Thursday, July 2, 2015

Legend of Zelda Oil Paintings, Blizzard Employee Jacket, Mega Man 20th Anniversary Copper Statue and More!

Alright gang, been a nice refresh to get away from the computer. Doing posts almost every day is hard especially as you get older (more responsibilities). But the gamer in us comes out and we need to keep this party moving. So the first post for the new year showcases some awesome eBay auctions as […]

Ocarina of Time Puzzle, Grand Theft Auto Matches, Legend of Zelda Christmas Sweater and More!

We have some great items to show you as usual. Most of you probably did your Christmas shopping already so hopefully you have something left to buy some goodies today. Those who are crazy for LOZ, Dragon Age and GTA will be happy to find some awesome items below. We also found other neat items […]

Starfox Toilet Paper, Mega Man 1Up Life Size Pillow, Sega C-Bot Robot Companion and More!

Halloween is approaching and I was trying to find some Halloween themed auction, but as I thought it would be hard to put a theme like this together if we only do auctions that end within 1 day so I just went on with my regular searches. But as always there’s some interesting items ending […]

The Countdown to Wii Begins Watch, Pac Man Ghost Soaps, Nintendo Bubble Gum Dispensers and More!

Super cool Wii Countdown watch! Check out what the sellers says. Link to auction below: “Here we have an opportunity to purchase an extremely rare watch. 1 of only 200 commissioned, they were originally presented to senior figures in the European Press before the launch of the Wii so are extremely rare and very collectible. […]

Wishful Thinking Auctions, Pikmin Figures, Touching is Good DS Hand and More!

Goooood morrrrnnning Vieeeetnaaaam!! – Robin Williams. It’s been a while since I wrote a long, meaningful post as life gets in the way and as you get older you have more responsibilities. But sometimes it’s good to write down whatever is on your mind, and in this case for all good purposes. I just took […]

Bomberman Mini figures, The Last of Us Post Pandemic Edition, Q-Bert 1983 Vintage Plush and More!

Cool Bomberman mini figures! Check out the description below with link to auction: Seller says: “This listing is for a set of 9 Bombermen 1 3/4″ mini figures.  I imported these from Japan back in 2003 to help fill my shelves with video game merchandise, but I must now unfortunately part with them.  These figures […]

PlayStation E3 2014 Wrist Band, Nintendo Famicom 20th Anniversary R.O.B. Robotic Operating Buddy Keychain and More!

Today’s a holiday where I’m at so going to do a quick post. Enjoy! Video Game Auctions: Dreamcast Karaoke Accessories JP GAME New Black Aluminum CAPCOM Flashlight SIGNED Mass Effect 3 photo by actors Mark Meer, Hale, Blum, Sbarge, Baker E3 Wii U Super Smash Bros T-Shirt PS4 Afterglow Bag Playstation Now Shwag Swag 2 […]

Complete Super Smash Bros Collection, Mega Man Air Fresheners and much more!

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Got a good line up of quality auctions to show you guys. Unfortunatly I am doing this post from work on my shitty laptop so I won’t be able to upload images today otherwise it will take me 5 hours to do the post LOL. Enjoy some rarities below! First some user submissions of rare […]

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