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Grand Theft Auto Store Display Standees, Donkey Kong N64 Magnet and More Random Auctions

grand theft auto III 3 Vice City Double Pack Xbox Playstation Rockstar Games

Nothing better than waking up on a Saturday morning and seeing the latest VGA post lol. I had to replace the missing Saturday morning cartoons that we don’t have anymore! So today it just a bunch of auctions ending later today so if there’s something that catches your eye make sure to save it and come back later.

I’ve noticed some pretty cool Grand Theft Auto standees, one from Vice City and the other one from “Double Pack”. Pretty decent prices to start off but I can imagine shipping to be in the $40 mark which is quite high. I’ve always been fond of store displays because these were one of the first things you saw stepping in your local video game store. There use to be a regular follower on VGA who had a massive standee collection. Not sure what ever happened to him but he had them all displayed in his garage. Looked badass lol! Anyways, check out the two links below for the standees:

Grand Theft Auto GTA Vice City III 3 Store Display Sexy Girls Official Rockstar

Grand Theft Auto GTA Vice City Stories Store Display Official Rockstar Poster PS

More Video Game Auctions:
Call of Duty Black Ops II 2 Cadet Hat Black BRAND NEW
vintage Nintendo Power MARIO & LINK folder unused NES 1988 video game toy
World of Warplanes Aviator Sunglasses Magnetic Wristband PAX Prime 2015
SUPER MARIO 3D LAND Jump Block Tomy Gatcha Danglers Keychain Charm
Megaman Sound Box 2 Rockman Capcom Wily Original Soundtrack BGM Music Score
Donkey Kong Magnet – OFFICIAL Licensed Nintendo Toy Rare HOLIDAY gift Video Game
Starfox Assault BobbleHead
Mario Nintendo 64 Display Custom Made Clay
Original ‘Nintendo’ 24 K Gold Plated Commemorative Pin (1993) – NEW
Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!! Punch Out Nintendo Famicom Handbill Flyer Poster Art
Street Fighter V 5 Lootcrate Lootgaming M Bison Pin
Conker Plush Stuffed Bad Fur Day Live and Reloaded Rare Limited Toy Vault
RARE 2002 XBOX Live PROMO Baseball Hat..NEVER WORN MINT..not sold in stores
Super Mario Bros. Brothers 2 Collector Glasses Vintage 1989 Set Of 4
Metal Gear Solid 4 Mini Store Displays Old Solid Snake LOT Konami Hideo Kojima
Metal Gear Solid 2 Trailer Documentary Making DVD Konami Japan Hideo Kojima RARE
Mega Man Final Fantasy Resident Evil LOT SOCOM PlayStation Vice City GTA Poster
Final Fantasy 11 Online X-2 Poster LOT Official Squaresoft Square-Enix Rare Pack
Grand Theft Auto Vice City Game Poster LOT SOCOM Playstation Professor Layton PS
Resident Evil Outbreak 2 Poster LOT Official PlayStation CAPCOM Chris Leon RARE
Resident Evil 4 Mini Action Figures Display Ada Chainsaw Zombie CAPCOM
Exclusive Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Coaster Set (Loot Crate) NIP

Good luck!

Featured Merchandise

Super Bomber Man 4 Hudson Soft Contest Bag from 1996 and Many Other Cool Auctions!

Super Bomber Man 4 Hudson Contest Bag Very Rare 1996 Nintendo JP Japane

Man oh man, I got so many goodies to show you today that I’m tempted to even buy some on the spot lol. But I figure I’ll throw it up here and if they are still available at the end of the day then it was meant for me lol.

First auction I want to talk about is the ultra rare “Super Bomber Man 4” Hudson Soft Bag. I wish I could find out more about this piece, but it looks like it’s official as I don’t know why someone would single out Super Bomber Man 4. The sad thing, however, is that the seller does really give a solid back story to this item. I mean you could message him asking for more details but all he really says is this:

This Bag come from a Hudson contest in 1996. Very RARE

I’ve noticed many sellers in Japan don’t give much details for their items. But what I do know is that they sell VERY RARE stuff so I’m ok with that haha.

Click here for Super Bomber Man 4 Hudson Contest Bag Very Rare 1996 Nintendo JP

More Game Auctions:
Vintage Nintendo Super Mario 4 Foot Tall Store Display Statue RARE. Circa 1989
Nintendo E3 Zelda Ocarina of Time N64 statue by Oxmox. Official Nintendo.
Exclusive HALO 5 Ammo Tin Box & Xbox One Supply Req Pack Code from Loot Crate
Biohazard HD Remaster Geo Kuji Prizes STARS Mirror Resident Evil
Final Fantasy VIII BANDAI HG Gashapon Full Set
Final Fantasy VIII FF8 ART PUZZLE 108 Pieces Laguna Loire
Final Fantasy Chocobo Dungeon dome mascot Christmas version Square 1999
Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater Official DVD Extreme Box
Final Fantasy VII – Official Stationary Set – Bandai 1997
Sonic 20th Anniversary Washcloth Official Sega Very Rare 90cm x 35cm
Megaman Rockman 15th Aniversary Pouch Bag Capcom Japan
Official Nintendo Super Mario Sponge Soft 36 Flake Stickers Japanese New Sticker
Resident Evil/ Biohazard Merchandise Lot
Chrono Trigger Special Edition – V Jump Original Video VHS 1995

Good luck!


Mega Man Servbot BACKPACK, Official Pokemon MEW Plush HUGE 32″ by Nintendo and More!

Mega Man Servbot BACKPACK

Got a quick post for this Wednesday night. Seller wickedkitty333 has a bunch of cool video game merchandise for sale. She also has two rare items in the bunch that I haven’t seen before (Mega Man Serbot Backpack and the Pokemon Mew huge plush). Both are buy-it-nows so if you’ve been waiting around for them now’s a good chance to grab em before someone else does!

Mega Man Rockman Tron Bonne ni Kobun Servbot BACKPACK
Pokemon MEW Plush HUGE 32″ Nintendo Official Game Mewtwo two Anime DX Pokecenter
Onimusha NEW Controller for PS2 Playstation 2 CAPCOM Japan USA Promo
Resident Evil 4 Playstation 2 PS2 Demo Disk Brand New Sealed CD Game CAPCOM
Vintage Pacman Glass LOT Retro Game 1980 Midway Atari Arcade Pac Man Donkey Kong
CAPCOM Street Fighter 2 II CHUN LI Statue PVC Figure Figurine Sexy Organic Vinyl
Vintage MEGA MAN Rockman Pin 90’s Capcom E3 Promo Classic Game NES SNES
Vintage MEGA MAN X Rockman Pin on Card Capcom E3 Promo Classic Game NES SNES

Good luck!


Lots of Cool Vintage Super Mario and Nintendo Auctions!

Nintendo Legend of Zelda Link Yoyo Yo-yo toy Vintage 1988 Game

Boy oh boy, did I stumble upon a bunch of cool Nintendo auctions or what? There’s a lot of cool vintage Mario stickers; the type you would get from vending machines as well as some cool Mario and Zelda toys.

There’s some unofficial items in this list today as well, but not many (ex: the Legend of Zelda beanie).


Video Game Auctions:
Legend of Zelda Wind Waker Stain Glass Black Knit Cuff Beanie
RARE Vintage Nintendo Mario Sweatshirt 1992 Nintendo of America SNES Promo Store
Official Legend of Zelda sticker 1990
Official sticker 1990 Mario Bros Cowboy
Super Mario bros vintage Jap 1985 Mario and Princess Peach Toadstool figure set – incredibly rare, but not sure what to think of price.
Official sticker 1990 Mario Bros Avoid The Gotcha
Official sticker 1990 Mario Bros i`m a Nintendo star
Official sticker 1990 Mario Bros Help Me Find The Princess
Official sticker 1990 NINTENDO
Official sticker 1990 Mario Bros Tic Tac Toe
Official sticker 1990 Mario Bros Castle
Bitcoin 1oz Gold Plated Collectible Coin BTC – not really vg related, but still cool lol
1969 Nintendo Dice Game Rare
Extremely Rare 1988 NINTENDO OF AMERICA Super Mario & Legend of Zelda YO YO
Set of 5 Sony Playstation Promo Gift Wrapping Paper Mod Nation Eyepet Gran Turis
The legend of zelda 64 collectable pocket watch
Good Smile Company Kirby’s Dream Land Kirby nendoroid Action-Figure
CS GO Collectors Coin 2015 Limited Edition 24k Gold Plated – damn this is a pretty sweet Counter Strike coin!
Gears of War Adam Fenix Medal in Box – I remember these were selling above $200 at one point in time!

Good luck!

Custom Made Featured Super Nintendo (SNES)

Nintendo Super Mario RPG World Map Custom Figure One of a Kind SNES

featured Super Mario RPG World Map Custom Figure One of a Kind Nintendo Model Built RARE

This has to be hands down one of the coolest custom creations for Super Mario.

IT’s a FREAKING model world map from Super Mario RPG?

How amazingly cool is that??

I can’t imagine how many hours was put into this model. The drive, the motivation, the love and details in this model.

I have to admit I’m incredibly impressed. Like jaw-dropping impressed. The asking price is WAY worth the time and effort into creating this piece.

Straight from the lion’s mouth:

I am regretfully putting up for sale a one of a kind, only one in the world piece of collecting fan art/memorabilia. This is a custom made Mario rpg world map figure. As you can see the detail work on it is impeccable. I am going through the process of a move and need to clear up some space so I am going to garner interest on this piece. It would make a great center piece to any Mario rpg fans collection! Great for display, definite conversation piece, and you’ll never find another like it.  I also have a full set of rpg keychains I am debating selling as they are the centerpiece of my collection.  Be sure to take a look at all my other video game collectibles for sale!  Measured it. 6″ X 8″ so less than a foot each way. And the tallest aspect is 4″ which is the nimbus land portion.  which I think adds to how amazing this was sculpted. To have THAT detail in such a small scale is incredible to me hence the high price tag. Took many, many, many hours of scrupulous detailed sculpting to make.

*Disclaimer*: this item is merely fanart. It is not a licensed Nintendo product and I don’t claim it to be. All credit goes to Nintendo and square Enix for their wonderful creation :)))

Check out Nintendo Super Mario RPG World Map Custom Figure One of a Kind SNES Auction

Good luck!

Featured Merchandise

Ace Attorney Investigations DS Signed by Motohide Eshiro, Nintendo Vintage Director Foldable Chair and More!

Ace Attorney Investigations Gyakuten Kenji items signed by Motohide Eshiro

Alright, it’s a Friday and and I’m making a post. Yes… it’s out of the norm BUT I’m super busy tomorrow so I figured I’d do a nice TGIF post for you all :).

To my surprise there are a bunch of great auctions listed now.

Many cool vintage Nintendo auctions, some rare merchandise and store displays!

But one really cool item is this Ace Attorney Investigations DS Signed by Motohide Eshiro. If you never played Ace Attorney, well,


Straight from the lion’s mouth:

Included are are five items all signed by Ace Attorney Investigations/Gyakuten Kenji producer Motohide Eshiro at New York Comic Con 2010.

First is a special edition Gyakuten Kenji Nintendo DSi manufactured in limited quantities featuring the Blue Badger (Taiho-kun) from the Ace Attorney game series on its front. The console’s serial number has been concealed in this auction’s second photograph out of respect to the auction’s winner. The DSi was never registered through any services available by Nintendo.

Second is a Miles Edgeworth CSI Case sold in February of 2010 on Capcom USA’s online store to celebrate the North American release of Ace Attorney Investigations with the game’s logo displayed on the front of the case.

Third is the box that the Gyakuten Kenji DSi was packaged in with the game’s logo and cover art on the box’s front side, character art of Miles Edgeworth, game screenshots, and an image of the included DSi itself on the box’s back side, and character sprites of five of the game’s primary characters on one of the box’s edges.

Fourth is the game card case included with the Gyakuten Kenji DSi with the manual, game card, and all inserts included inside. Due to the fact that the game card case was not sealed upon being autographed, the case cover insert is signed.

Fifth is the game’s Japanese guide book with artwork that includes much of the game’s main cast on the book’s cover.

All items are in excellent condition and have either been displayed in protective cases or have been kept in in storage with extremely minimal use since being signed. Further details regarding the conditions of the items are included in this auction’s condition description.

Other Video Game Auctions:

Club Nintendo Limited Rosetta Mini Towel handkerchief Japan import
The Adventure of Link Nintendo Famicom Game Sound Museum CD3 Japan import NEW
Limited Edition Persona 4 Teddie Plush Keychain Toy – Taito – ARcade – Promo
NINTENDO 1969 Blue Green Chaotic Cube New Never Used
Okami for PS2 pre-order bonus
Ingress Badge Medal Card With Code Hank Johnson SIGNED *Unredeemed*
Microsoft Old Xbox (console) Extremely rare Promo Poster 84×59.5cm
Castlevania very rare promo PostCard Post Card Konami
Resident Evil Biohazard Raccoon City Map Zippo Capcom Extremely Rare
Xbox One Limited Edition Forza Motorsport 6 promo Pin from Gamescom 2015
Resident Evil 5 very rare Watch Limited Edition # 024
The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword Hyrule Offical Nintendo Cap
2002 Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Store Display Standee Banner Poster Xbox
Old Sega Promo Sticker
Grand Theft Auto GTA Rockstar Games Logo Table Tennis promo Sticker Set
The Legend of Legacy Original Soundtrack UNOPENED
Nintendo Vintage Director Foldable Chair
Sid Meier’s Civilization 3 Paperweight Rock Rare Special Item
IG Magazine collection complete

Good luck!


Street Fighter II Vinyl LP Box Set Signed, Animal Crossing Series 1 Cards, Hudson Soft Towel and More!

Street Fighter II Soundtrack VINYL LP OST Brave Wave Limited Signed Capcom RARE Nintendo

I know it’s a little odd for me to post on a Wednesday night (since those who are loyal to the VGA know we post Saturdays only!).

I admit… I screwed up. I totally forgot to make a post last Saturday!

So…… to make up for it I’m making a post tonight :).

Lo and behold, we have a SICK line-up of video game auctions. First auction is for a Street Fighter II Vinyl LP Box Set Signed by the original composers! Seller says:

Selling here is the incredibly rare Street Fighter II Soundtrack released by Brave Wave. This is the Composer Signed Edition which is limited to 190 in the world. The edition you will receive is a low number. The vinyl limited edition box set includes a composer-signed card, four 180-gram discs pressed on orange and blue vinyl, big booklet with essays and a composer interview & sleeves with archival prints. This vinyl box set (signed edition) was sold out within minutes over a 3 day period. The Street Fighter II “The Definitive” Soundtrack vinyl is brand new and will be packaged securely.

Pretty bad a** for a Street Fighter II collectible item. I don’t own an LP player and don’t think my older sister ever owned one! Actually wait, she did! But this would be so cool to slap onto an old music box like an LP record player and let the beast roar!

Click here for Street Fighter II Signed Vinyl Box Set

Other Video Game Auctions:
Classic Console Casino Cards, Arcade Block, New!
Vintage SUPER MARIO BROS & PEACH SMALL NAPKINS Birthday Party 1988 Nintendo NES
Star Fox Limited Edition 8″ Fox McCloud Statue – Brand New/Unopened
The Legend Of Zelda Phantom Hourglass Lunch Box
Nintendo 64 N64 Nintendo Employee Pen and Storage Case
Sonic & Knuckles Sega Genesis Promotional Keychain Promo
Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Sentinel Task Force Limited Edition Patch (Yes I admit, I’m a sucker for Call of Duty)
Vintage Lucasarts logo Laptop Bag
Vintage Nintendo Donkey Kong Junior Puzzles NUMBER 3 – Miniature Book
E3 Expo 2015 CALL OF DUTY BLACK OPS III Size Large T-SHIRT Playstation SWAG PS4
Nintendo Super Mario 3D World Yellow Cat Ears.
NIB Super Mario Bros NINTENDO Rare Oddball Bagged Quiz Cards Science Technology
Shooting Watch Official Towel – New Japanese Import
Nintendo Animal Crossing Series 1 Cards North American series one mint full set
Rare 1989 Sega Genesis June CES Coin Token

Good luck!


Mega Man Plastic Model Kits, Donkey Kong Plush Display, Resident Evil Merchandise and More!

killer instinct feature

Well here’s something I don’t see every day. A cool Donkey Kong Country plush display. Not entirely certain about it’s origins, but my guess would be that these were displayed in stores? I know Kenji found one a few months ago. I think the asking price was $1000. This one’s still pricey but if you’ve been waiting for one of these now would be your best chance at the price tag of $389.99 starting bid. The display looks to be in excellent shape given it’s age so nothing to worry about there. This is what the seller had to say in the auctions description:

“You are bidding on a life size Donkey Kong Nintendo wall display poster. This wall poster is a one of a kind in this day and age, as I was unable to find any replicas or anything similar to it. It was made somewhere in the vicinity of the late 80’s or early 90’s by a company called “Colorès International” which today does not exist. It’s original purpose was a window display in my family’s old video store, to promote one of the new Donkey Kong’s. The item itself has no flaws or blemishes and hangs by his DK tie. All toes and fingers of DK are intact with no pealing or discoloring. The material used to create this DK is a very nice nylon that to this point has not shown any flaws on it. (I have attached photos of the only other thing I could find made by “Colorès International”) Feel free to ask me any questions!”

Check out the auction below!

Exclusive Early 90’s Nintendo Donkey Kong Wall Display Poster Life Size

Other Video Game Auctions:
Killer Instinct SNES 7ft Full Sized Standee Sign
Star Fox Super Weekend Original Scorecard
Biohazard Card Type Sticker Set Capcom 3 JAPAN GAME
Fallout New Vegas Collector’s Edition Lucky 38 Platinum Poker Chip
ROCKMAN 4 VS RINGMAN Plastic Model Kit * * CIB New * Famicom Japan NES Mega Man
Earthbound Belch Plush & 2 Mr. Saturn Plushie Ball And Chain Japan Free Shipping
ROCKMAN RUSH COIL Plastic Model Kit * * CIB New * Famicom Japan NES Mega Man
Elebits blue plush (used) tags still attached
Kotobukiya Shadow of the Colossus Malus Mini figure
A-Label Madou Gokin R-type Rwf-9Abk Pre-painted Diecast figure Black Ver.
A Hideo Kojima Book: Special Metal Gear Solid Magazine
Disgaea Prinny Ornament NIS Asagi Prinny Squad Rare New Limited Christmas
Final Fantasy Black Mage Vivi Promo lego Doll Playstation PS1 Limited package
SEGA GAME GEAR Red Console System “Rare” NTSC-J JP SELLER!
Resident Evil limited decoration Tape stickers not for sale 1bankuji biohazad
Resident Evil limited IC card stickers not for sale 1bankuji biohazad
Resident Evil limited Can batch 2set not for sale 1bankuji biohazad
Nagatanien 1987 Vintage Super Mario Bros. Film Camera
Street Fighter V Limited Collectors’ Glove Pouch PreOrder Bonus
Until Dawn Torchlight Promo Merchandise from Launch Event
Token Coin Elder Scrolls Game Series – The Empire Is Law The Law Is Sacred
Q Bert Board Game
Star Wars Nintendo N64 SOTO Shadows Empire Reversible Promo Baseball Cap Hat
Nintendo NES Sculpted Vinyl Wallcoverings Wall Paper 1989 *NEW* Sealed! Princess

Good luck!