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Video Game Auctions New Posting Schedule and More! Video Game Auctions New Posting Schedule and More!

Good morning VGA readers. With the start of the new year, we’ve taken a step back to reflect on our work at VGA. We’ve been at it since 2010, so 4 years with the goal to do daily posts on rare and sought after collectibles. We’ve covered thousands  and thousands of auctions, and some of those consists of readers submitting in their own findings. We have a deep passion for video game collectibles, merchandise, anything related to gaming and are very fortunate to be able to have readers who can come to this site and share that passion. We’ve shared our collector hunting experiences with you and have also helped with hundreds of requests for items and tips for finding collectibles.

Video Game Auctions is coming into it’s 5th year, and looking back, making daily posts have been part of our schedule and routine. We’ve never been paid to do this, never charged for advertising on our site and have kept the site clean of Google Ads or any other format. Making daily posts have become more difficult as time passes by. It typically takes on average 2 hours a day to make posts. With our personal schedules getting more busy, and quite frankly, online-gaming taking chunks of our time, we’ve decided, instead of closing Video Game Auctions, to switch our posting schedule to a more realistic “weekly posts”. Every week, either Friday, Saturday or Sunday, we will be making a post showcasing auctions for the upcoming week to month. This will allow us to keep VGA up and running, while having a healthy post frequency to capture enough of the cool auctions showcased on eBay. Like usual, we will still be displaying submitted auctions, and we always appreciate a good comment on your thoughts and knowledge on a particular collectible.

With this in the clear, let’s enjoy some video game auctions :)

Video Game Auctions:

– Fallout: New Vegas Collector’s Edition brand new sealed Sony Playstation 3

– God of War III: Ultimate Edition COLLECTORS NEW SEALED

– Escape from Monster Manner CIB complete

– Mad Dog II the Lost Gold long box cib COMPLETE

– Hell: A Cyberpunk Thriller long box, NEW SEALED

– Supreme Warrior 3DO, 1994 Complete, long box

– Vintage 1993 Nintendo Super Mario Kart Polyester Necktie Super Nintendo SNES Era

– Rare Vintage Official 1993 Super Mario Nintendo Sticker Factory Collectible Box

– Super Mario 1993 Complete Display Stand w/ 25 Pins 5 Variations NIB Nintendo

– 1992 Waddingtons Nintendo Super Mario Bros Board Game

– The King’s Quest Companion

– Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis large poster Lucasfilm / Lucasarts

– Guybrush Threepwood Monkey Island voodoo doll

– Final Fantasy Formation Arts Creatures Display Board Limited Edition 2004

– Yoshitaka Amano “KIBISU” 1997 FINAL FANTASY VII Cloud and Red XIII Signed

– Final Fantasy framed VGA With complete Guide and poster Sealed nes

– Final Fantasy 8 VIII Rinoa Heartilly Siren Cold Cast Statue

– Chrono Trigger factory sealed new SNES famicom vga 85+ gold chrono cross vga 80

– Chrono Trigger Complete x54 Japan Chrono Trigger SNES Promo Prism Foil Card

– Chrono Trigger SNES CIB Autographed by Yasunori Mitsuda and Nobuo Uematsu

– Custom painted Chrono Trigger Super Nintendo

– Final Fantasy VII (7) International Sealed

– Final Fantasy IX (9) Sealed Japanese

– Final Fantasy VIII (8) Japanese Sealed

Legend of Zelda Oil Paintings, Blizzard Employee Jacket, Mega Man 20th Anniversary Copper Statue and More! Legend of Zelda Oil Paintings, Blizzard Employee Jacket, Mega Man 20th Anniversary Copper Statue and More!

Alright gang, been a nice refresh to get away from the computer. Doing posts almost every day is hard especially as you get older (more responsibilities). But the gamer in us comes out and we need to keep this party moving.

So the first post for the new year showcases some awesome eBay auctions as always and to kick start things off are two really nice Legend of Zelda oil paintings. Now they are not official, but when something with this amount of love and passion is put into a piece I won’t hesistate to showcase it. As well, you’ll be paying quite a bit to an independent artist to do a custom one for you like this so the price is pretty damn worth it. For $250 you get an oil painting of of Link in his “Link to the Past” state from the SNES (best LOZ game in my opinion). So these paintings are done by an artist by the name of J A Blackwell. What do we know about this Mr.Blackwell character? Not much except for the fact that he likes video games and LOZ Link to the Past is his favorite video game. I’ll post exactly what he wrote on his eBay page below. Nice pieces and love how the art goes into the borders too.

Description from eBay:

This is my latest painting “Open Road” From the Legend of Zelda: A link to the Past. This is still my all time favorite game. It just took you to another world. I have played this game (at least started) 50 times or more. Thats why this scene is so familiar to me. Its the opening of A Link to the Past. You wake up not knowing what journey you are about to embark on. Its dark and its raining outside. The sound of rain pounds down on the roof outside.You have no sword or shield to protect you. I could go on and on. There are uncounted scenes from this game that give me that magical feeling. I really just paint what I like and I’m a huge Nintendo fan. I still am today but nothing like it was back in the Super Nintendo days. There is paint on all sides of this 6 X 6 X 2 inch canvas. The art is all around this painting so it almost has to be held to appreciate all of the details. I kept the 8 bit sprite so you can see all the pixels. I also included a picture at the end of the slides that show other video game art works that I have done. These are ready to hang!!!! These pieces of 3D Video game art are complete original paintings. No prints of any kind. They are free hand painted by the Artist JABlackwell. These are one of a kind.NO PRINTS OF THESE WILL EVER BE MADE!!!! EACH ONE COMES WITH A FREE CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY. Please look at my other art paintings and send me an e-mail. Im always up for questions and comments. I also do Commissions so please don’t hesitate to ask..



Click here for The Legend of Zelda Custom Oil Paintings

PS: In my honest humble opinion, an item doesn’t have to be official to get love, as long as there’s gamer heart put into the piece :).
Other Video Game Auctions we found:
Blizzard Employee “10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY” jacket coat Warcraft – size Large - Pretty cool Blizzard jacket. The company has come a long way in the video game industry. I remember it’s early bird games on the different gaming consoles, especially the PC with the original Warcraft which was such an awesome game at the time. There were similar games to it like Dune but ultimately Blizzard saw the potential im strategy games and took off with starcraft and others.
Nintendo stickers album complete 1990’s - Not a bad price for some retro Nintendo stickers that are complete. Only downfall is that the album is in dutch. So you’re pretty much buying it for the art unless of course you speak dutch :). Seller says there are 150 stickers included.
Nintendo Super Famicom Official Super Donkey Kong Storage Case Only RARE JAPAN – Pretty neat DKC case with the DK colors. Could put your SNES games in there if you want.
1995 SUPER NINTENDO SEGA GENESIS HOT GAMES ADVERTISING MARKETING POSTER – I’ve seen pretty much every SNES/SEGA poster. Never seen this one before which is always interesting to see how Nintendo/SEGA marketed their games on promotional materials through 3rd party companies.
FINAL FANTASY MOG MOOGLE CAP HAT COSPLAY NEW KAWAII – I would have liked the hat without the “ears” on it because then I can secretly wear it in public and I’d be the only one who knows that this touque is from FF :).
The Kids’ Video Scorebook and Diary Weekly Reader Books 1982 – Damn that’s so 80’s….
Club Nintendo Japan Mario Cushion – I always wanted one of these cushions ever since I saw them a few years ago. They were part of a club nintendo jp award. Too bad they never had something this cool for Club Nintendo US.
Dead Rising 2 High Stakes mini Zombie – Zombies + Video games = a killer combo!
Gears of War 3 Curb Stomp First Aid Kit X 10 (Limited Rare Bandaids, Xbox) NEW – Never had one of these GoW bandaids but would be pretty cool to pop one of these open when you get a cut.
Ratchet And Clank standee Always Outnumbered Never Outgunned – Haven’t kept up-to-date with the Ratchet and Clank games, but I absolutely love this display. So elegant, yet, intriguing…
Mega Man / Rockman 25th Anniversary Mug Set of 2 – x1 Blue & x1 Red – These mugs look ghetto, but in that good Japanese creepy way if you know what I mean. You sort of accept the fact that when something looks sort of off, yet it’s still official and from Japan, you kind of accept it and still make the purchase. Hell I might eventually buy these mugs and actually start using them lol.
Lot Of Three Video Game Posters: Fallout New Vegas, Brink – Crazy how just one of these posters years ago would have sold for a lot. Now dude’s selling 3 of them and can’t even get $10.
Five Nights at Freddy’s FOXY plush fox 5 FREE SHIPPING – If you don’t know what Five Nights at Freddy’s is… I HIGHLY recommend you download the game on your tablet (not phone, too small). Game’s freaky and if you like horror games then you’ll love this one. The games simplicity is what got it well known as well.
Five Nights at Freddy’s BONNIE plush bunny 5 FREE SHIPPING – same as above
Nintendo 3ds display stand – I’m pretty sure if the seller mentioned “Legend of Zelda” in his/her’s auction title they would get more bids. Right now the bid is only at $15!
Mega Man 20th Anniversary Metal Statuette – Copper – I’ve seen this statue before, actually there’s two versions of them. Seller lists exactly what the statues about in the description which I’ll paste here. There’s also a silver metal statue of Mega Man in the same form with the box. I saw these on Jauce many years ago, haven’t seen them since but again I haven’t been doing my Rockman searches in a long time. They were available for around $200 US at the time. Definitely not worth $2000 in the buyers eyes, but the statue(s) are pretty rare and well worth over the $500+ mark. Seller says: “Officially licensed by Capcom, the statuette is made from real metal and was available in an extremely limited quantity, for a very brief time, back during Mega Man’s / Rockman’s 20th Anniversary. Tracking down either version of this item (the other being silver, of which more were actually produced) nowadays is considered next to impossible, making it one of the most sought after gaming collectibles out there. So, what are you waiting for… jump at this likely once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own a piece of “Blue Bomber” history!!!”
Vintage 1980 Pac-Man Advertisement Watch – I’m going for this one. But to show my unselfish side I posted this here (like I always do) in case someone else wants it and was looking for this watch for a long time. May the highest bidder win!
Original Xbox Carrying Case, Fits Xbox 360, Xbox 0ne, PS4 – Classy bag that you can carry to work ;).
Vintage 1982 Coleco Vision Puffy Stickers Mr Turtle Football Mouse Trap Rip Cord – Even more rare than the Nintendo sticker album listed above, these are the classic “puffy” stickers that you saw so often in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. You don’t see that anymore. I guess companies stopped caring about being “cute” with their stickers lol.
Gears of War 3 Promo Going Commando T-Shirt XL – Yup, definitely a shirt you can wear in public. No overly awkward and still cool to wear. You got

Good luck!


Happy New Year 2015! From Video Game Auctions Happy New Year 2015! From Video Game Auctions

Good morning VGA readers. Today is the last post for 2014, and to reflect back on the year, we’ve posted a ton of cool collectibles, news and referred auctions. We’ve done our best to post fresh auctions everyday with hopes that our fellow VGA readers and collectors will find something to add to their collections. As fellow collector’s we know it’s always hard to keep track of certain items you want. We’ve mentioned many strategies to find items that you are looking for. We see ourselves as being the eyes on eBay for collectors. This year has been great, and we’re looking forward to a great 2015. I hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas, that is was special and that you were able to relax. The VGA team wants to wish everyone a Happy New Year with lots of fun and prosperity.

Video Game Auctions:

– NEW Vintage 2002 Official Nintendo Mario Bros Inflatable Vinyl Chair

– Nintendo Mini Classics Keychains + Bonus Items – New Mario, Link, Zelda

– NEW The Legend Of Zelda Monopoly Ocarina Of Time Collectors Edition FIRST WAVE

– Club Nintendo Original Calendar 2015&Nintendo-Official Touch Pen for Nintendo DS

Mario plush yoshi color me extremely rare new condition(nintendo) japan

– Peppy Hare Plush StarFox extremely rare nintendo item


SEGA Dreamcast 1999 Partners Calendar, Nintendo The Legend of Zelda Gloves, Game Boy Mario Party Shampoo SEGA Dreamcast 1999 Partners Calendar, Nintendo The Legend of Zelda Gloves, Game Boy Mario Party Shampoo

Quick post…

Snes system cleaner
Sony Playstation PS1 15 Wooden Game Disc Drawer Storage Holder Organizer
Super Smash Bros Champion Belt Limited Release Pre Order Bonus Wii U Mario
XBox 360 Halo Master Chief Limited Edition Helmet Stand Sealed HALO Essentials
ColecoVision Adam Computer System COMPLETE
Elder Scrolls Online PAX 2013 Exclusive Ouroboros Septim Coin Collection
Nintendo Super Mario Bros. Game Boy Kids Choice Shampoo Bath Game Bottle
VINTAGE Nintendo SNOOPY Game and watch Panorama Screen
Sonic the Hedgehog HALF STATIONARY set Tails Knuckles Amy Shadow Rouge
Mass Effect Earth Alliance Lithograph Bioware Limited Edition #422/500
Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Challenge Coin, Xbox One Playstation 4
Lot of 10 Video Game Plushies Plants Vs Zombies Dragon Quest Pikmin Pokemon
The Legend of Zelda gold faux leather tri-fold wallet – NEW
Nintendo Gameboy Micro 20th Anniversary Famicom Edition Boxed Japan Import
Nintendo The Legend of Zelda Gloves Small Ages 6-8 Years
King’s Quest VI 6 Lithograph Signed Roberta Williams Sierra PC Games DOS Windows
Sonic the hedgehog Sega 20th anniversary statue figure 57/100 Very rare NEW
Resident Evil Biohazard Airsoft Collection
SEGA Dreamcast 1999 partners calendar and cloth Rare Promo items Japan

Good luck!

Counter Strike Global Offensive Real knife, Hotline Miami vinyl record clock, Five Nights at Freddy’s Foxy Plush Counter Strike Global Offensive Real knife, Hotline Miami vinyl record clock, Five Nights at Freddy’s Foxy Plush

Do any of you remember that screwed up indie game that came out a while ago called Hotline Miami? You’re basically a serial killer going around entering into peoples houses and killing them with t a bat. It’s a pretty screwed up game and if you’ve never seen the game trailer then check it out. Dunno how it was able to be released but I guess since it was an indie game anything was possible. Pretty graphic stuff and the game takes on that traditional NES graphic eagle-eye view from the top looking down. I guess when I am bored I will download it to see what it’s all about, but there’s actually a item related to the game on eBay. It’s actually a nice piece despite how rough the game is. It’s a vinyl record clock. Check out the auction below:

Hotline Miami vinyl record clock

Other Video Game Auctions:
Brand New Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward Yellow Promo Watch
Call of duty advanced warfare patch
Assassins Creed Unity Limited Edition tony moore Poster Print
TV Auto Tuner
Official Club Nintendo Zelda Skyward Sword and Mario’s History Posters
Counter Strike Global Offensive Real knife – Fade M9 Bayonet
Super Mario Bros Blue Telephone Complete In Box CIB Phone Official Nintendo Rare
Battlefield 3 messenger bag laptop case gaming gamestop patches great condition
NEO-GEO Console Boxed Console JP GAME
Five Nights at Freddy’s Foxy Plush
Sega Dreamcast Official Black VGA Box HKT-8100 Working JAPAN DC
RARE Nintendo set of 3 COMPLETE Amiibo Loot Crate +extras XL t shirt video game
Super Smash Bros. Gold Pre-Order Coin
POKET MONSTER:Original Soundtrack
PC Engine Core Grafx (No Box/Instruction) Console
FALLOUT New Vegas Collector’s Edition Deck of Caravan Playing Cards NEW Sealed

Good luck!

Ps4 20th Anniversary, Fallout Tranquility Lane Watch and More! Ps4 20th Anniversary, Fallout Tranquility Lane Watch and More!

Good morning VGA readers. A quick post today on boxing day. I hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas day. A few auctions submitted by our readers (thanks everyone).

Video Game Auctions:

– Set Of 4 MIB NOS Unused Nelsonic Zelda Game Watches

– EXTREMELY RARE Call of Duty Advanced Warfare metal challenge coin

– The Legend of Zelda Mixed Mode CD for PC & Audio CD Target/Nintendo 64

– Grand Theft Auto 5 GTA V Dr. Fieldlander’s Stress Ball Extremely Rare New

– Official Tetris Sticker Set 147 Stickers + Design Booklet Loot Crate NIP

– Donkey kong characters poster plastic

– Zelda Musou Hyrule Warriors Treasure Box

– Gears of war Merchandise

– Sony PlayStation 4 PS4 500GB 20TH ANNIVERSARY w/ RARE EXTRAS

Fallout tranquility lane watch

Merry Christmas VGA Readers 2014!! Merry Christmas VGA Readers 2014!!

Merry Christmas to all our readers from VGA. We wish you lots of love and family time… don’t forget nows the time to spend countless sleepless nights playing video games by the fire place ;)




Video Game Auctions:

Nintendo Nes Konami Laser Scope Display     **WOW**

Final Fantasy Tactics Trading Arts Wholesale Box Sealed Mint RARE Square Enix

Super Mario Soundtrack CD

King’s Bounty The Legend Collector’s Edition – PC EXCLUSIVE

Neverwinter Nights 2 PC Lawful Good – Collector’s Edition

Max Fever The Crew Limited Edition PSP

Blizzcon 2014 Diablo III 3 Chess Set Demons & Angels

Blizzcon 2014 – Warlock Malefic Kaiment Mens robe LIMITED SOLD OUT

Bioshock Splicer Bunny Mask Replica

Very Rare 1988 Nintendo Super Mario Brothers Tablecloth Birthday game party


Vintage Mike Tyson’s Trash Garbage Can Nintendo Power 1988 Punch Out Nes Retro

Nintendo 1960’s Gambling Game, Final Fantasy Hologram Cards, Parasite Eve Postcards and More! Nintendo 1960’s Gambling Game, Final Fantasy Hologram Cards, Parasite Eve Postcards and More!

I know many of you are reading this now and wondering who on earth would have money left over to purchase video game auctions on Christmas Eve (or even Christmas day tomorrow). Well, I’m sure most of you gamers at heart still have some money left order to sneak in a few last bids before the year is over. The best time to actually buy anything is during the Christmas season because it’s highly unlikely that there will be a lot of competition for particular auctions. Everyone’s either dead broke or not focusing on their saved searches during this time. So if you’re one of the few with some money to spend then check out these awesome auctions below!

Game Action Replay NES Nintendo CIB Complete - Thanks Steven!
Fallout tranquility lane watch (299/500) - Thanks Maca!
Vintage Nintendo Super Mario Brothers Walltrim Paper Border Sculptured Display
SDCC Comic Con 2014 Kingdom Hearts 2.5 ReMIX Poster Art Print SIGNED by Nomura
VGA Cases for Nintendo Wii Anniversary & Super Mario Anniversary
Consolized Neo Geo MVS Console, S-Video, Stereo • Neo Geo MVS 2 Slot
Super Princess Peach Retail Promo Display Poster – Nintendo DS – Mario
Dragon Slayer – The Legend of Heroes II – Soundtrack, 2CD set
Parasite Eve Official Guide Book (japanese)
Vintage Nintendo Gameboy Consoles systems Lot of 5 plus accessories-parts lot
Parasite Eve lot of postcards – Square Enix – Japan import – US seller
1960s Nintendo Gambling Game Japanese Western Set Vintage Roulette Home Casino
Super mario custom art
Resident Evil 4 Potato Sack Bag Ganado Promo Gift RARE
Super Mario Land Nintendo Soundtrack OST CD
The Art of The Last of Us*SIGNED* by Development Team at Naughty Dog

Good luck!