Final Fantasy Jackets Statues

Microsoft Xbox one white “I made this” employee exclusive, Michael Jackson SEGA Jacket and More!

Michael Jackson Sega Jacket

I was never a big fan of exclusive consoles. I’ve seen so many of them over the years and nothing really tickled my fancy with the exception of one console; the bill gates original Xbox console that has his signature on it. But I found this “I made this” employee exclusive Xbox One console which is pretty cool, but again nothing I would go crazy over. Now I know there’s a huge collector base out there who only collect variations of consoles. I have a friend who has almost all the N64 color consoles and it’s a pretty neat sight. In the end, for me it’s just about playing the game and doesn’t matter what color the console is, as long as it can play my game I’m happy :). Needless to say I have to admit, this Xbox One “I made this” console is pretty sexy with the white like that. Too bad the original controller is not included with this auction. Seller says:

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Merchandise Promotional Items Store Displays The Legend Of Zelda 1

Final Fantasy Collectibles Over Priced, Nintendo Prototypes, Gameboy Prototypes and More!


Good morning VGA readers. I hope you’re enjoying your weekend so far. We have some great prototypes submitted by Steve (thanks man!), but I thought I’d chime in on the Final Fantasy collectible market that seems to just be going higher and higher in pricing. Some of the collectibles are really cool, you’ll have the extremely rare collectible pop up from time to time, but nothing like 5-10 years ago. I can’t give an approximate date, but lets say after the year 2000 all the way until 2012, Final Fantasy collectibles were in high demand, you had a lot of interest from fellow collectors, and you had a really nice selection of items from known sellers, just take a look at our “Hall of Fame” to see some of the auction ending prices. The prices back then were steep as well, you can find a Final Fantasy VII Music Box for around $2000 which at the time I thought was insanely expensive. Then as the years went by it raised to $3500, then $5000 all the way to $10,000. Is the price justified? Unless you have money to throw around, I would say not. It’s beautiful piece of art, but definitely not worth the price tag. In today’s auctions you’ll see a Final Fantasy VII promo t-shirt being sold for $1000 when it’s worth no more then $50. Of course it wont sell, but these inflated prices are past their time. Another one is actually a bootleg watch, and the seller is trying to get $9,999 out of it, though collectors aren’t stupid and no one will pay $10k for a watch regardless how rare it is.

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Featured Store Displays 2

Super Mario Bros 3 Happy Meal Store Display & Poster, Star Fox and Metroid Store Displays

Super Mario Bros. 3 McDonalds Happy Meal Display 1990

One seller by the name of totallyradgames has a bunch of incredible video game display’s up on auction. From Star Fox to Metroid and old Nintendo displays, this looks to be one of the most impressive collections I’ve seen for a while. But of course nice video game displays such as these come at a cost. For example, the seller has priced his World of Nintendo store sign at $499. I have seen similar signs finish around that price mark, but I’m not sure what type of demand is out there for old Nintendo signs today. A few years ago I’ve seen people bidding on all types of  strange, wacky, simple and unique displays but the demand has seemed to go down. Some titles still go strong, for example, the seller sold a Super Mario RPG banner for $250, and as I was typing this sold a Super Mario Mani vintage display. So, what was I saying again about low demand? ;). I’ve picked out my favorites below:

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Featured Signed Super Mario Bros. The Legend Of Zelda

Shigeru Miyamoto Signed Collectibles – Club Nintendo Power, Twilight Princess Poster and More!

Shigeru Miyamoto signed Zelda frame

Hey all! Today I stumbled upon a bunch of signed Shigeru Miyamoto collectibles. If there’s anything I learned through my years of collecting and auction watching, I learned right away that any Nintendo item with Miyamoto signature is golden. That doesn’t necessarily mean your signed NES will get $1,000,000, but it will definitely fetch a high price due to the demand for his signature. With that said, I was able to find some awesome video game collectibles with Miyamoto’s signature. The one that strikes me the most is the signed Legend of Zelda Club Nintendo poster of the different generations of Link (a poster I love!). The Club Nintendo poster also has Eiji Aonuma signature on it (he produced several The Legend of Zelda games). The seller says in he auctions description for the autographed Zelda frame:

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Spike TV Video Game Award – Valve Half Life 2 – Game of the Decade

spike vga award

Pretty unique item I’ve come across. It’s an actual Spike TV Video Game Award handed out to the Valve team. Seller says: “Here is another fun collector’s item. Spike TV’s 2012 Video Game Awards chose Valve’s title Half-Life 2 as the “Game of the Decade. This auction is for the VGA award statue itself, which is a black statue of a monkey with a crown and video game controller. The owner of this item stated that about 10 of these statues were given to members of the Half-Life 2 team. I was unable to verify if this figure is accurate. The statue is 17 inches tall and sits on a 5″x5″ pedestal. It weighs 6.5 pounds.This item is part of a large lot of video game collectibles that I am listing on consignment on behalf of a private seller.

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News 4

Don’t Opt-in to Ebay’s “Global Shipping Program” – It’s bad for business!

avoid ebay global shipping program bad

Alright, so for those who have been buying or selling on eBay will probably know what the “Global Shipping Program” is all about. For those who have never heard of this new program please look below which has been taken off of eBay’s site:

The Global Shipping Program simplifies selling an item to an international buyer. All eligible listings for sellers who qualify are automatically included in the Global Shipping Program. Here’s how it works:
-List your item.
-Your item sells to an international buyer in an eligible country.
-You ship the item to a US shipping center.
-International shipping experts manage the international shipping and customs process and send the item to the buyer.” –

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Mega Man Merchandise

Exclusive Mega Man Mini Helmets, Halo Metal Cards, Gold Punch Out Famicom Cart and More!

mega man feature helmets

In today’s post we have some cool items such as the exclusive Mega Man Mini helmets, some cool custom made Five Nights at Freddy’s plushes, a gold Super Punch out Famicom cart and more! The thing that I don’t understand is how these Five Nights at Freddy custom plushes are fetching a high price? And I’m not even talking about these particular ones on auction, I’m talking about the many custom plushes made in the past months/year. They fetch anywhere between $100-$200! I mean the game is simple yet creative in it’s own way and I see the appeal, but I don’t think I’d spend that much just to get a plush of one of the animatronic monsters in the game.

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