Thursday, May 28, 2015

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Nintendo World Championship 1990, Zelda Custom Aquarium Tank and More! Nintendo World Championship 1990, Zelda Custom Aquarium Tank and More!

Good morning VGA readers. It’s starting to get warmer here where I live, summer is literally a few weeks away! In the meantime, I’ve been ranking up in COD: AW and playing arcades in the meantime. I have only 1 auction submitted this week and it’s for the Final Fantasy VIII 8 Ragnarok Ship Color Complete. The other auctions are mainly Fixed listings, but some interesting finds like the Zelda Aquarium, although not authentic, still really cool, so the seller gets a spot on the VGA listing for that. Enjoy your weekend, and see you next week!

Video Game Auctions:

– Nintendo Super Mario Bros Brass Display Rare Internal Award 1985 Only 1 Exists  *Note: I don’t know anything about this piece, but I find anything with “Only 1 Exists” hard to swallow.

Konami Nemesis(Gradius) Arcade game poster 1985. Mint condition

– Hudson Entertainment (Adventure Island, Bomberman, Bonk) Artwork Signed Poster

– SNES Super Nintendo The Legend of Zelda Goddess Of Wisdom New RARE W/ Poster

– ULTRA RARE Beyond the Beyond Playstation Promo Poster PSX Camelot Japan

– Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past 10 Gallon Aquarium – HANDMADE  *Really cool

– Zelda Musou: Hyrule Warriors Treasure Box Collectors Edition Nintendo Wii U RARE

– Zelda Sound & Drama Super Nintendo Original Japanese Soundtrack Complete Mint

– Nintendo 1991 Retail Sales Manual Dealer Price Book Store Sign WON Rare Vintage

– Nintendo Gold cartridge World Championship 1990 mario bro Rare collector quality  *Have these really dropped that much in price? Years ago at $28k and now $5k, not that I would complain anyways if I got $5k if I was one of the lucky guys or gals who picked this up at a garage sale…

– Nintendo World Championship 1990

– Little Samson (Nintendo, 1992)  *This title keeps surprising me with the demand. Years ago as well, this would sell around $400 complete, now, with just the cart, goes for $800+ now and the auction isn’t over.

– White Sony Playstation 4 500 GB PS4 w/ P.T, Destiny, Final Fantasy 14, and more


– Final Fantasy VIII 8 Ragnarok Ship Color Complete

Fierce Deity Link jigsaw puzzle, Pac Man Poster Loot Crate, Nintendo Messenger Bag Fierce Deity Link jigsaw puzzle, Pac Man Poster Loot Crate, Nintendo Messenger Bag

Up for auction is a cheap Fierce Deity Puzzle. Box is beat up but contents are still new. Seller of the Legend of Zelda Puzzle says:

“This bid is for the exclusive Nintendo Club jigsaw puzzle of The Legend of Zelda Majora’s Mask 3D: Fierce Deity Link. The puzzle is 300 pieces and comes in an unopened bag. The puzzle size is 10″ W x 14.5″ H. There are some wrinkles in the bag since it was shipped to me inside a bag and not a box. Item will be shipped in a box to reduce the possibility for further damage to the bag. ”

Click here to bid now

Other Video Game Auctions:
Licensed Nintendo THE LEGEND OF ZELDA WALLET Windwaker
Five Nights At Freddys Collectible Arcade Token Set
Pac Man Poster Loot Crate
Gold Mario Amiibo
Super Mario Bros. 3 Bowls Set Parco Promo Item Nintendo JAPAN NEW
2 RARE PAX 2008 Fallout 3 BOOTH 632 CARDS Bethesda Framed Video Game Promo
PlayStation Experience – Joker – PlayStation – Playing Card – PSX 2014
Sonic the Hedgehog 10th Anniversary Soundtrack Coin Sega Dreamcast Birthday Pack
Wii U Amiibo Super Smash Bros. US Editions
Rare Collectible 1997 Nintendo Plush BD&A Mumbo Banjo Toad Wario Luigi and more
Mario Inspired Rainbow Star Handmade kint Hat One Size fits Most
Japanese Squaresoft SOUKAIGI CLEAR FILE Set of 3 (NEW) playstation rpg ps1
Bio Hazard Resident Evil Official Medical Rescue Kit JP Limited
New Limited Edition Legend of Zelda Majora’s Mask Pin – Nintendo 3DS

Good luck!

Princess Peach Plush, Final Fantasy Cold Casts and Much More! Princess Peach Plush, Final Fantasy Cold Casts and Much More!

Good afternoon VGA readers. We have some good quality submissions from our readers like the Princess Peach Plush, and the Sega Mark III. Also a few auctions with great prices such as the Zelda Ocarina which one seller has at $399! What a steal considering these were selling for $1500 not too long ago. Also the Final Fantasy X BlitzBall which I always love to see. haven’t seen it in some time. I hope you enjoy the auctions, and we’ll see you next week.

Video Game Auctions:

– Vintage Retro Mario Koopalings Takara Plush UFO Very Rare SNES 1994 Yoshi Safari

– Street Fighter II 2 SNES Capcom 1991 Plush Lot Zangief x2 Blanka Dhalsim RARE

– Vintage Super Mario World Color Me Princess Peach Plush 1993 CIB Extremely Rare

– Commodore 64 World Cup 90 vintage videogame video game ibm

– SEGA Mark III (RGB Modded), Paddle Controller, 20 GAMES, Rapid Fire and MoreSEGA Mark III (RGB Modded), Paddle Controller, 20 GAMES, Rapid Fire and More



– Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time Nintendo Famitsu Ocarina Instrument

– Final Fantasy X 10 Blitzball Blitz Ball Japanese Import

– Final Fantasy X Blitzball Collectible Statue Figure Rare   * This seller has a TON of crazy Final Fantasy collectibles on auction right now. Some full sets of chromes and zippos!

– Resident Evil Biohazard Nemesis Type 3 Action Figure Moby Dick Very Rare

– Twisted Metal Sweet Tooth Clown Car Promotional Sony Rep Counter Display


League of legends watch limited edition

RAYMAN Walking Shell Rare 2003 Plush, Official Shenmue Shirt and More! RAYMAN Walking Shell Rare 2003 Plush, Official Shenmue Shirt and More!

Quick post…

RAYMAN walking shell plush soft toy VERY RARE gaming collectibles LIMITED 2003
Rare Nintendo Donkey Kong Country Banana Blitz Desktop Crane Game SNES Promo
Plants Vs Zombies Game Promo Item Signed Lithograph
Dead Rising 3 Loot Crate Exclusive Pen
Five Nights At Freddys lot of 2 weekend special fundraiser bonnie and toy bonnie
NO MORE HEROES Original Soundtrack OST CD Wii PS3 Xbox 360 game music paradise
Xbox360 Halo Reach Legendary Edition Ltd Mcfarlane Complete
Borderlands Loot Chest With Two Paper Posters
Silent Hill Bloody Robbie the Rabbit Tee Shirt
N64 Nintendo 64 Retail Store Display Sign GREAT CONDITION
Assassin’s Creed 5 Edward Cosplay Unity Hidden Phantom Blade
Rare Game Informer Magazine Logo Pin
Nintendo Power of Choice Sign
Jet Li Rare Press Kit Rise to Honour PS2 incl. Wallscroll
Shenmue Yu Suzuki Rare Sega of America Promo Shirt Size XL Beautiful Print

Video Game T-Shirt Madness! Video Game T-Shirt Madness!

Good Saturday morning VGA readers. I hope the weather’s heating up on your side of the world. For me it doesn’t really matter, I’ve been too busy prestiging up in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. Still not a big fan of the exo suit as I’ve already gone through one controller which broke the left stick due to performing the exo moves aggressively. I like the original movements, it’s more realistic, and it’s more about gun skills, who’s faster to the trigger. I still have that in Advanced Warfare, but the jumping can drive you nuts, the companies who get the contract for COD titles (because it’s owned by Activision), need to keep this in mind. Sure it’s innovative, and I can appreciate it, but I do hope it’s the last time they do that because I’m not the only one saying that.

To the purpose of the post. We received a ton of GREAT video game t-shirt auctions from our friends over at Video Game Memorabilia Museum which you can visit by clicking here. Love the Punch Out t-shirt and the Halo 2 (a classic!). Great prices you can snag these up at versus the sellers who try and sell these collectibles at $100 beans or more. Apart from the t-shirts, you can bet to find other cool collectibles listed! Enjoy your weekend and see you next week :)

Video Game Auctions:

– Little Mac Punch-Out Wii Nintendo E3 Press Promo Large

– Fire Emblem Sacred Stones DS promo shirt Nintendo E3 Press Promo XL

– HALO 2 Bungie Microsoft E3 Press Promo shirt earth Large

– Sony Playstation 2 E3 2004 Press binder promo blue

– Metroid Prime Pinball Samus Nintendo E3 press promo shirt XL

– Nintendo DS Lite boxer shorts boxers underwear E3 Press promo DSL

– Mario and Luigi Bowser’s Inside Story backpack promo Nintendo E3 press

– Panzer Dragoon Orta XL long sleeve shirt promo E3 press SEGA dragon JAPAN

– SEGA Billy Hatcher shirt XL gamecube nintendo E3 sonic promo press

– Afro Samurai E3 press promo shirt XL bandai namco playstation microsoft

– Pirates of the Carribbean Online black pearl wooden ship press promo e3 boat toy

– Grand Theft Auto III Rockstar E3 Press Promo shirt XL

– Muramasa Demon Blade E3 press promo shirt aksys Wii PS Vita playstation nintendo

– Metroid Prime 2 Echoes Samus Bounty Hunter shirt E3 Nintendo press promo Large

– Donkey Kong Jungle Beat Nintendo press promo shirt bongos E3 XL adult

– Elite Beat Agents Nintendo promo E3 shirt XL adult tux DS

– Nintendo DS nylon E3 press promo shirt large

– Mario Kart Double Dash and Luigi Super Star Saga Party 5 pin set Nintendo badge

– Lineage II The Chaotic Chronicles online shirt L hat box NCSoft MMO 2 E3 press

– Ratchet and Clank metal press binder E3 promo Playstation insomniac papers

– City of Heroes Large Shirt E3 Press promo Microsoft NCSoft Cryptic

– Guitar Hero III Legends of Rock E3 Press Promo shirt Large

– Animal Crossing City Folk black shirt nintendo E3 promo press bus adult Large L

Official Shenmue Ryo’s Timex Watch, 3DO Demo Disc Program Binder, Okami Snow Globe and More! Official Shenmue Ryo’s Timex Watch, 3DO Demo Disc Program Binder, Okami Snow Globe and More!

Auction of the day is this beautiful and ultra rare Shenmue Ryo’s Timex Watch. For some reason Shenmue falls into the “Earthbound” category with collectibles. Meaning whatever item is out there for the game it automatically has a high demand which is why the items are so expensive, or finish on auction at a high price. Seller says: “For sale it is the “holy grail” for Shenmue fans, the official Ryo’s Timex watch. It was sold only in Japan in extremely limited quantities (less than 200 made). It’s very rare, even in Japan. The watch is new (never used) and complete with box and Timex paperwork. This is the definite Shenmue collector’s item.”

Click here for RARE Official Shenmue Ryo’s Limited Timex Watch – Yu Suzuki SEGA DREAMCAST (Thanks Jack!)

Seller also has this Far Cry 4 Press kit German – Edition

Other Video Game Auctions:
Okami Snow Globe E-Capcom Limited Edition Japan Sakura Free Shipping
3DO Demo Disc Program Binder
Grand Theft Auto V Promo 5 Viewfinder Keychains Set – RARE! – NEW
Legend of Zelda: Molblin’s Magic Spear Childrens Book 1989 Golden Book PB
NEW Nintendo Power Super Mario Bros Mushroom Trucker Hat Cap Vintage Rare Game
Gears of War 3 – Retro Lancer Replica
Tales of Symphonia Trading Cards – Set of 6 – Very Rare – Contest Prize – “These cards were given away in a Namco contest. There are only 1000 of each set of 3 cards made. They were given away in 3 ~ 3 card sets.”
Final Fantasy 2 – Rydia hand signed by Yositaka Amano – “This hand drawn signed artwork was done in 2012 at the San Diego Comic Con convention. At Comic Con the top prize during the event was a “your choice” of what Mr Amano would draw you. The winner selected Rydia, from Final Fantasy II. This is a 100% one of a kind item, hand signed, it is priceless!
Rockman Mega Man 20th Anniversary Metal Statuette – Copper
Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask – Skull Kid & Moon replica
ESL380. Pac Man Stapler with Staples by Paladone Made in China
Nintendo 64 Console Pikachu Console JP GAME.
Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time Link Figure Nintendo TriForce Hyrule Gacha Rare
1994 Official Super Nintendo Mario Paint Brush Pen Rare Collectible
Call of Duty Gamestop Countdown Clock Display

Good luck!

Chrono Cross Chronopolis Seiko Watch, Final fantasy Auctions Signed and More! Chrono Cross Chronopolis Seiko Watch, Final fantasy Auctions Signed and More!

Good afternoon VGA readers. We have some great auctions submitted to us (thanks to everyone who submitted), as well as some items off my watch list. Just to mention, there are some crazy Final Fantasy auctions up that are signed and at a great price. We also have the Cloud vs Sephiroth New, and a Chrono Cross Chronopolis Seiko Watch! Great auctions to consider adding to your collection, though to warn you, some do have a commanding price tag. Enjoy your Sunday  and see you next week :)

Video Game Auctions:

– US Amiibos – COMPLETE Waves 1, 2 & 3 and retail exclusives

– Pulstar Neo Geo AES jap original

– Ni No Kuni Wrath of the White Witch Wizard’s Edition Factory Sealed

– Final Fantasy VII Digicube Limited Edition Soundtrack – Sealed and Autographed

– LOZ: Ocarina of Time Collector’s Edition Factory Sealed + Buy it Now Bonus

– Final Fantasy VII Versus Books Limited Edition Autographed by Nobuo Uematsu

– Final Fantasy Finest Box Soundtrack Autographed by Nobuo Uematsu and Arnie Roth

– Super Rare Earthbound Store Poster SNES

– Chrono Cross Chronopolis Seiko Watch Brand new 1999 Squaresoft LIMITED Edition

– Final Fantasy X 10 Yuna Wedding Cold Cast Statue 2000 Figure Limited SEALED RARE

– Amiibo figures store display Nintendo EXTREMELY RARE AND VHTF. TOUCHSCREEN

– Lot Of 2 Nintendo Vinyl Double Sided Display Banners Sign Game Boy Starfox 64

– Gameboy ASCII Showcase System – Display/Sign

– Final Fantasy VII 7 Cloud VS. Sephiroth Cold Cast Statue 1997 Figure NEW RARE!

Rare Grandia Items, Metal Gear Solid Shareholder Gold Pack, Super Mario Kart Plushies and More! Rare Grandia Items, Metal Gear Solid Shareholder Gold Pack, Super Mario Kart Plushies and More!

Happy Easter everyone! Quick post today!

Grandia Puffy Plush Sega Saturn Playstation PS1 PSX Game Arts ESP – Thanks RC Brooks
Grandia Puffy Strap Plush Playstation Sega Saturn PSX PS1 Doll Keychain ESP – Thanks RC Brooks
Grandia Sega Saturn Cow Sages Plush Doll Boxed Set 1997 Playstation PS1 PSX – Thanks RC Brooks
Super Mario Kart Nintendo UFO Plush Lot – Bowser Yoshi Toad, Mario, Peach Takara – Thanks Spencer
Metal Gear Solid Shareholder (Stockholder) Gold Premium Pack -PS1 RARE MGS PROMO – Thanks Jack

Nintendo Gamecube Mario Bobblehead for Target limited edition NIB – New with COA
NES Famicom Pillow Plush Cushion / Banpresto / 2005 [Great condition]
Zelda – Beautiful – Mouse Pad – Size 7 3/4″ x 9 1/4″ – Fast shipping 1 of 2
Infinity Ward Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2 – Night Vision Goggles
Hearthstone Blizzard 2013 Holiday Employe Scultpture
SUPER MARIO BROS 3 game logo sticker decal Nintendo Gameboy NES SNES Wii GB GBA
Nintendo SUPER MARIO BROS PLUSH 62×90 BLANKET Super Soft Fleece Bed Throw NEW
Kingdom Hearts SDCC 2012 Figure Set New Limited Edition
Step 2 Video Game Center
Smashmuck Champions SIGNED Poster & Foam Sword – PAX PRIME EXCLUSIVE
Nintendo NES Empty Box And Manual (No Game) Tale Spin

Good luck!