Ratchet and Clank Carbonox Statue, Super Mario Christmas Wrapping and More! #RatchetandClank #statue #supermario #nintendo #nes #snes #game

Ratchet and Clank Carbonox Statue

Quick post for today, but some goodies here. All auctions are ending today so don’t wait if you need to add any of these to your collection!

Good luck!

Rare Game Auctions:
Ratchet and Clank Carbonox Statue
Vintage 1998 Nintendo 64 Power Zelda Pocket Watch BD&A
Nintendo DS Promotion Mannequin Hand Touching is Good
Legend Of Zelda Windwaker HD LED Watch Rare Brand New Link
Left 4 Dead 2 Baseball Bat
Space shuttle project Nes game
Super Mario & Luigi Happy Holidays Christmas Gift Wrap w Ribbon Wrapping Paper
Super Mario Bros. Happy Holidays Christmas Gift Wrap w Ribbon Peach & Bowser
Super Metroid Nintendo Super Famicom SFC Handbill Flyer Poster Art Samus
Five Nights at Freddys Funko Pen Set 12 pcs 2 of Each Character With Retail Case
1993 Nintendo Mario pog set of 9 – RARE! Great condition
Nintendo Products Guide for 1996 VERY RARE SALESMAN FIELD GUIDE

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Apps Featured

Sweet Jump – New Arcade App for Android (DOWNLOAD NOW!)

Sweet Jump Arcade Mobile App Android Google Play Gumshoe Apps

Hey everyone. Thought it would be nice to help my cousin out who just created her first app titled “Sweet Jump”. It’s available on the Google Play Store and if you can download it now that would be great. The physical link below:

I know she’s been working on this for the past 4 months and to be honest it looks pretty damn nice for a first app. I never realized how much work is involved in getting an app ready but seems she knows what she’s doing :). Basically it’s a fast-action platform game where you need to time your jumps in order to pass the tree branches that come from the sides. The idea is to escape a flood in the city and collect gold stars while reaching level 300.

Anyone who plays a lot of mobile apps will probably want to know what kind of achievements there are. I basically just copied and pasted what my cousin put in her store listing below.

★★ Achievements in Game Services ★★

Level 1 – 20 jumps and your reward is 50 POINTS (Sweet Cake Reward)
Level 2 – 40 jumps and your reward is 80 POINTS (Red Jewel Reward)
Level 3 – 80 jumps and your reward is 120 POINTS (Gold Star reward)
Level 4 – 150 jumps and your reward is 150 POINTS (Trophy Reward)
Level 5 – 200 jumps and your reward is 200 POINTS (Gold Badge Reward)

Hopefully you guys can support her by downloading the app and playing! Any kind reviews will be greatly appreciated. It’s the least I can ask of you guys for providing weekly auction posts LOL. Thanks everyone. Enjoy!


Nintendo Employee 1987 Binder, Bomberman 64 The Second Attack and More! #nintendo #bomberman #n64 #snes #supermario #megaman #rockman #nes

nintendo entertainment system merchandisers manual guide nes

Today’s post is pretty much Nintendo prominent. But who doesn’t love Nintendo? 🙂

One of the auctions right now is for a really cool Nintendo Employee 1987 Merchandiser manual. What’s cool about this binder is that it shows the potential in-store displays you could order from Nintendo if you had a shop. Check out the Mike Tyson’s Punch Out standee and the Legend of Zelda counter stop display (btw, I’ve never seen this before!).

From the auctions description:

“This is a Nintendo Merchandiser’s Manual from 1987-1988. It contains Nintendo Fun Club News issues 1, 2, 4 and 6, which have been 3-hole punched on the sides so they could be put into the binder.

It also has some very rare documents from the Nintendo Fun Club.

The binder includes full service and repair manuals for the Nintendo M8 and M82 display units.

This binder and it’s contents were used by a Nintendo employee while performing their work. Some parts of it are slightly soiled, and some pages have small tears. A couple of the staples in one of the full-color inserts have come loose. A few of the pages have writing or highlighting done by the employee who owned this binder.

The full contents of the binder are listed below, separated into different sections, which are highlighted in red.”

If you’re interested in this auction, check out the Nintendo Binder here.

Other Video Game Auctions:
Rare Pre Release Nintendo Donkey Kong Country 2 longsleeve XL T-Shirt

Super Mario Bros RARE Vintage 1988 Mario Plush ACME Toy Doll Nintendo NES

Vintage Nintendo Super Mario Strips Bandages Sterile-Non-Stick Pad

The 100 Greatest Console Video Games 1977-1987 Brett Weiss Signed CGE L.E. NEW

Famicom Rockman Megaman 1 2 3 4 5 6 Set Japan FC NES

Rare Nintendo Donkey Kong 64 100 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle 1999 Rose Art COMPLETE Nice

Tiger Electronics Handheld Game LCD – Sega Nights into Dreams

1988 Nintendo SUPER MARIO BROS. 36 Stickers SEALED

Nintendo Repair Center Guide Directory

Grand Theft Auto V Promo Dog Collar & leash Rockstar GamesNever Used

Nintendo Pocket Knife Golf Tool~RARE

Nintendo Vintage Director Foldable Chair- Wood with Fabric seat & Back – Rare

Yoshitaka Amano Book – The Complete Prints (2003/Japanese) – Final Fantasy – FF

Rare Nintendo Rain Shower Pocketsize Game & Watch LP57 Original 1983

Super Nintendo SNES game lot

Bomberman 64 The Second Attack Nintendo 64, 2000 N64 Nintendo with Box Rare

SNES Super NES Nintendo Big Huge Lot of 100 Vintage Classic rare Games Mario RPG

Good luck!


Nintendo Power Super Mario Shoes, Splatoon Trucker Hats and More! #Nintendo #Nintendpower #SuperMario #Splatoon #gaming #gamecollection #NES

vintage nintendo power kids super mario bros tennis shoes 1989

Looks like today we have a bizarre item. I say it’s bizarre because of the price lol, but it’s actually a pretty cool piece. Someone managed to find some old Super Mario Nintendo Power shoes from when they were a kid.

Yup, the velcro, art fading, dirty insoles with a little red over the words “Super Mario” leaves this item to be quite the site for gamers who grew up the the 80’s/90’s.

Maybe not so much towards the late 90’s, but say you had these pairs back in 1991 and you were walking to school with them you felt like YOU WERE KING. Have beef on the playground with Billy? No problem! Fellow grade schoolers would come to your aid because you were “known” as the Nintendo Shoe Kid. You were super cool and had instint fame. I remember one of my friends had a Mario school bag. EVERYONE wanted to know him after because it was so cool back then. Who knows, maybe now Super Mario is replaced by Pokemon in the playground. But all I know is that the power was so great back then if you had anything nintendo (hence Nintendo Power baby).

On top of that, not much written in the description of the seller. Just a typical one liner with a high price tag.

Click here for Super Mario Nintendo Power shoes

Other Game Auctions:
SDCC 2015 Nintendo Splatoon Red Trucker Hat Tournament Exclusive Very Rare
SDCC 2015 Nintendo Splatoon Green Trucker Hat Tournament Exclusive Very Rare
Zelda 2 Promo Sign 1989 –Rare – Adventure of Link Promo Nintendo E3
Vintage Super Rare 1982 Nintendo Donkey Kong promo Beach Towel feat. Mario
1992 vintage SUPER MARIO BROS copywrite CALCULATOR Nintendo European RARE Europe
CES 1990 Promotional Mega Man Hat Orange – Capcom Nintendo NES Promo – RARE E3
CES 1990 Promotional Mega Man Hat Pink – Capcom Nintendo NES Promo – RARE E3
Lot of 5 Super Mario 64 3-D 3D Nintendo Trading Cards Kelloggs Bowser Boo N64 96
2000 Nintendo VideoGame Superstars ZELDA and IMPA on horse MOC
Might & Magic Cloth Map
Nintendo Famicom Wars Promo VHS Video
Konami Metal Gear Solid 4 Ga-ko Alarm Clock
Very Rare, Exclusive, Sony PlayStation 2 989 Sports Blow-up Inflatable Chair
Sonic The Hedgehog 2 Store Display Poster Sign Promo Promotional Sega Genesis
1976 Entex Tele-Pong
Super Mario Bros Stained Glass 3D Shadow Box Snes Super Nintendo
Legend of Zelda Stained Glass Collection Set of 3 – 3D Shadow Box Framed Art

Good luck!

Nintendo (NES)

$35,000 1990 Nintendo World Championships NWC Employee Jumpsuit #NWC #Nintendo #1990 #NES #NintendoWorldChampionships

1990 Nintendo World Championships NWC NES Event Employee Jumpsuit featured

Alright ladies and gentlemen. We got a pretty historic piece up on ebay now. If you’re a true game then you know what NWC stands for. Adding the year 1990 should be a dead giveaway.

Yes… NWC stands for Nintendo World Championships.

No, I’m not talking about the one from 2015. I’m talking about the ORIGINAL event. The one from 1990.

So here’s the thing. I always stumble upon some pretty cool stuff on ebay that is either from the actual 1990 event or somehow references it. Well today I stumbled upon a FREAKING EMPLOYEE NWC JUMPSUIT!

Sorry for the caps :).

Now I know all you retro gamers have your jaws dropped to the ground. But for all you new gamers who are not turned on by this piece, let’s just say that this jumpsuit is from a magical time unlike no other. A time where spirits roamed free, people dressed in weird clothing and didn’t care what you thought. A time where Saturday morning cartoons was an event in itself and where your local movie rental store would make a big deal when a new video game came out.

I’m talking about a scared period in time here. Well this “jump suit” is from that freaking time man! The jump suit represents innocence, fun, excitement, and something more than you or I can comprehend. That jump suit was worn at the coolest video game event in history. Who knows, perhaps the jumpsuit is filled with hidden secrets. Perhaps there’s still that ketchup and mustard stain that the employee forgot to clean off during break time at the NWC event. Maybe the fog smoke that blasted onto the gaming stage still roams in the fabric of this jumpsuit. No one except the seller will know.

And speaking about the seller, he too is a mysterious figure. Not revealing much is his description which states:

“1990 Nintendo World Championships NWC NES Event Employee Jumpsuit! Used by an employee for the actual 1990 Nintendo World Championships! These are rarer than the 1990 NWC carts themselves! Original and not a replica. Free shipping in the USA!”

I wanted to get more from the seller. Perhaps there’s a crazy story he didn’t feel like mentioning about this jumpsuit. Is he the original owner? Is there anything else he could add to this jumpsuit to make it more bada** than it is? (ex: photos? letter? ANYTHING??). And again, to my disappointment, the seller doesn’t seem to want to disclose anything after reaching out to him through ebay. All he wrote back was this:

“It is authentic. I am am xxxx on forums. I picked it up from a gentleman who passed many years ago.”

Yes, vague and not very refreshing, especially for a $35,000 item! But nonetheless, it’s still a pretty cool piece. Although I can’t confirm 100% if this item is authentic (we never make claims on this site unless we have 100% proof), it’s still a neat item to have in your watch list. Will someone buy this jumpsuit? Will anyone DARE submit an offer?

Click here to find the $35,000 1990 Nintendo World Championships NWC Employee Jumpsuit

#NWC #Nintendo #1990 #NES #NintendoWorldChampionships

Everything News Online Gaming

Popularity Of Online Games


The online gaming industry has continued to grow at a rapid pace during the last 6 years as the opening up of Asian markets, the popularity of mobile apps and the development of new games have fuelled a great growth opportunity in the online gaming market.M88 is one of the most popular online gaming websites in the world and has a vast collection of online games such as online pokies, online slots and video poker.

According to Statista, the global online gaming market generated around $24.73 billion in 2009 and has continued to grow at an average of 10 percent each year after that. The global online gaming market generated $41.36 billion in 2015 and is estimated to generate around $45.86 billion in 2016. Analysts believe that the market will generate around $56.06 billion by the end of 2018.

One of the main reasons for the growth in the online gaming industry is due to a massive growth of gaming in the Asian continent. Chinese gamers have created a huge demand in the industry for both mobile games and desktop games and online gaming providers are happy to cater to this lucrative market.

Some of the top grossing mobile games in revenue during 2016 are Monster Strike, Clash Royale, Clash of Clans and Game of War: Fire Age; while the top grossing PC games in revenue are Overwatch, DOOM, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Dark Souls III.

Some of the top free to play games in 2016 include League of Legends, Crossfire, Dungeon Fighter Online and World of Tanks; while popular social media games include Slotomania, Double Down Casino, Candy Crush Saga and FarmVille 2.

While online casino games have been around for a number of years, there are a number of new gaming niches that are growing in popularity in all parts of the world. eSports and Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS)have been responsible for creating a new market segment, especially amongst millennials who have preferred to play these new games instead of traditional online games.

However the Daily Fantasy Sports industry has run into legal trouble in the United States as lawmakers in New York, Nevada and several other states have stated that these DFS games are similar to online gambling and must be regulated. A number of state governments are now working on legislation to approve DFS games and the eventual legalization of the DFS industry will further contribute to the growth and popularity of this new niche of online games.


Nintendo Bandana,Crash Bandicoot Stickers,Killer Instinct Tattoos #Crashbandicoot #Killerinstinct #SNES #PlayStation

crash bandicoot stickers

We got some pretty cool items to show you today. No mega blockbuster items but some neat things to add to your collection. One thing I don’t see often are Crash Bandicoot auctions. I mean auctions for the game exists, but trying to find some unique items are hard to come by. Just saw one seller put up a pretty cool Vintage 1999 Crash Bandicoot Vending Machine Sticker Set of 12.

So basically if you went to the local mall and passed by a vending machine, you would see vending machines with either egg shells that hold a small item (could be a skeleton, a monster, some goo, or a mini sling shot). And then sometimes you’d find vending machines that would bust out stickers if you put in $0.25 – $1.00. So these Crash Bandicoot stickers shown here are actually quite rare because it’s a complete set of 12. To get 12 stickers you’d probably have to spend a little in order to weed through the doubles the vending machine would throw at ya. Most likely in the sellers case since they have more then 1 set, THEY were the ones distributing the cards to these vending machines. So they must of gotten the stickers from a third party associated with PlayStation since Crash was the official mascot back in the late 90’s. Nonetheless pretty damn cool.

Link to Crash Bandicoot Vending Machine Stickers

Another really cool item that not sure many of you care are the Crystal Dynamics Boxers. I feel only the hard core retro gamer; one that collects obscure items and digs deep into the gaming companies itself would dig this piece. The are the makers of games like Crash N Burn, Total Eclipse, The Horde (ONE OF MY FAV GAMES OF ALL TIME), Gex and so many more. Oh yeah, can’t forget Samurai Shodown :). They were founded in the early 90’s (1992) and if you want to see their complete games list go here: . Anyhow, really cool boxers because they were only given out to Crystal Dynamics employees. Seller says:

This is rare pair of boxers. These boxers were given to employees at crystal dynamics in the 90’s. The video game company that made the tomb raiders games.

The size is medium. New never worn. Stretchable waist band. I prefer briefs myself

Free Shipping U.S only

Starting of January 12, 2015 I have decide to get an engagement ring for my girlfriend I need to reach my goal of $2000. Current $0 of $2000 0%. Thank you for your support. Will be updated every time a sale is made.

Click here for Crystal Dynamics Employee Boxers

More Video Game Auctions:
Nintendo Employee 1996 NMI Merchandising Meetup Bandana SNES ERA Rare Mario
Killer Instinct RARE Set of 8 Promo Temporary Tattoos Collectible Trading Cards
Lot of 7 PROMO Rockstar Neon Stickers..Grand Theft Auto Bully etc. MINT..SEALED.
1982 vintage Sega ZAXXON Colorforms A-Maze-ing Arcade game toy RARE original
Hot Game Pokemon Go Cap Hat Unisex adults Baseball Cap Sun Hat Casual Yellow
Handmade Retro Nintendo Style Controller Resin Toy Action Figure NES
NES controller wall decor
Vintage 1994 Illusions of Gaia SNES Pullover Black Tee Shirt XL
Megaman The Board Game Kickstarter exclusive 7 Gold Figures Miniatures Mega Man
The Legend of Zelda Piano sheet music collection book
Paladone Capcom Ryu Street Fighter Key Chain Flash light Hadoken Sound 1991
NEW Nintendo After School Program Mens Shirt Size Medium – Child’s Play Charity

Good luck!

Merchandise Sonic The Hedgehog

Vintage Nintendo and Sonic the Hedgehog Auctions #Sega #Sonic25th #Nintendo #GameAuctions #Sonic @NintendoAmerica @SEGA #Gamecollect #SNES

Sonic 25th

Today’s auction post has a line up of vintage video game auctions. We got a bunch of Mario, Sonic and even Pac-Man gems! The auction that I got my eye on is the Sonic 25th Party at the House of Blues Comic Con auction. Plenty of goodies and here’s the full description from the auction:

Exclusive items from the Sonic the Hedgehog 25th Anniversary party at San Diego ComicCon on July 22, 2016.
Items include autographed comic books from all the voice actors and a separate autographed comic from CRUSH40 who sang live at the event.

1. Autographs on comic book one:
a) ROGER CRAIG SMITH (Sonic the Hedgehog)
b) MIKE POLLOCK (Dr. Ivo “Eggman” Robotnik)
c) COLLEEN VILLARD (Miles “Tails” Prower)
e) KIRK THORNTON (Shadow, Orbot)
g) BILL FREIBERGER (Comedy Chimp)

2. Autographs on Comic Book two:
a) CRUSH40 – Jun Senoue (Composer, Guitarist)
b) CRUSH40 – Johnny Gioeli (Singer, Air Guitarist)

3. Other Items:
a) The Sonic the Hedgehog 25th anniversary commemorative coin, in its official case, brand new never opened and in cellophane wrap.
b) Never opened flash drive with Sonic images.
c) Knuckles plush.
d) Sonic the Hedgehog 25th anniversary commemoration backpack.
e) Official Sonic 25th anniversary party event schedule.”

If you’re interested in bidding, the auction ends today and is currently at $127. Click here for Sonic 25th Anniversary Auction
Other Video Game Auctions:

Mario – NES 8bit Mario & Luigi LED Watch Collectible
Sonic the Hedgehog 25th Anniversary Party Exclusives SDCC 2016
CSGO Collectible Pin Series 1 Factory Sealed
Threads of Fate Legend of Mana Chrono Cross PlayStation Soundtrack Music CD Lot – Sweet lot and inexpensive for what you’re getting
Club Nintendo Platinum Reward Super Mario Playing Cards
Resident Evil 3 Nemesis Jill Valentine Vinyl Statue Figure RARE HTF
Vintage gameboy color fanny pack pink pokemon nintendo mario edm rave
Pac-Man and the Development of Video Games in the 1980’s & First Day Cover
Super Mario Bros Wii Nintendo child suitcase with telescoping handle on wheels
Vintage 1982 Pac-Man Ashtray Bally Midway Mfg Co Excellent Condition
Nintendo 1968 LEISURE HOUSE Building Blocks * CIB Complete Box * Pre-nes lego – One of my other favorite auctions right now…
Sonic The Hedgehog Promo Chrome Card Super Rare 1997 Sega

Good luck!