Thursday, July 2, 2015

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The App for Video Game Action Figure Collectors The App for Video Game Action Figure Collectors

Action figure collectors have always searched for rare items at conventions and on the web. They mostly do their research on their own, and until now they’ve never had the ultimate tool for checking the most elusive action figures.

The Action Figure Collector by CollectorDASH is a checklist for action figure enthusiasts who want to keep a record of what they already have in their display cases, and what they wish to obtain in the future. The price list in this app gets updated regularly so collectors will never have to worry about making a bad deal with sellers.

As of this writing, the app’s database has over 50,000 action figures, and over 200,000 high-resolution photos. This is a pretty nice app that frees collectors from the burden of printing paper checklists whenever a new action figure comes out.

Once you get the app running, you will be able to immediately access the list of your own collection. You can add, edit, and search for figures in the app’s database. What’s neat is that if you’re in a toy store or you still keep the boxes of your figures, you can scan barcodes for easier storing of information. Collections are classified under different categories (video games, manufacturer, year of release, etc.) for easier browsing.

Apart from being one of the best action figure checklists out there, users can also read articles released by DASH Flash. Check out the screenshots below to get a glimpse of how the app works.

The smartphone industry is one of the most successful and lucrative markets today, and usage Internet penetration worldwide is set to continue to rise, as implied by the firm that manages the Spin Genie Slingo site. There’s currently no ceiling for the success of mobile phones, which is probably why users see hundreds of apps getting released for the mobile platform every month. In the past, apps were merely programs for gaming but now; we even see niche software that caters for the most avid of action figure collectors.

Action Figure Collector is free but users can enjoy extra features by becoming a DASH Club member.

Sega & Nintendo Prototypes, 2015 Rare Logo pin, Super Mario Items and Much More! Sega & Nintendo Prototypes, 2015 Rare Logo pin, Super Mario Items and Much More!

Submitted by our friend Steven:
“First wave of proto auctions in the next couple of weeks Prototype SALE on ebay tonight/miday starting from 1 USD – 10 days

Super Nintendo
Magic Boy NTSC
Davids Amazing Tennis + cell’s that used in a magazine NTSC
Tin Tin in Tibet PAL
Empty new SNES PCB

Sega Mega Drive:
Spirou #1
Spirou #2
Tin Tin in Tibet
NHLPA Hockey ’93

Game Gear
Andre aggesi Tennis (2 loose eproms)

Atari 2600

Hot shot Vorfuhr Cassete Nr 1

Nintendo DS

Max & the magic marker”

Click here for Nintendo and Sega Prototype Auctions

Other Video Game Auctions:
Shenmue Christmas Card & Phone Card Not For Sale – Yu Suzuki Press Promo Rare – Thanks Kelly!
Resident Evil Press Promo – Progenitor Virus Detection & Suppression Kit Rare – Thanks Kelly!
Gold Super Mario Bros 30th Anniversary Collectors Pin E3 2015 Nintendo
The Legend of Zelda Lenticular 3D Link Wood Shadowbox Frame 9.5 x 11.5″ Licensed – Check out the image below:

Legend of Zelda 3D

Yoshi’s Wooly World Wii U Bundle
Sonic Generations Gold Ring from Collector’s Edition Game Limited
Max Payne 3 Bullet Pen Limited Promo Brand New Rare
SUPER MARIO BROS 3 game logo sticker decal Nintendo Gameboy NES SNES Wii GB GBA
Club Nintendo Lot Mario Hat case fans Statue First 4 Figures Collectible
rare ORIGINAL SONY PlayStation Booth Employee 1990s video game T-shirt
King’s Quest VI Heir Today, Gone Tomorrow (PC, 1993) **BRAND NEW** Sealed!
1 DAY ONLY New 2015 Club Nintendo Reward Legend of Zelda Pouch Bag Case 3DS
1989 Very Rare Super Mario Bros 2 Jar! Nintendo
E3 Exclusive 2015 Rare Logo pin NEW

Good luck!

Five Nights at Freddys BONNIE ANIMATRONIC MASK costume and More! Five Nights at Freddys BONNIE ANIMATRONIC MASK costume and More!

Good morning VGA readers. Summer has finally arrived and I’ve been balancing between COD and rollerblading in the sun. I have some interesting auctions up, and my favorite of the bunch, the Five Nights at Freddy Animatronic Mask, how cool is that? If you haven’t played the game, I suggest checking it out. Enjoy the weekend, see you soon!

Video Game Auctions:

– NES Nintendo World Championship Power Fest NWC ORIGINAL Framed Poster And Ticket

– Five Nights at Freddys BONNIE ANIMATRONIC MASK costume

– Final Fantasy XI FF11 Music Box Prelude Square Games/Used/Rare Promo HTF VGA

– Final Fantasy VII 7 – 8 Rare Phone Card Lot ! – Free US Shipping

– Commerative Teemo Statue League of Legends. VERY RARE. SIGNED BY RIOT PRESIDENT

– Sony PlayStation 4 20th Anniversary Edition 500 GB Gray Console Unopened PS4

– Atari Jaguar Bible Huge Collection Lot of Magazine Pages Two 3 Inch Binders Full

– Shadow of the Colossus Kotobukiya Coldcast statue cold cast figure with box

– Framed Raiden Art Folder SIGNED By Hideo Kojima And Others MGS Metal Gear SDCC


– Super Starfox Weekend Competition Jacket SNES Game SUPER RARE Unused! Mint! SNES

– Signed Devil’s Kiss Ken Levine ONLY 50 MADE

– Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Tire Valve Set GTA V Golf Club Timer Rockstar Games

Super Mario Bros 3 NES Nintendo Employee Pen, Super Mario Bros 2 Wall Clock, Splatoon Squid Hat and More! Super Mario Bros 3 NES Nintendo Employee Pen, Super Mario Bros 2 Wall Clock, Splatoon Squid Hat and More!

A seller by the name Pierre has submitted a unique item. In his words:  “You are bidding on a super rare limited edition console xbox one – Ryse – Son of Rome. It’s in Mint condition and literally one of a kind. It’s one of the rarest xbox’s. This was a prize for Mountain Dew Every 2 minites contest which more detail can be found here: The console has been customized by the famous factory as both the console and controller have colorware’s logo on them. The console and controller has been painted a beautiful glossy metallic black. The prize package includes a controller, headset, kinect 2, power supply, 14 days xbox live trial, original box and the game Ryse.” For more information click on the link below:

Click here for Xbox Ryse Exclusive Console (Thanks Pierre!)

Rare Video Game Auctions:
Heavenly Sword Concept game art from Ninja theory genuine PS3 very rare A2 print – Thanks Andy!
VTG RARE Super Mario Bros 2 Wall Clock 8.5″ 80s Nintendo NES Toad Luigi Princess
NEW Postcard set of 24 Legend of Zelda Majora’s Mask 3D Nintendo 3DS JAPAN
Final Fantasy Seiko Watch The Spirits Within In Box Complete Brand New
The Legend of Zelda – Majora’s Mask wall ornament decoration
Club Nintendo Donkey Kong Poster Set Rare New
Super Mario Bros 3 NES Nintendo Employee Pen Promotional Promo Advertising
Assassin’s Creed unity Wooden Music Box New Never Played Rare
Star Fox Adventures Limited Edition Bobblehead Resin Statue (Nintendo Gamecube)
Hyrule Warriors Treasure Chest Music Box Limited Legend of Zelda Musou Nintendo
BIOHAZARD HDD Bay Cover Black Playstation 4 PS4 Sony JAPAN Import RARE
Super smash bros Wii U Poster Magnet Zelda Super Mario Metroid Starfox 3ds Nes
Call of Duty Black Ops 3 III PROMO Game Art Poster Cube Box
LEGEND OF ZELDA OFFICIAL BAG Nintendo World store RARE Link Bag Zelda ocarina
Nintendo NES Limited Edition Commemorative Super Mario 2X Shirt
NEW Halo 4 Exclusive Limited Edition Lithograph Rare item
Club Nintendo Limited Official Tenugui Hand Towel Super Mario Made in japan
Club Nintendo Limited Official DS 3DS Card Case Yossy Yoshi
New Official Nintendo Rare Splatoon Squid Hat – Orange
Super Smash Bros. Official Soundtrack (2 Disc Set)

Good luck!

Final Fantasy Collectibles, Heavenly Sword Concept Game Art Final Fantasy Collectibles, Heavenly Sword Concept Game Art

Good morning VGA readers. A quick post coming your way this weekend. We have a bunch of Final Fantasy collectibles worth a look, especially the original Highwind going on auction out of the UK. We also have the Heavenly Sword Concept Game Art auction submitted to us so fans of Heavenly Sword, don’t miss out! Enjoy the weekend and see you next week :)

Video Game Auctions:

– Final Fantasy VII 7 – 8 Rare Phone Card Lot ! – Free US Shipping

– Final Fantasy Complete Set of UFO Chocobo Plush Green Black Blue US SELLER

– Final Fantasy FF Chrome Figure Sabotender Used No Box Serial No.0596

– SUPER MARIO WORLD Original Soundtrack OST CD snes nes

– Final Fantasy VII 7 DigiCube Limited Edition Original Soundtrack Complete

– Final Fantasy VII 7 1997 HighWind Limited Edition Cold Cast Statue No. 275/300

– LOT OF12 Final Fantasy 10 Master Creatures complete+ Dark Bahamut & Florl Yuna

– Rare Sony PlayStation Advertisement Display from Pepsi 1997

– Final Fantasy VII 7 Store Display Cloud Standee Playstation Square-Soft Pepsi

Vintage retro Donkey kong country vinyl banner store display for snes


– Heavenly Sword Concept game art from Ninja theory genuine PS3 very rare A2 print

– Nintendo Game Boy Advance SP Donkey Kong Limited Edition Rare

Beautiful Heavenly Sword Concept Game Art from Ninja Theory – PS3 Beautiful Heavenly Sword Concept Game Art from Ninja Theory – PS3

Today we have an interesting auction submitted by our friend Andy (thanks bud!). He has a beautiful lithograph from Heavenly Sword. It’s a super rare piece and I’m SHOCKED that there’s only one bidder for this art work. Andy mentions that the art is “Approximately A2 size from the early PS3 Game Heavenly Sword.The image is of the main character from Heavenly Sword (Nariko) holding the cannon (used in an early part of the game). Concept artist’s signature is at the bottom right of the image (Alessandro “Talexi” Taini).”

He was lucky enough to gain possession of this print which was used around the studio whilst the game was in production (some time in 2006). It may have been set in a display for some of the local developer exhibitions around the time of pre/post release. The item is in excellent condition, I have had it stored away for almost a decade now. As far as Andy knows, there were only around 20 prints made for the purposes explained above, so there won’t be many more of them around! If there are it’s probably fake!

Link to auction

Good luck!

Capcom Biohazard Resident Evil Mo Disk Key, Official Super Mario Shoes, Legend of Zelda Stuff and More! Capcom Biohazard Resident Evil Mo Disk Key, Official Super Mario Shoes, Legend of Zelda Stuff and More!

We have a nice line-up of video game auctions to show you today! Bunch of newly released stuff like the LE Zelda gold puzzle which I haven’t seen before (haven’t been doing my recon lately :) ) and also a beautiful Resident Evil collector’s item which is the Mo Disk found in the game (forgot which one, but I believe either 2 or 3). There’s also a nice pair of Super Mario by Athletic which were released back in 2007 (8 years ago!). Time flies it’s crazy!

Enjoy the list below. If you have questions or comments then post in the “comment” section! And last but never the least, we do not sell these items :).

Video Game Auctions:
Famitsu Legend of Zelda Original Ocarina – this is one of the highly collectible items from the Zelda franchise. Sure there might be others that are more rare but every Zelda fan should own the official Ocarina by Famitsu brothers.
Super Mario Pin Club Nintendo Gold Color Badge RARE – a nice retro pin from the good ol’ dominant nintendo days of the 80’s and 90’s.
Legend of Zelda Link’s Awakening Map – definitely “framing” worthy!
Ni no Kuni Wrath of the White Witch Limited Collector Wizard’s Coin Mint RARE – If you don’t own the coin this would be your best bet to buy it for cheap. See this in the 50+ area. A beautiful game and even better when you own the swag!
The Legend Of Zelda Adventure Of Link Nes Sealed Nt Case Cdi Snes Club Nintendo
1989 VINTAGE in Box Super Mario Puppet Kooler nintendo collectible cooler – Rare to see this Mario Puppet toy with it’s box. Great price!
Super Mario Yoshi Light Taito NEW Desk Light Collectible JAPAN Figurine
Limited Edition Legacy X Nintendo Mario Shoes made by Run Athletic in 2007 – This would be really cool to own. I’m a size 11 so 10.5 would be a tight fit, but would I wear these if I bought em? Heck no!
Capcom Biohazard Resident Evil 1 2 3 Mo Disk Veronica Zero Key Promo OOP RARE – I’ve never seen this. Never even knew it existed. It’s incredible what pops up on eBay that catches you by surprise. Is it worth $1000? It’s subjective but definitely a cool item nonetheless.
The Legend of Zelda Collector’s Edition Puzzle NEW Hyrule Map 550 pcs Nintendo – yes, not incredibly rare but super cool. I wish they could have done this but in normal poster format that has a limited run. Maybe have gold borders or something like that.
Hyrule Warriors Scarf of Bravely Link Legend of Zelda Cosplay
The Legend Of Zelda Majora’s Mask 3D Collector’s Puzzle Art 550 PCS – I’m see a lot of Zelda puzzles pop up now. Never seen this one…
Super Mario Brothers Million Dollar Bill Nintendo Nes Snes Bros. – This is no official and any collector can see this, however, this is INCREDIBLY COOL! Love that it’s a million dollar bill with all the familiar characters.
SUPER MARIO NINTENDO YOSHI EGG CRACK Vintage Extremely Rare Action Figure Toy – rare Yoshi toy from the Super Mario World days still in new condition and EXCELLENT price. You’d be a fool not to bid on this.
The Legend Of Zelda Majora’s Mask 3-D Promotional Display Poster – Not an original promo from the Majora mask’s N64 days, but still cool to have!
Club Nintendo Super Mario Bros. 25th Anniversary Pin Badge Set
Nintendo F4F Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time Darunia Statue Exclusive #50 – NEW – is this worth $1000?
World Of Nintendo Star Power Mario Limited Edition 1/3000 – Awww… cute Star Mario figure
BRAND NEW SEALED Microsoft Original Xbox Japan 2002 COMPLETE Console NTSC-J – Really cool NOS Xbox Japan console. If this was the US release I’d be all over it (yes I know, the two are exactly the same lol).
Nintendo Mario & Yoshi Keychain Unopened 1993 – Another cool 1993 Super Mario World collectible in a form of a keychain!
GTA V Promo Lot Rare Rockstar – Cool lot to own if you’re a GTA fan.

Good luck!

Nintendo World Championship 1990, Zelda Custom Aquarium Tank and More! Nintendo World Championship 1990, Zelda Custom Aquarium Tank and More!

Good morning VGA readers. It’s starting to get warmer here where I live, summer is literally a few weeks away! In the meantime, I’ve been ranking up in COD: AW and playing arcades in the meantime. I have only 1 auction submitted this week and it’s for the Final Fantasy VIII 8 Ragnarok Ship Color Complete. The other auctions are mainly Fixed listings, but some interesting finds like the Zelda Aquarium, although not authentic, still really cool, so the seller gets a spot on the VGA listing for that. Enjoy your weekend, and see you next week!

Video Game Auctions:

– Nintendo Super Mario Bros Brass Display Rare Internal Award 1985 Only 1 Exists  *Note: I don’t know anything about this piece, but I find anything with “Only 1 Exists” hard to swallow.

Konami Nemesis(Gradius) Arcade game poster 1985. Mint condition

– Hudson Entertainment (Adventure Island, Bomberman, Bonk) Artwork Signed Poster

– SNES Super Nintendo The Legend of Zelda Goddess Of Wisdom New RARE W/ Poster

– ULTRA RARE Beyond the Beyond Playstation Promo Poster PSX Camelot Japan

– Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past 10 Gallon Aquarium – HANDMADE  *Really cool

– Zelda Musou: Hyrule Warriors Treasure Box Collectors Edition Nintendo Wii U RARE

– Zelda Sound & Drama Super Nintendo Original Japanese Soundtrack Complete Mint

– Nintendo 1991 Retail Sales Manual Dealer Price Book Store Sign WON Rare Vintage

– Nintendo Gold cartridge World Championship 1990 mario bro Rare collector quality  *Have these really dropped that much in price? Years ago at $28k and now $5k, not that I would complain anyways if I got $5k if I was one of the lucky guys or gals who picked this up at a garage sale…

– Nintendo World Championship 1990

– Little Samson (Nintendo, 1992)  *This title keeps surprising me with the demand. Years ago as well, this would sell around $400 complete, now, with just the cart, goes for $800+ now and the auction isn’t over.

– White Sony Playstation 4 500 GB PS4 w/ P.T, Destiny, Final Fantasy 14, and more


– Final Fantasy VIII 8 Ragnarok Ship Color Complete