Monday, December 22, 2014

Brand New! Perfect for Christmas!Officially licensed Minecraft Diamond Ore Light and moooree!!

Hey VGa readers, making a second post as we speak, but you’ll find some cool auctions. I’ve tried to keep the below auctions diversified with a mix of Fan Made collectibles, which from time to time, can be appreciated. I’ve bought fan made stuff before that was to my liking, but don’t confuse it with […]

Super Famicom Controller Factory Parts, F.E.A.R. 3 Press Kit, The Art of Dead Space Limited Edition

It’s always great when the readers here at VGA come across something or have something of their own on auction that is interesting and they ask us to list it in one of our daily posts. Today’s first auction is one such occurrence and I have to say that I’ve never see an auction like […]

Metal Gear Solid Model Kit, Neo Geo Goodies and Much More!

Good afternoon VGA readers. I have a ton of auctions submitted by readers just like you. We always like getting a new mix of auctions to throw in by the viewers. Enjoy the Sunday and see you next time. Video Game Auctions: –┬áMega Man X3 PAL EUR Super Nintendo SNES Megaman X 3 –┬áCall of […]

Official EA Sports 2013 Helmet, Jersey and Towel

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“The official 2013 EA Sports “locker room” display Jersey, helmet and towel. Jersey is size large, helmet has tags still on it. These items were in an enclosed disay in a popular electronics stores gaming department. Never worn, never used. Awesome collectors items!” Click here for auction Tweet

Ratchet & Clank Vinyl Figures, GTA V Collectors Box, Mega Man X Battle Network Legends Bobbleheads and More!

Insomniac came out with these really cool Ratchet & Clank Vinyl Figures which were limited edition of “315 made for the employees of Insomniac Games. These figures were made in 2009 or there abouts by Creature Box. Ratchet is Approx. 9.5″ and Clank is approx. 6″ tall (I cannot remove from the package so measurements […]

Sonic The Hedgehog Animation Cel 1 of Only 3, 1988 Punch Out Snow Hat, Asteroids Vinyl Record

Today’s first auction is one of only 3 animation cels from the Sonic the Hedgehog cartoon which features all of the characters. The other two, the seller explains, are in the animation studio involved and in the offices of Tom K. It’s a very rare collectible and a few bids are already in. If you […]

Super Smash Bros Brawl Tournament Mario Swarovski Crystal Wii Grand Prize

Back in 2008 a Nintendo backed Super Smash Bros Brawl tournament took place and the prize given to the grand champion was a crystal encrusted Nintendo Wii. It was one of only two ever made and it is now on eBay for one wealthy gaming collector. The other crystal Wii which had a Zelda design […]

Bioshock Infinite Boardwalk Print Limited 100, Blizzard and Atari Jackets

Regular readers here at VGA have probably noticed several of the Devil’s Kiss Vigor bottles that have been signed that were up on auction. It’s remarkable how many of the 50 signed ones are still trading hands on eBay to this day. Is it really possible that less than 50 collectors out there actually want […]

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