Tuesday, March 3, 2015

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World of Warcraft 10 Year Anniversary Statue, Lara Croft Chocolate Bar Wrapper, Paper Masks From Majora’s Mask World of Warcraft 10 Year Anniversary Statue, Lara Croft Chocolate Bar Wrapper, Paper Masks From Majora’s Mask

Seller for the Lara Croft Tomb Raider chocolate bar wrapper says: “This is a TOMB RAIDER STARRING LARA CROFT LARA CROFT’S CARAMEL QUEST 2.25 oz. MILK CHOCOLATE with Caramel CANDY BAR WRAPPER. From Halloween of 1999. Excellent Condition. This is a CLEAN EMPTY WRAPPER ONLY. The chocolate bar has been removed and the wrapper refolded into its original shape.

Produced by True Confections, Inc. of Amherst, Mass.
Copyright EIDOS and Core Design Ltd.

One of a set of four different flavored chocolate bars (Chocolate, Crispy Chocolate, Caramel, and Peanut Butter), featuring video game star & icon LARA CROFT, each with a different pose and image of Lara and a comment from Lara.”

Click here for Lara Croft Tomb Raider Chocolate Wrapper

Other Video Game Auctions:
World of Warcraft 10 Year Anniversary Gift Figurine from Blizzard Entertainment
PAX League of legends 2012 ORIGINAL Gangplank ORANGE Stress Ball
RARE Nintendo set of 3 COMPLETE Amiibo Loot Crate XL t shirt video game UNOPENED
FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDY’S Black Silicone Bracelet NEW Look
DYING LIGHT Volatile Zombie figurine/statue/figure 15cm from CE + box from CE
Lot Of 3 Ninpro Promo Paper Masks From The Legend of Zelda Majora’s Mask
Nintendo Zelda Musou Hyrule Warriors Treasure Box Edition Wii U Japan
Playstation Experience Las Vegas 2014 cards, bag, XL shirt, pins, bottle
Five Nights At Freddys Plush Bonnie
Donkey Kong 6″ plush – Etone 1982 – Nintendo
Official PlayStation Experience Playing Cards
Gold Mario Amiibo Walmart Exclusive Sold Out! – anyone has more info on this? Is this available in Canada?
CLUB NINTENDO Gold Mario Statue Figure Platinum member limited 2004
Lady Tut by California Pacific for Commodore 64 C64 Diskette Brand New
Sony Playstation Semi-Truck 18 Wheel Model – this is the coolest toy for playstation!
Vintage 1982 Wind Up Plastic Ms. Pac Man Eating Blue Ghost – On Card – Tomy toy

Good luck!

Mega Man X Dev Board, Sonic Generations Press Kit, Ultimate NEC PC Engine Bundle Mega Man X Dev Board, Sonic Generations Press Kit, Ultimate NEC PC Engine Bundle

Good afternoon VGA readers. Making another quick post as we had a few submissions come in so instead of waiting for a week I decided to stick them up now for you all to enjoy.

Video Game Auctions:

– Rockman X / Megaman X Development Board / Prototype / SNES Super Nintendo

Ultimate NEC PC Engine Bundle

– Sonic Generations Press Kit very rare


Final Fantasy Rydia Painting, Fake FF VII Music Box Alert and more! Final Fantasy Rydia Painting, Fake FF VII Music Box Alert and more!

Good morning VGA readers. It’s a cold Sunday morning and I’m getting ready to put on the fireplace. I have a ton of cool Buy It Now auctions, quite pricey, but cool. We also have had auctions submitted to by our readers which I think you’ll like as well. There’s a Fake Final Fantasy VII Music Box on eBay from japan, it’s a replicate of the mechanism from the original, which could be purchased at Sankyo for around $200-$300 for the mechanism, and the box maybe another $200. Be careful not to pay high for imitation or fake merchandise or collectibles. There is however an authentic Final Fantasy VII Music Box being sold by a US seller. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday and see you next week!

Video Game Auctions:

– Fallout 3 Vault Tec Aviator Meister Watch Limited Edition Collectors Vegas New

- Metal Gear Solid Zippo Limited Edition No. 901 NEW

– Nintendo The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time – Famitsu Bros Ocarina – 1000

– New Unopened Threezero Exclusive Titanfall Atlas

– Biohazard Desert eagle Tokyo marui

- Nintendo Chrono Trigger real mint Cib and 2 Chrono Trigger Sealed Timewalk Games

– Huge Mario Collection Lot VGA U95 Store Displays Nintendo Nes Club items All NEW

– Nintendo M82 – store display – highly modified – Super RARE

– N64 Official Starfox 3-D Cardboard Arwing Starship Store Display RARE 67038

– Mario Paint Nintendo SNES Promotional Display – Official Marketing Item 2 sided

– Super Mario Original Painting J A Blackwell Nintendo Video Game Art Framed

– Final Fantasy VII 7 Silkscreen Painting Yoshitaka Amano 1997 Signed Limited Ed                                         **Fake Alert**

– Sankyo ORPHEUS Music Box Final Fantasy VII FF7 Aeris Theme Aerith 3 parts V.RARE   

– Final Fantasy 2 – Rydia hand signed by Yositaka Amano

– Earthbound Mach Pizza Air Freshener (Sealed w/ Certificate)

– Super Nintendo Star Fox Japan Gold Rare

– Final Fantasy IX / The Bouncer Mini Lenticular Standee Sealed Rare Promo Item

Sony PlayStation 20th Anniversary Edition WALLET, Pokeman Sapphire & Nintendo Power 100 Commemorative Collectors Coins Sony PlayStation 20th Anniversary Edition WALLET, Pokeman Sapphire & Nintendo Power 100 Commemorative Collectors Coins

Seller of the Nintendo coins says:These where sold out of a catalog that was inserted into the 100 issue of Nintendo Power Magazine in 1997. The coins could only be purchased this way and so there are very few sets out there in the world.”

Click here for Nintendo Power Gold Coins

Other Rare Video Game Auctions:
Super Mario Brothers – Vintage Dixie cups – Thanks Rebecca!
Licensed Sony PlayStation 4 20th Anniversary Edition WALLET – Totally badass. Who doesn’t like the look of the original Playstation? Coolest console ever made.
Super Mario Bros. Movie Authentic Autographed display 11x 17 signed by 3
NiGHTS Hoshi Furu Yoru no Monogatari Sega Original Soundtrack,CD
MARIO Wood Block Sprite – pixel art super mario bros. nes character
Nintendo Super Mario Bros Game Chair Plush Pillow Back
Bandai Tamashii Nations D-Arts Rockman X
Nanoblock Rockman
MEGA MAN Wood Block Sprite – pixel art Megaman nes character 24 x 22 big
XBox 360 Storage Video Gaming Stand Case Tower Console Plastic CLEAN
Super Nintendo Handmade Mario Pixel Patchwork Quilt Made to Order
pokemon sapphire version coin
Nintendo Power 100 Commemorative Collectors Coins NP100
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time – Collectible Game Pak Carrier, RARE
Super Mario Bros 2 1989 Vintage Nintendo Collectors Glasses (10 Piece Set!)
Custom candy SWEET headphones
Princess Zelda Medium Unisex T-shirt The Legend of Zelda
Fallout 3 Vault-Tec Aviator Watch Limited Edition 500 1 2 New Vegas
2014 San Diego Comic Con Wondercon Link LEGEND OF ZELDA Sword Bookmark
E3 Expo 2014 Promotional $100
Five Nights At Freddy’s – Chica – Plush
Vintage Super Mario Bros hard Eyeglasses Case #Nintendo of America 1980s Rare
1992 vintage SUPER MARIO BROS copywrite CALCULATOR Nintendo European RARE Europe
Portal 2 Companion Cube Lunch Box – NWT
Valkyria Chronicles Limited Edition Art Book Preorder
The Legend Of Zelda Ocarina Of Time Employee Owned Jacket Nintendo 64 Promo
Minecraft Mojang official product t shirt
RISK Board Game Boardgame PC MAC StarCraft Star Craft Collector’s Edition 2012

Good luck!

Stadium Events 90+ VGA HIGHEST GRADED PAL B SCN Nintendo NES Stadium Events 90+ VGA HIGHEST GRADED PAL B SCN Nintendo NES

Good evening VGA readers. A quick post featuring an auction submitted by a Robin (thanks!). This is a brand new Stadium Events NES Pal version sealed and VGA graded at 90+. If you’re looking for a mint copy, you won’t find one as mint as this one. Enjoy!

Click here: for Holy Grail: Stadium Events 90+ VGA HIGHEST GRADED PAL B SCN Nintendo NES


Final Fantasy VII Aerith Music Box, Chrono Trigger Lithographs and More! Final Fantasy VII Aerith Music Box, Chrono Trigger Lithographs and More!

Good morning VGA readers. Boy am I spoiled for today’s post. I have two auctions that I can only dream of owning all in a single days post. The Final Fantasy Aerith Music Box which is official for a buy it now of $10,000, and a Chrono Trigger Lithograph I am drooling over at $7,000. Though they are both really cool, price wise out of my budget, but who can stop me from dreaming? We also have several auctions submitted by VGA readers, and as you know, we now do weekly posts every weekend, so if you have an auction submitted, keep in mind we only do posts once a week, so best to submit your auctions on a Thursday or Friday. Anyhow, enjoy the posts and see you next week!

Video Game Auctions:

– Original Vintage Nintendo hanging 2 sided Store Display Fluorescent Lit Sign

– Super nintendo super Mario world store display

– Final Fantasy VII 7 1997 Cloud PROMO Release Display Poster RARE 28″x22″ 72728



– Nintendo Morton Jr. Koopaling Yoshi Safari Takara UFO Plush 1994 – See Pictures

– Nintendo Wendy Koopaling UFO Plush Yoshi’s Safari Takara 1994 – MINT

– Final Fantasy VII Aerith Music Box Sankyo Orpheus DigiCube Original

– Final Fantasy X/X2 HD Launch Exhibit/Signing – Concept Art

– Final Fantasy X Yuna Wedding Statue Cold Cast Squaresoft Square-Enix

– SUPER RARE Final Fantasy Tactics Promo Keychain Game Boy Advance Nintendo 2003

– Forgotten City Final Fantasy VII 7 Cold Cast w/Card

Chrono Trigger Artwork signed by Akira Toryiama 1994-1995

– Zelda Oracle of Season Nintendo Gameboy Color Prototype / Sample / Demo

– Zelda Oracle of Ages Nintendo Gameboy Color Prototype / Sample / Demo (German)

– Pokemon Gold/ Oro Nintendo Gameboy Color Prototype / Sample / Demo (Italian)

– Mega Man III Nintendo Gameboy Prototype / Sample Version #3

– The Lost Vikings Super Nintendo SNES Prototype NTSC #2

Nintendo Prototypes, Medicom Metal Gear 20th Anniversary Figures, Punch-Out Glove and More! Nintendo Prototypes, Medicom Metal Gear 20th Anniversary Figures, Punch-Out Glove and More!

Steven has submitted a bunch of Nintendo prototypes he has up for auction. Prototypes bring you back to a sacred place where you get to see early developments of a particular game. Some prototypes also have difference versions of the game; stages could be different, colors on a character or even the character! It’s rare to find a prototype with such significant changes as most of the proto’s are in the ending stages but one prototype I would love to get my hands on is the Biohazard 1.5 Proto. It’s a completely different game with new characters. Do some research on it and you’ll see how insanely different the game looks. Other than that I’m not too big on protos but I know there’s a strong niche market for it.

Anyhow, Steven has given us a link to his eBay store showing all the different protos available right now. He’s got a bunch of Zelda’s Oracle of Seasons/Ages, Kirby games and even an incredibly rare Metroid II on gameboy.

Check out the prototypes here
Other Video Game Auctions:
Medicom Ultra Detail Figure UDF 20th Metal Gear Complete set of 5 Used – Wow, great price as I remember these selling as high as $400! If you don’t have this collection JUMP ON IT!!!
Five nights at freddys bottle 5 nights at freddys – Creepy 5 Nights at Freddy’s Chicken figure in bottle.
Final Fantasy 5 V Card Cards Set With Binder Complete All Holograms Lucky Card
Pax Prime 2014 – Super Smash Bros Exclusive Towel 12×42 VERY RARE!! SWAG
Club Nintendo Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess – Link Gold Statue – BRAND NEW
sight n sound randomizer sonic the hedgehog book and marker – Wow, this is so awesome. I think I might go for this one.
1991 Super Nintendo system launch advertising brochure
Original Xbox Jacket
Bioshock Action Figure NECA 2009
Tetris 140 Page Notebook With 7 Colored Section
WORKING Tiger Electronics handheld X-men game; 1988 ; Marvel comics,Wolverine
Command and Conquer Tiberian Sun Firepower Soundtrack included westwood
Zelda Ocarina of Time Link Figure
Nintendo Punch-Out Little Mac signed boxing glove
Rare TurboGrapfx 16 Promo bike cap Hat by NEC company – Cool, but not $3,500.00 cool.
DOTA2 limited version Roshan Statue
Mega Man 10th Anniversary (1997) Limited Edition Resin Kit Model – #214 of 1000 Seller says: “Officially licensed by Capcom, only 1000 of these were produced and made available to those who mailed in the proof of purchase from the Mega Man 8 video game (with an additional fee). Though opened for personal inspection and photos, this #214 has otherwise been kept in its original packaging – including certificate of authenticity – for over 17 years! No identifiable/known marks, cracks, etc. What are you waiting for… jump at this unique opportunity to own a piece of “Blue Bomber” history!!!”
Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess Standee

Good luck!


Video Game Auctions New Posting Schedule and More! Video Game Auctions New Posting Schedule and More!

Good morning VGA readers. With the start of the new year, we’ve taken a step back to reflect on our work at VGA. We’ve been at it since 2010, so 4 years with the goal to do daily posts on rare and sought after collectibles. We’ve covered thousands  and thousands of auctions, and some of those consists of readers submitting in their own findings. We have a deep passion for video game collectibles, merchandise, anything related to gaming and are very fortunate to be able to have readers who can come to this site and share that passion. We’ve shared our collector hunting experiences with you and have also helped with hundreds of requests for items and tips for finding collectibles.

Video Game Auctions is coming into it’s 5th year, and looking back, making daily posts have been part of our schedule and routine. We’ve never been paid to do this, never charged for advertising on our site and have kept the site clean of Google Ads or any other format. Making daily posts have become more difficult as time passes by. It typically takes on average 2 hours a day to make posts. With our personal schedules getting more busy, and quite frankly, online-gaming taking chunks of our time, we’ve decided, instead of closing Video Game Auctions, to switch our posting schedule to a more realistic “weekly posts”. Every week, either Friday, Saturday or Sunday, we will be making a post showcasing auctions for the upcoming week to month. This will allow us to keep VGA up and running, while having a healthy post frequency to capture enough of the cool auctions showcased on eBay. Like usual, we will still be displaying submitted auctions, and we always appreciate a good comment on your thoughts and knowledge on a particular collectible.

With this in the clear, let’s enjoy some video game auctions :)

Video Game Auctions:

– Fallout: New Vegas Collector’s Edition brand new sealed Sony Playstation 3

– God of War III: Ultimate Edition COLLECTORS NEW SEALED

– Escape from Monster Manner CIB complete

– Mad Dog II the Lost Gold long box cib COMPLETE

– Hell: A Cyberpunk Thriller long box, NEW SEALED

– Supreme Warrior 3DO, 1994 Complete, long box

– Vintage 1993 Nintendo Super Mario Kart Polyester Necktie Super Nintendo SNES Era

– Rare Vintage Official 1993 Super Mario Nintendo Sticker Factory Collectible Box

– Super Mario 1993 Complete Display Stand w/ 25 Pins 5 Variations NIB Nintendo

– 1992 Waddingtons Nintendo Super Mario Bros Board Game

– The King’s Quest Companion

– Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis large poster Lucasfilm / Lucasarts

– Guybrush Threepwood Monkey Island voodoo doll

– Final Fantasy Formation Arts Creatures Display Board Limited Edition 2004

– Yoshitaka Amano “KIBISU” 1997 FINAL FANTASY VII Cloud and Red XIII Signed

– Final Fantasy framed VGA With complete Guide and poster Sealed nes

– Final Fantasy 8 VIII Rinoa Heartilly Siren Cold Cast Statue

– Chrono Trigger factory sealed new SNES famicom vga 85+ gold chrono cross vga 80

– Chrono Trigger Complete x54 Japan Chrono Trigger SNES Promo Prism Foil Card

– Chrono Trigger SNES CIB Autographed by Yasunori Mitsuda and Nobuo Uematsu

– Custom painted Chrono Trigger Super Nintendo

– Final Fantasy VII (7) International Sealed

– Final Fantasy IX (9) Sealed Japanese

– Final Fantasy VIII (8) Japanese Sealed