Chrono Cross Kotobukiya Statue, Fatal Fury Hat, Mighty No. 9 Xel Plush Package and More! #megaman #chronocross #game #fatalfury #plush #nintendo #supermario #doom


Pretty cool Mighty No. 9 plushie! It’s too bad the game didn’t pan out the way we all hoped for. So much build up, so much interest and yet they fall through in the end. The game wasn’t a total bust, however, for the amount of time invested in the game you’d figure Keigi Inafune would have put out something that rivaled the Mega Man games. Instead he stopped putting effort halfway through the project to focus on another game. Ah well. Description from auction:

“On offer is a rare Kickstarter-exclusive Mighty No. 9 Xel plush. This was an exclusive preorder bonus for those who preordered Mighty No 9 through the Kickstarter at the $500 level The plush is still sealed in its original bag and has never been taken out.”

Click here for Mighty No. 9 Xel Plush Package

Other Rare Game:
Nintendo Mario Grow Mushroom Blanket Crocheted hand made video game fan art
Vintage Super Mario Bros. Nintendo Pins 1989
Tom Clancy Division USB Flash 16 Gb
Lunar Silver Star Story Ghaleon Punching Puppet Preoder PROMO Figure
Pandoras box god of war box only
Gears of War 4 Military Challenge Coin
Vintage Super Mario Bros Hologram Lenticular Wallet 1990 Nintendo
Call Of Duty MW2 Night Vision Goggles, Infinity Ward, Modern Warfare 2
Zero Escape 3 Zero Time Dilemma Watch
SNK Fatal Fury King of Fighters Hat Red Trucker Terry Bogard
Chrono Cross Kotobukiya statue LYNX 1:8 scale cold cast statue MINT in box
Doom Cacodemon Coin Bank Toys Collectible

Good luck!

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PlayStation VR Reviews 3

VGA PlayStation VR Review – Virtual Reality


Well well well, the time has come to do a formal review of the PlayStation VR. I’m sure you’ve read countless of reviews by now, but this is a special review as it’s from us :).

Many of you might ask how I was able to get the VR system since it was sold out. Well, I have a little secret to share. One of my friends has a neat little trick when it comes to Amazon. It’s literally called “Take a day off work” trick lol. Basically he was able to secure two systems, one for himself and one for my review.


Upon setting up the VR system, I noticed how many wires needed to be plugged into the system, into the outlet, and into the VR headset. The setup will literally take you 30+ minutes to set it up properly. Once setup, you’ll need to go to Settings—> Devices—> PlayStation—> VR, and check how to measure & adjust your eye-to-eye distance. What this does is eliminate the blur you get during your experience. We had two people try it, one person who does not require glasses to play and the other person who needs glasses. In both cases the game was blurry. For example, if a player picked up a piece of paper from the ground and read the sheet, they wouldn’t be able to read the text on the paper as it was blurry. Fixing the settings to capture true eye-to-eye fixed this issue. Of course there’s the usual suspect of dirty lenses, but who makes the lenses dirty on the first day?

Once all of that is done, you’ll need to auto-adjust your controls to make sure the reader connects to the controls. This is easily done as the system walks you through the steps on screen. Once everything is setup you’re good to go!

-Please read this over and over again till you understand.

The VR set is very fragile. What I mean by this is that you just can’t put it on and take it off as you please. There’s specific sequences you need to take in order to put on or remove the head set without breaking it. I mean it won’t break with just a flick of a finger, however, if you forcefully remove the headset you can crack it (it has already been reported by a few reviewers). I have taken a two step process that I use personally, and in no way recommend or advocate this process. Using the process below is completely at your own discretion and I won’t be held responsible for anything that might break.

Step 1: There’s a solid top part of the set. I always grab the top part while using my other hand to slide the front goggle out. See picture below:


Step 2: Again, I start by holding the solid part at the top, then move onto adjusting the back of the headset. See picture below:



Again, you need to figure out on your own how to put on the VR set and how to remove it. These are the two steps I personally take and works for me. Once you have put on the headset properly, you can tighten the back and adjust the front to be closer to your face. Now there has been review where people say they can still see the bottom of the ground, but this is because A). they did not adjust the front properly, or B). They wear glasses (yes, you still need to wear glasses as if you’re watching TV) and need to touch-up the plastic rubber protectors to point “downwards”. Now I tried the VR without glasses and I was fine (eye-sight wise), and the VR set fit like a glove. I didn’t see any open spaces and it was just totally bad ass. However, this might be compromised slightly if you wear glasses as mentioned above.

Now onto the gameplay! At first you’ll notice that the graphics are not up-to-par with what we’re use to now. However, it sort of brings you back to the PS2 days. Some games have pretty decent graphics, but in general you won’t get the kind of graphics you’re use to on your PS4 or Xbox One (however, playing Resident Evil 7 blew me away and the graphics were insane). Sorry, I went off topic. So my first impression is WOW! You really feel like you are in the “creepy room” in the game, or talking to some in first person. When you look left or right, or even BEHIND YOU you’re able to see a full world. It’s quite incredible. When you look down you’re able to see your “virtual” self. As well, you’re able to see your arms if you expend out (of course you need the VR accessories for this).

Despite what some people say as “inaccurate readings” from the VR controllers, I had the opposite experience. I was able to blow away enemies when I pointed to them, I was able to reload and move my arms and never noticed a delay/lag. Looking left and right also had no delays. I was quite impressed given that the only other motion-controllers I ever had was the Nintendo Wii LOL. So a big improvement and very fun to use. You’re also able to use the regular ps4 controller (not the two sticks) which is also smooth and easy to use. No complaints about that.

There is also a cool safety feature that pops up and reminds you to take a break from the VR system as you can’t really play more than 1 hour as you’ll get tired fast. But that wasn’t the case for me hehe. Once again, I’m not health & safety specialist and only recommend doing what the system tells you.

Overall my experience has been excellent. I would definitely recommend this to a friend. The games that will be coming out are mind boggling, and the VR already has some awesome games in their line-up. Definitely an experience you can’t miss!

Click here if you want to buy your own PSVR. I see sellers are actually listing them lower than what they paid, probably hoping to get a bidding war in place.

Featured Sonic The Hedgehog

Rare Cel set for Sonic the Hedgehog, Clay Fighter Sculptor Cut, And Lots of Other Goodies!!

sonic-cel-art Sega

So the PlayStation VR was released today. I pre-ordered mine so I am safe with my copy. Hopefully some of you also preordered it because it’s sold out and really freaking hot right now! But, searching on eBay I see many VR auctions with no bids on em. Strange as you’d think everyone would be fighting over them. I mean the only reason Mark Zuckerberg of FB purchased the Oculus VR system is because he actually tried the PSVR first and was blown away by what it does.

Anyhow, the point is that although it’s VR day, I’m still going to show some bad ass auctions! Gears of War 4 was released last week so there’s some pretty decent auctions to mention today such as some life-size lancers (both regular and retro). Lots of rare games including Clay Fighter: Sculptor’s Cut which was a Blockbuster Exclusive. For those who don’t know the rarity of this item, means you haven’t done your Google searches. One of the rarest games out there because it was a store exclusive, so you weren’t able to find this game anywhere, as well they were produced in lower numbers than a game that would be distributed worldwide.

Click here for Clay Fighter: Sculptor’s Cut Blockbuster Exclusive

As well, this incredibly rare Cel set for Sonic the Hedgehog. The seller sold a bunch of original Sonic cels last year and had other paraphneilia from Sega which I’m not sure if he still has. But here’s the complete auction description for the Sonic Cel auction:

“You are bidding on an EXTREMELY rare set of hand painted Sonic The Hedgehog (SATAM) Saturday Morning Sonic animation reference cels.  These are painted to give the artists a reference point with the characters.

These are all hand painted – I am limited by the 12 picture max ebay has – but see the last image where I show the back of one of these – they are all like this – Hand painted on clear transparency, not copies or photocopies. They are each 8.5 by 11 inches
The set is 15 different cels.  Some look similar but you will notice they are variations – for example, the darker colors might be a “night” version of the character – 
You will receive:
Rotor (Waving)
Tails (x2) Day and Night
Sally (x2) Color Variations
rotor w Hammer (x2) Color Variations
Dulcy (x2) Color Variations
and Robotnik
Everyone who collects Sonic or animation art knows how rare SATAM items are – I dont want to break up the set yet, as I think it should stick together.”

Other Video Game Auctions:
Turbografx 16 CIB lot Splatterhouse Blazing Lazers Legendary Axe 2 II Bomberman
Disney Duck Tales Remastered Scrooge Mc Duck Pin E3
Gears of war retro lancer
Gears of War cleaver
Nintendo NES Video Game Mario Coffee Table Drawer Cartridge unique
Gears Of War 2 Lanser Replica
Vintage Panasonic 3DO Game gun Orange New sealed Rare
ULTRA RARE Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess Gold Foil Complete Set G1-G9
Titanfall Collectors edition statue
Activision Short Order Squad Patch — FREE SHIPPING to US addresses
Nintendo Nes Lighted Sign
Nintendo Super Mario Bros. Ice Cube Tray Arcade Block Video Game Collectible NEW
Sonic the Hedgehog Vinyl Stickers Arcade Block
Street Fighter Sushi Set – Arcade Block Exclusive
Donkey Kong Jr Card Lot

Good luck!

The Legend Of Zelda Vectrex

Vintage GCE Vectrex Game Watches, Star Fox Competition Cart, Metal Gear Solid Auctions and More! #metalgearsolid #mgs #vectrex #nintendo #starfox #snes #supernintendo


Today’s post has a mix of rare and obscure items. Auction I want to touch on is a bunch of Vintage GCE Vectrex Game Watches. Some of you older gamers can appreciate auctions like this. To the newer generation of collectors these are just regular watches. But to retro gamers these watches were revolutionary back then and such a luxury to have. As simple as they may be, not everyone ws able to afford these. This is what the seller wrote in the description:

“WOW FOR YOU! This is TRULY a ONCE in a LIFETIME opportunity to acquire ALL THREE game watches created by GCE, the company that was way ahead of its time (or maybe a bit late) creating these and the amazing Vectrex Game System. These are from my private collection and can now be part of yours! This auction is for all three of the arcade watches created by GCE in 1982. This auction includes: Game-time – Arcade-Time and Sports-Time all in original boxes with original instructions and inserts. All are tested and working. Each has that crazy hexogonal box shape and back-flap/fold in immaculate shape, No tears or wear on boxes, truly collection and show off material. I’ve got some more vintage GCE stuff this week, check my other listings! Coming from a closed/smoke-free environment. Any questions please ask!”

Currently the bid is at $999 with 1 day left. Click here for Vectrex Watches

Other Rare Game:
Metal Gear Solid Figure Collection 12” Inch SET KONAMI Hideo Kojima PlayStation
Fallout 3 New Vegas Weathered StimPack Prop
Biohazard 2 Prologue of Terrors Resident Evil Book VERY RARE
Nintendo action figure video games mario sonic zelda donkey kong lot collection
Vintage Legend of Zelda trash can garbage pail 1988 Nintendo
Donkey Kong action figure Funky NIB
SquareSoft The Bouncer / Final Fantasy IX 9 Small Holographic Publicity Stand
Nintendo Mario Marbles (CUSTOM!)
XNY Metal Gear Solid V Limited Edition Watch #83
XNY Metal Gear Solid V Limited Edition Watch #66
Dragon Quest Ⅱ 2 Sound CD Japan Very Rare
Lot of 9 NINTENDO 64 Beanie Plush Mario Yoshi Toad DK Bowser Wario Luigi 4511
Destiny Ghost Edition Statue REPLICA ONLY Collector Limited Out Of Print Rare
HALO 3 BUNGIE #11 Staff Autographed Signed Helmet New Video Game XBOX 4 Destiny
DUCKTALES GOLD Remastered CAPCOM Complete TIMEWALK Press Kit Lunchbox RARE – Another one up for auction! Remember when sellers were asking $10+ for them?
Star Fox Super Weekend (Not for Resale), Cartridge Only, Super Nintendo SNES

Good luck!


Incredibly Rare Video Game Auctions! For Serious Collectors Only… #videogame #videogames #nintendo #gamecollection #game #games #auction #auctions #nes #snes #lunar


You read it right ladies and Gentleman…. I’m not screwin around today. In today’s post you’ll find some of the rarest, most sought out video games in collecting to date. We got rarities, oddities and plain straight up crazy items in today’s auction post. I wanted to look deep into the “game” side of collecting since it’s been a while since I’ve done that.

If you magically have deep pockets overnight, then perhaps you might want to take some of these auctions seriously and add them to your watch list as they are about to expire either today or tomorrow. We got some rare Nintendo games like Flintstones surprise at dino peak, Action 52 Complete in Box, Bubble Bobble Part 2 and more! I also spotted a nice Duck Tales Remastered Gold Cart that people were asking $10,000 for in it’s initial release (mind you, it wasn’t for sale, you had to enter a contest for it).

As well, we got your obscure items as well so please check out the list below! I promise you’ll find something interesting!

Rare Game Auctions:
Sega Sonic the Hedgehog Shampoo Bath Game RARE Kids Choice 1998 10 Fl Oz Gaming
Street Fighter Chun-Li Emerald City Comic-Con 2010 Limited Edition Print #1/250
Mega Man 15th Anniversary Cloth Wall Scroll
Squaresoft Chrono Cross Promotional Clock
Final Fantasy VII Collector’s Edition Prepaid Phone Card (Best Buy Exclusive) – These never show up with the back card!
Lunar Key Chains! Complete Set! SEALED and ULTRA RARE!!! – Wow, never seen a full complete set. Incredibly rare! Seller says: “Up for auction is the complete set of six key chains from the Lunar video game for the Sega CD, Playstation, and Saturn. The only way to get these was from vending machines in Japan so completes, sealed sets are incredibly rare. You get Alex w/ Nall, Luna, Althena, Dark Althena, Hiro w/ Ruby, and Lucia. All six are sealed and in excellent condition.”
Five Nights At Freddy’s Toy Freddy Mask – For Halloween folks!
Toy Bonnie Mask Five Nights At Freddy’s FNAF
Nintendo Promo 1990 Press Kit E3 CES Employee Promotional Binder Display Vintage
Extremely Rare Kingdom Hearts Vending Machine Display from Japan
Final Fantasy VII 7 Carddass Masters Gold Promo CardsThanks Pedro!
Genuine 1992 LITTLE SAMSON Game Cartridge RARE NES NTSC Authentic Original US
2013 PROMO NINTENDO NES DUCKTALES REMASTERED GOLD PRESS KIT CAPCOM FROM TIMEWALK – 2013 promotional Nintendo (NES) Ducktales Remastered Gold Press Kit  lunchbox from Timewalk. This kit is an artist proof, 150 limited edition press kits. The promo Ducktales kit, commissioned by CapCom from Timewalk Games, contains a special  gold-colored NES cartridge of the Ducktales NES game, fun promotional items and packed in a special Ducktales metal lunchbox loaded with US shredded money.
Flintstones surprise at dino peak NES
Action 52 (NES 1991) CIB complete with sticker & styrofoam 9 pieces Nintendo
NES Nintendo snes zelda super nintendo system NEAR MINT CONDITION 100% COMPLETE
Bubble Bobble Part 2 (Nintendo, NES) Cart Only – Authentic – Cleaned – Tested
Star Fox Zero Limited Edition Fox McCloud Stone 8″ Statue Free Shipping
Naughty Bear Statue! Killer Bear XBOX 360 PS3. Ultra Rare. Video Game Collector

Good luck!

#videogame #videogames #nintendo #gamecollection #game #games #auction #auctions #nes #snes #lunar #Halo #starfox #supernintendo
#neogeo #finalfantasy #action52

Featured Limited Edition Merchandise

Legend of Zelda II 2 The Adventure of Link NES SAMPLE PROTOTYPE Nintendo and More! #prototype #nintendo #link #zelda #adventure


Hello all. It’s been a while since I made a post on here. It’s been a very hectic month and to be quite frank, I wasn’t able to even consider making a post due to the amount of work involved in my personal life. But the tidal wave has passed and I can continue to resume posts on VGA :).

The featured auction is for a prototype (or sample?) Legend of Zelda II for the NES (Adventure of Link). Submitted by Scott (thanks!), this auction has now passed the $500 mark. In order not to paraphrase too much, I figured it be best to just paste the description here since the seller did a nice job detailing the auction:


I am selling a recently re-discovered item from my NES collection. This is an ULTRA RARE sample / prototype copy of The Legend of Zelda II: The Adventure of Link for the Nintendo Entertainment System.

This cartridge was given to me in the fall of 1988 by a family friend who worked at Nintendo of America in Redmond, WA. It is a complete or near-complete NA version of the game as I played through it as a child and did beat it. The cartridge still works (see pictures) and the battery backup is still functioning as my original saves are still there (see pictures). I do not know the exact history of where in NoA this cart came from, only that it was given to me pre-NA release and it has been in my parents attic for the last 20+ years.

I had intended to have VGA verify this before posting, however, they are no longer verifying samples/prototypes.

You may notice that ‘Nintendo’ is spelled wrong on the label (Nintedo). This appears to be a somewhat regular mis-print of genuine Nintendo samples/prototypes. If you look on Google or Ebay, you will find other cartridges with this same misprint.

I do not know if the chip/board for this unit is the same as the NA retail or if it is unique as I have no way to personally verify the bits. However, I am 100% confident that this cart came from NoA and neither the case nor board have ever been the retail version of the game.

I think that’s about it, let me know what other information I can provide and I am happy to provide as much information as possible.

Thanks & please let me know if you have any questions

I’ve seen prototypes on ebay before and although I don’t feel there’s many prototype collectors as there once was (probably due to how expensive it gets to acquire one), I’ve seen a drop in price for proto’s. However, proto’s like The Legend of Zelda II will not end low as it’s a grade A game. Proto’s of lesser known games are obviously less desirable so I’d be shocked if the LOZII game ends at the current bid. Always interesting to see what the ending price will be.

Click here for Legend of Zelda II 2 The Adventure of Link NES SAMPLE PROTOTYPE Nintendo

Other Rare Video Game Auctions:
EA Sports Games promo Large Inflatable Hand very Rare
Pac Man Original Arcade Shower Curtain Video Game Atari Namco Pac
GTA Grand Theft Auto V Rockstar Golf Club Promo
Mario Brothers Atlas Edition Quiz Cards 325 Cards Box Dividers
5 Pac Man Fun Points Tickets, 1995, Namco
Donkey Kong Party Makers 6 Medallion Blowouts, MIP 1996
Sony Playstation PS1 Diamond Award for NFL Game Day 98
Sony Playstation PS1, PS2. PS3, PS4, CLOCK, VERY RARE, HTF
Nintendo Notes From Hyrule 2-Pack Magnetic Sheets With Erasable Marker Zelda
“EARTHWORM JIM” Art Print – video game – sega genesis
Wrath Unleashed lapel Pin Lucas Arts numbered limited edition
Star Wars Rebal Assualt LucasArts Promo Video Game Set

Good luck!

Merchandise 1

Atari 2600 XANTE Worm War 1 – Extremely Rare R10 Video Game Holy Grail #atari #xante #wormwar #videogame #game #nintendo #gamecollect #holygrail

Atari 2600 XANTE Worm War 1 extremely rare R10

Hey all! Today is going to be a quick post. Apologies for the speedy post, but it’s a very busy month for me and hopefully I can get some posts in. Nonetheless, whatever I posted will ALWAYS have some goodies :). Check em out!

Atari 2600 XANTE Worm War 1 extremely rare R10 video game holy grail – ultra super duper incredibly rare! Thanks T Sal!
Sonic The Hedgehog Exclusive Badge
The Legend of Zelda : Green Rupee with Display Stand – super cool!
Legend Of Zelda Club Nintendo Messenger Bag – fake?
Mario Puppet Kooler – Nintendo NES Vintage 1989 Merchandise
Playstation 2 Branded Pencil Cup and Pencil – RARE promotional item
Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Sentinel Black Baseball Flex Cap Hat OFFICIAL NEW
Metal Gear Rising PS3 Collector’s Edition Soundtrack Plasma Lamp
ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK CD Assassin’s Creed Syndicate edition promo limited big ben

Good luck!

#atari #xante #wormwar #videogame #game #nintendo #gamecollect #holygrail

Japan Import Posters

Rare Video Game Posters! #nintendo #gameposters #videogameposters #posters #supermariobros #supermario

Saturn Bomberman Fight!!! Sega Saturn B2 Promo Poster 2

Some of the rarest video game posters come from Japan. Why is that you ask? Because the posters are only available in Japan lol. And also because 99% of the time the artwork or presentation is completely different from what you see in North America / Europe. So for example, a Castlevania Symphony of the Night poster in North America showcases Dracula’s castle in a dark setting (yes, it’s super cool). But the Japanese version of the game has this beautiful painting-like artwork that’s memorizing, and many collectors seek the original SOTN poster from Japan because most hardcore collectors consider the posters from Japan to be the first prints of the game, while the N.American posters are 2nd waves (obviously because they are released later).

Nonetheless, it depends on the taste of the collector. Some collectors only buy N.American posters, others buy both or just Japanese posters. I myself like to buy both as there’s a different flavor from a favorite game.

Seller 201itachi has a bunch of rare video game posters up for sale right now on eBay. Ranging from Metal Slug to Super Mario Bros., there’s a nice variety of posters in his store. So if you’re looking to find some Japanese posters to add to your collection look no further!

If you want to check it out, click here for rare Japanese video game posters. The seller also has an Instagram account as well where he showcases his beautiful collection as well as post items for sale! Check him out and please follow!

Good luck!