3 and is an officially licensed Nintendo product.

Statue is in great condition, no chips or cracks that I can see.
Comes with polystyrene insert and lid, empty glue pot (not sure its purpose but it has a spot in the insert!), original box (damage as per picture, tear along top) and plastic baggies.

Click here for Link E3 Statue

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Wolfenstein The New Order RARE PROMO Blimp Zeppelin
RARE Lot Of 3 Ninpro Promo Paper Masks From The Legend of Zelda Majora’s Mask
Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag Limited Edition Todd McFarlane Poster
Fallout New Vegas NCR Helmet Cosplay Replica Prop Fallout 3, Fallout 4
Official Sony PlayStation Special Collectors Edition Wallet PS One PS1 Bioworld
Uncharted 3 Drake’s Crest Cap NEW PROMO Playstation Hat 4 Gamestop PUR RARE
GB — Sound Boy — New!! Box. Game Boy, JAPAN Game Sunsoft. Work fully
Official Hoshi no Kirby Plastic Mug Cup Waddle Dee Limited Japan Nintendo
Call of Duty World at War Limited Collector’s Edition Steel Box with Flask
Legend of Zelda The Great Wave of Kanagawa Shadow Box Snes Super Nintendo Custom Made

Good luck!

Featured Merchandise

Vintage Pac-Man Chairs, Nintendo Power Club T-Shirt, Exclusive Zelda Coin and More!

mario bros birthday bash 1995

I wanted to highlight a really cool Nintendo Power t-shirt, something I’ve never seen before. Perhaps many have popped up in the past but nothing I’ve stumbled upon. Here’s the description from the auction:

When I was a kid I had a subscription to Nintendo power magazine. It was a simpler time 🙂 To the best of my memory I was in grade 4 , which would mean it was 1989. So that is when I think I got the shirt. It’s possible that I’m off by a year or two but I’m pretty sure it was 1989. It was unusual back then for my parents to order anything for me let along from a magazine, but they ordered the shirt out of the Nintendo Power magazine. I was so excited when it came but alas I was a fat kid and it didn’t fit me even though it says xl. So it went into the closet and it stayed there for 26 years. It has either never been washed or it may have been washed once about 10 years ago to get the dust off it.

It’s like brand new, has held up very well, it’s a heavy feeling material, the printing on the screen looks brand new. Around the collar there are a couple frayed stitches in one spot where the purple lining is sewn to the black shirt, but it’s still held together. I think it’s likely how the shirt came. As well under both cuffs in the same spot there are two thread ends I believe, where the thread wasn’t trimmed. It never fit so I never wore it. I did a search on google and ebay, I can’t find any pictures of it, I would think it must be rare if it was order from the magazine only, and around 25 years old. How many are in existence that have never been worn?

Click here for Nintend Power T-Shirt

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E3 2016 Zelda Nintendo Exclusive 2x shirt coin
PlayStation 20th Anniversary Coin
Call Of Duty Black Ops III gloves From LootCrate
The Legend Of Zelda Breath Of The Wild Commerative Poster Nintendo NY Exclusive
HUGE Nintendo Super Mario Bros. Vinyl Banner. Great Shape
1995 Nintendo NES Mario’s 10th Birthday Bash WhiteT-Shirt New Adult

Good luck!

Featured Signed

Ultra Rare Kirby and Star Fox Plush, Yu Suziki Autographs, Reaper Miniatures 3D Realms and More!

sega signature signed company

When you have a bunch of rare plushies on auction, some cool video game signatures and cool video game merchandise, then you know today is a good day :). First auction up is for a bunch of rare Kirby and Star Fox plushies. Seller jardizzle14 has the rare Crystal Shards King Dedede UFO Plush from Kirby 64, a bunch of Pokemon plushies, and some rare Star Fox plusies (Falco and Slippy the Toad). They also have many Rush plushies in a lot but it would be awesome if the seller had the original Mega Man lush lot (Mega Man, Dr. Wily, Pharaoh Man). If you dig deeper in what the seller has to offer, there’s also a few snes rarities (Lufia II) for sale.

Link to jardizzle44’s Game Auctions

Other Video Game Auctions:
Yu Suziki AUTOGRAPHED photo creator of SHENMUE – Outrun – After Burner
Yu Suzuki AUTOGRAPHED photo SEGA – Shenmue – Hang On – Space Harrier – Out Run
Yu Suzuki AUTOGRAPHED photo -Shenmue
The Legend of Zelda Majora’s Mask Collector’s Puzzle Map of Termina 550 piece
A WOW World of warcraft Lich King the grief of frost Cosplay Stainless steel
SUPER MARIO Squeaky Hammer Toy Plush UFO Catcher Banpresto 1996
Reaper Miniatures 3D Realms Prey 2006 Collector’s Edition Pewter Models 32mm
Custom Nintendo Zapper Lamp
Jet Grind (Set) Radio CD Music Sampler Soundtrack OST Dreamcast NEW
Set of 5 Animal Crossing Stamps
Bioshock 2 Sinclair Solutions Syringe Metal Pen in Case
11 Fallout New Vegas Collector’s Edition Boxes
ZOMBIE DOG sculpture from Resident Evil Unofficial Custom
CACTUAR Final Fantasy Creature Arts Unofficial Custom
CACODEMON chibi cute Doom sculpture Unofficial Custom

Good luck!

Featured 1

Final Fantasy 7 & 8 Clothing, Majoras Mask Original Mini Standee and More VG Items!

Final Fantasy 7 Rare Leather Jacket Limited 50 World Squaresoft

Today we have a bunch of random items. Nothing incredibly rare but rarity is in the eye of the beholder. So with that said we got some cool items today, Majoras Mask Standee being one of the rarest items on the list as well as these two Final Fantasy 7 and Final Fantasy 8 jacket/shirt.

Final Fantasy VII Squaresoft Varsity Jacket (Only 50 Made)
Final Fantasy VIII Squaresoft Denim Shirt RARE

Seller says: “Only 50 of these jackets were given out to the public; otherwise, you had to part of the Squaresoft team working on Final Fantasy 7 to get this. My husband was part of the team that created this game. The XL jacket is a black varsity jacket that’s been worn but is still in good condition. This is a great gift for any Final Fantasy enthusiast as it’s a rare find! It’s definitely a collectible item.This comes from a non-smoking home.”

Seller also mentions this for the FF8 Shirt: We are moving and selling some of my husband’s collectible items. He worked at Squaresoft and was part of the team that worked on Final Fantasy 8. The Squaresoft team members received this employee denim shirt. This is a great gift for the FF fan as a collectible item. Chocobo footprints travel up the chest and to the collar where a cute chibi-style chocobo rests. Squaresoft branding is embroidered across the left breast, and the embroidered Final Fantasy VIII logo is displayed brilliantly across the back. Size: XL. The shirt was worn, and is good condition. No stains or rips. Non-smoking home.”

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Capcom Marvel PlayStation 3 (PS3) ps4 XBOX 360 xbox one

The Popularity of Marvel – From Movies to Games

marvel games

Marvel comics have been around for decades and are the creators of so many popular superheroes such as Captain America, Spiderman, Hulk, the Iron Man and many more. Both the brand and these popular superheroes have gained a lot more exposure during the last decade as these characters have been translated into popular online pokies games. The online casino industry has been flooded with Marvel comic games and the demand for these games continues to grow.

Some of the top online pokies games from Marvel are hosted on the popular website feature games such as The Avengers, Ghost Rider, Iron Man 2, Daredevil, Captain America, Wolverine and the X-men.

Marvel comics have been around for ages and the writers have been successful in introducing superheroes on a regular basis that have resulted in them having an audience from 5 years to over 50 years. Online gaming providers have therefore created two sets of games that cater to children and adults.

Some of the top online casino games from Marvel such as Iron Man, Blade, Blade 50 lines, Punisher War Zone, The Incredible Hulk 50 lines, Thor – The Mighty Avenger and Spiderman can be found at

Marvel has created a section on its website called MarvelKids and provides children access to a variety of games under each superhero category. Children can now play a child friendly version of Guardians of the Galaxy, Avengers Games and Spiderman.

Websites such as and offer Marvel games that have been developed by Playtech. These games have great graphics and bring to life one’s favourite superheroes and provide players an experience that keeps them coming back for more. and have a special Marvel Jackpot pokies that cover the classic superheroes featured in Marvel comics and have great bonuses and exciting payouts.

Both websites allow you to play these Marvel jackpot games online via Instant Play and also give you the option to download the software and play these games from your computer. There is a four level progressive Marvel jackpot that keeps getting bigger with every new bet that gets placed and the rules ensure that the jackpot can be won at random. The four progressive jackpots are entitled Power, Extra Power, Super Power, and Ultimate Power.

While previous generations were restricted to enjoying their superheroes from a comic book, the rise in popularity of online marvel casino games has given fans the opportunity to experience the battle of their favourite superheroes against their old foes at the touch of their fingertips. Online gaming providers are constantly looking to introduce new and better versions of marvel games in order to keep their growing fan base happy.


Zelda Ocarina of Time T-shirt Misprint from Nintendo Power Magazine and More Video Game Auctions!

Zelda Ocarina of Time T-shirt from Nintendo Power Magazine

Here’s an interesting item. It’s a misprint Nintendo power t-shirt from Ocarina of Time. Now I’m not sure how valuable misprints are but I remember years ago many collectors were seeking items with misprints on them, be it a game box or a toy. I’ll be honest and say that misprints are not my thing, but lots of collectors dig the “one of a king” errors that’s found in video game pressings. Like this t-shirt for example, seller says:

Back in 1998, I was buying anything I could with Ocarina of Time on it. I knew it would all be collector’s items someday, and I was totally obsessed. In the “Spring 1998” Nintendo Power Super Power Supplies catalog, there was a new Ocarina of Time t-shirt. This was months before the game even launched. Of course I was going to buy one, but I noticed something odd about the image in the catalog. Link was right-handed. It wasn’t a reversed negative because the text was correct, it was a flipped Link. So I think “well that’s weird, but I only noticed it because I’m a super-nerd… I don’t guess shirts have to be canonical”. Besides maybe just the image was wrong and the shirt would be correct. So I bought one. I got the shirt. Link was right-handed just like pictured.

Now 3 months later the “Summer 1998” catalog comes out and whaddaya know, that shirt is in there again, ONLY NOW ITS CORRECT. Someone at Nintendo was as big a nerd as me and the noticed that Link is supposed to be a lefty, and then corrected the shirt and the picture in the magazine. This makes me feel all warm and fuzzy knowing that someone cared enough to change it. I imagine a board room meeting with a bunch of guys in suits and one of them stands up shouting and cursing “what did you do you idiot, Link isn’t right-handed!!! Your FIRED!”

So it’s not quite like that upside down airplane stamp, but it’s pretty close I think. This shirt was made, then corrected and re-released. Someone, somewhere recognized this as an error and corrected it.

I got the shirt ONLY for the purpose of having the collectible. It’s never been worn. It’s literally been folded in the envelope it came in for nearly 20 years. I’ve unfolded it once or twice, but the original packing folds are still very obvious. It is in BRAND NEW condition.

Along with the shirt I’m also selling the original packaging, the original receipt/insert with the description, price, dates and a somebody’s “quality assurance” initials. AND I’m including both the spring 1998 and summer 1998 Super Power Supplies catalog that together tell the story of this shirt and it’s change and relisting.

Just having an Official Ocarina Shirt from 1998 in brand new condition is pretty great, but there’s a little intrigue in this item that could make it one of the coolest collectables of all time. If word should ever get out about this item, it could well be priceless.

Thanks for reading my whole sales pitch. I hope you’ll check the pics and see that it’s all legit. BID! It could be yours!

Hey, it’s Ocarina Week! I’m also selling a DAY ONE copy of Ocarina CIB with original reciept AND also commercial distribution/packing boxes for that read “GOLD ZELDA CARTRIDGES! HOLD FOR PRE-SALE RESERVATIONS”. So check my other auction’s please.”

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