Monday, April 21, 2014

Great Auctions Ending Today! Check them out!

Quickly listing all the auctions that are ending today. There’s some cool items here that I’ve never seen before and well worth their asking price. Check em out! Video Game Auctions: SOCOM II US NAVY SEALS PROMO PRESS RELEASE NiGHTS : Journey Of Dreams OST Soundtrack – Import Atari 2600 VCS RAIDERS OF THE LOST […]

ATARI Lighter, BioShock Sander Cohen Studio Statue, Killer Instinct Jacket and More!

March 8, 2014 by  
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“Perhaps the rarest of BioShock collectibles in existence. Irrational artist Robb Waters sculpted the mold and personally signed this statue, number 109 of 110 made. Item is in perfect condition but does not include the original packing foam or blank white box. Made of resin, features fine detail. Bunny mask can be securely fastened on […]

Super Mario Piggy Bank, Killer Instinct Card Pack, Employee Mario Clock and More!

Not a lot to show you today, but some auctions worth checking out especially the Super Mario Piggy Bank in original box. Have fun! Eddie Riggs Brutal Legend Jack Black Limited Edition Statue 2009 Vintage 1981 PAC-MAN VIDEO GAME TRUCKER HAT Mesh Nintendo NES 1989 Vtg Ace Super Mario Bros Brothers Collector Coin Piggy Bank […]

1990 Super Mario Flute, Blip The Video Games Magazine Complete Set, Pac-Man Chair and More!

Hey guys, we try to keep things daily here at Video Game Auctions but sometimes life does get in the way and well, we need to skip a few days here and there. Thankfully today we bring you some posts that you check out. There’s a neat Super Mario flute on eBay right now. It’s […]

Super Mario World Boat, Street Fighter Ryu Official Belt, Midna Custom Cloak and More!

January 25, 2014 by  
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A Super Mario World Boat? Why the heck didn’t we see this in North America? Oh yea, because Japan is so much cooler when it comes to video game collectibles. Anything you can think of was probably made in Japan (to a certain degree). So the SMW boat has a sticker of Luigi, Princess Peach, […]

Vintage Video Game Auctions

American Express has been cluttering up YouTube commercials with it’s 30 second “Small Business Day” vid. Since today’s small business day why not bid on this custom made phoenix wright ornament and help this seller get off on the right foot. Click here for Custom Phoenix Wright Ornaments Other Video Game Auctions: THE KING OF […]

Weird Link Cosplay With Women Mugs? Nintendo World Championships 1990 Shirt Worn by Dudes Brother and Much more!

Good morning VGA readers.  Why hasn’t anyone jumped on the Chrono Cross Poster? It’s an official Chrono Cross Japanese poster that I’ve seen sell over $500 years ago. I am so tempted to buy it myself, but I’ve just spent a WHACK load of dough on auctions in the past 3 months so I definitely need […]

Marios!, Ni No Kuni Poster, Awesome Arkham Statue and More!

Other Video Game Auctions Ending Soon! Nintendo Bronze Mario Award Statue Made By Oscar and Emmy Award Maker R.S. Owens Fallout 3, New Vegas, NCR Ranger, Helmet w/mask unmark, New California republic LARA CROFT TOMB RAIDER IN WET SUIT 9 INCH FIGURE Mint Rock Girl 4 Touhou Arrange Doujin Soundtrack CD NYCC 2013 Legend of […]

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