VGA New Year for Auctions in 2017!

Nintendo Employee 1992 Product Information Training Manual Promo Binder

Hey all! Hope everyone enjoyed their holidays and I wish everyone single one of you a Happy New Year! I’ve taken some time off during the Christmas break and some time off in the first week of the New Year but I’m happy to say we’re back in business!

So 2016 has passed by and as always we’ve posted so many auctions it’s hard to mention which ones were the biggest. I do know however that there are less incredibly rare items that I’ve been use to seeing before 2016, heck, even 2015. I mean it’s subjective as what I might find rare; you might not find rare. But for example I don’t think I’ve seen the Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time official Famitsu Brother’s Flute. OR a Final Fantasy 7 Music Box. Seems like collectors are hanging onto their most prized possessions. But there will always be new and interesting stuff coming out and with the new year into play, let’ all hope for some goodies to hit ebay and other places for good prices :).

So, after an early search this morning on ebay I’ve accumulated some interesting items. Some items are pretty rare and quite expensive, but worth mentioning. These auctions end today so you’ll need to think of placing a bid within the next 6-7 hours.

Video Game Auctions:
Limited Edition Gears of War 4 Mug and Coaster Set
PlayStation Swag Sunglasses UV400 Bag Backpack Koozies PS Sony Hat Flexfit
Nintendo Employee 1992 Product Information Training Manual Promo Binder
RARE Original Game Boy Play it Loud DMG-01 Blue System
Super Mario World Color Me Mario plush – Nintendo Alps
Super Mario World Plush doll Soft toy Bowser Koopa LM-3 Nintendo Banpresto
Super Mario World frisbee – Sealed – Nintendo Tsukada Original – Famicom – USA
Lot of 118 Super Mario Bros. Wii Cards Incl. 2 RARE Gold Series Princess Peach
Awesome Vintage Nintendo Kids Belt! Leather Mario Princess Toad Koopa 80s
vintage sega sonic the hedgehog hat genesis cool 92
Square Enix Members 2009 Gold+Silver+Bronze Reward CD box set Final Fantasy

Good luck!


Vectorman Display Standee, Nintendo Tech Support T-Shirt and Other Nintendo Related Items #Nintendo #NES #SNES #Mario #games #videogame #gamecollect #sega #squaresoft


Quick post!

NEW Vectorman Sega Genesis Promotional Store Display Standee Sign Promo Banner
Limited edition Umbrella Corporation Ambassador Watch Mstr Resident Evil
3 Vintage 1989 Nintendo Flicker Stick-ons Super Mario ZELDA Link Punch Out! SET
Parasite Eve 2/II Mini Lunchbox Squaresoft Promo Aya Brea
1982 SUPER PAC-MAN rub-off games & stickers, 36 packs ~ FULL BOX
Original “NINTENDO TECH SUPPORT” Button Down Red Kap Collered Shirt M-SS Rare
Vintage Super Mario Holographic Wallet
M-9 Tempest from Mass Effect
Limited Edition 61/250 Call of Duty Poker Set Very rare! 2011
e3 sdcc comic con square soft square enix keychain new
Nintendo Winter Scarf – Mario and Luigi – Nintendo World Store
Sealed, Authentic Mega Man 9 Press Kit
Classic Arcade Game Heart Rate Pulse meter II
Vintage Original Mortal Kombat Video Game Promotional Promo Sun Glasses
1989 Vintage Super Mario Brothers Beach Towel Large Size

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The Rise of Online Gaming



Video games have always been a changing medium. They have never rested on their laurels and instead have been moving forward and evolving continuously. From simple machines that could only play one game, arcades full of the latest hits, to consoles and PCs providing endless fun. Combined with handheld gaming consoles and mobile phones, how we play games has never been the same. Today, you can play something on your phone as you wait for a bus or you can engross yourself and commit hours of time to a complex and challenging console release. What has changed video games the most in recent years is online play and it brings a whole new dimension to the medium.


Adding internet options has altered how games are made and how they are played. It added the ability for players to share their games, and team up, allowing for co-op when a second player wasn’t readily available. Competitive games such as shooters or fighting games can embrace online play as it allows people to team up or battle against different players across the world. This provides new challenges and gameplay, as well as giving you a diverse amount of opponents and there is always someone available to play.




One such game genre that has greatly benefited from games going online is casinos. Classic casino games usually had to be played in a specialist locations, at least at a bar. Virtual versions of slot machines, poker and more have long been a thing but online has made them relevant. The simple idea of putting casino games online has become a multi-million dollar business. Sites such as Red Flush Casino let you play classic bar slots, variations on poker, blackjack and other games at any time on browser or with the app. The online connectivity allows for a real time game, in which players can put up and win real money. It also allows people to compete against other players all over the world, allowing for authentic card games at any time, with many skilled opponents.




Online play has allowed competitive gaming to become huge. It had made it so people can play against others in fierce completions for more than a simple win. eSports and iGaming leagues and tournaments are held across the world that let people enter from their home or they will be streamed on the net. This has helped gaming become a major sport in it’s own right and it continues to grow, with mainstream attention increasing. Games such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends, and Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft are some of the top games but it has a presence in other areas. Any popular game can attract a major competitive scene and it also applies to casino games. You can play poker in major tournaments against people from the whole plane from the comfort of your home using or practicing with sites such as Red Flush.


Online connectivity has taken games to a whole new realm of possibility and experience. As time goes by, it will only grow and become a larger phenomenon than it already is.


Atari Pong Clock by Buro Vormkrijgers – Only 400 ever made – Sander Mulder, Mario Christmas Window Decor and More! #mario #nes #nintendo #christmas #supermariobro #atari


Sorry folks, no Black Friday deals on eBay for video game related stuff unless you’re buying a console or some NOS games. But I still think the auctions in this post will tickle your fancy! First up is this awesome PONG Clock! Instead of reiterating what the seller wrote, I’ll simply copy and paste the auction description below:

“I’m selling my Pong clock. Designed by Sander Mulders, this is 1 of only 400 Pong clocks he ever produced. These are no longer made as Atari only allowed a very small production run. When these went on sale they sold out in one day. These are extremely rare and don’t show up often on Ebay.

I am the only owner of this clock and have kept it in excellent condition in a smoke free home. It has been displayed for about a year and kept in a box for the remainder of its time. It works flawlessly for both keeping time and for playing pong with it. A short clip of my pong clock at work can be found here:

Articles about this clock can be found here:


Clock: While this game of pong randomly plays, the so called players score the time. The left player scores the hours, and the right player scores the minutes. This unusual timepiece, makes an ideal conversation piece, and ideal for those friday afternoon moments.

Gameplay: Take your Pong Clock and hold it in front of you like an oldschool handheld game. Then, holding the two buttons on the back simultaneously for 2 seconds with your right hand, your Pong Clock will switch to game mode. This allows you to play a game of Pong against the clock, while controlling the right paddle with the two buttons! Holding the two buttons on the back simultaneously for 2 seconds again, will put your Pong Clock back in clock mode.

I will ship the item with 24hrs of payment and provide a tracking number. The clock will be securely and safely packaged.”

Click here for Atari Pong Clock by Buro Vormkrijgers

Other Rare Video Game Stuff:
Super Street Fighter II ™ Print Box Set. Official Signed & Numbered Ltd. Edition
2000 POSTER ~ Joe Jusko ~ TOMB RAIDER ~ SEXY Lara Croft ~ ROLLED/Undisplayed
Vintage Nintendo Super Mario Bros Beach Towel 80s Mario Luigi
1989 Eureka Presto Stick Nintendo Super Mario Bros Christmas Window Decor NES
PlayStation 1 & PS2 Promotional Coffee Mugs and Water Bottle – PS1 & PS2
I’m the Bomb Nintendo T Shirt. Small. Bob-omb from NES N64 SNES Gamecube & Wii.
Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Conviction promo items T-shirt, hat, and novel.
Vintage 1980’s Pac Man & Ghosts Beach Towel Midway Arcade Game Great Condition
ATARI Tempest Poster, 1982 Original, Very Rare, Die Cut, 2 Sided, by Artfaire
used framed silent hill 2 picture from video game magazine rare ad clipping ps1

Good luck!

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Yogurtland Nintendo Bowls and Spoons, Baby Mario Japan Figure, Sega Dreamcast Watch and More! #sega #nintendo #supermariobros #nes #fallout #xbox #playstation


Yogurtland had a pretty cool limited edition Super Mario Bros. bowls and spoons. The bowls and spoons showcase vintage Mario (not like we know him today) with the innocent jump in the air with his first pump, and Luigi jumping with a big smile. Ya… they still do that now but for some reason there’s something to these old animations that I love so much. I guess I saw them so much as a kid that it’s embedded in my brain. Oh well…

Yogurtland Nintendo NES Super Mario Brothers Full 4 Piece Spoon Set W/ 2 Bowls

Other Video Game Auctions:
The Legend of Zelda collectors edition hyrule pen and pen topper
SUPER MARIO BROS BOARD GAME 98% Complete ENGLISH TRANSLATED Famicom Nintendo NES – wow, I’m blown away that the seller included an English translation for the game. That alone is worth $100 or more…
Fallout Original Nuka Cola Classic Bottle Very Rare Fallout 2 3 4 New Vegas – This isn’t a custom bottle, it was actually sold in Germany, unlike the many custom ones we see on the market.
Super Mario Baby Mario Soft vinyl figure doll Nintendo vintage Japan rare – Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe this was a UFO catcher item, however, Baby Mario is missing his baby sheets and bassinet.
Nintendo Super Mario Bros 2 Bow Biters *factory sealed* 1991
Tom Clancy’s the Division AK-47 USB Drive With Tin from Loot Crate
E3 2016 Nintendo Legend Of Zelda Breath Of The Wild Coin Rare Limited Edition
Super Mario NINTENDO PRIZE GOLD COINS SET of 4 plastic coin 1985
SONY CAPCOM PS2 Biohazard 5th Anniversary Nightmare returns BOX Limited Edition – Cheapest I’ve ever seen on ebay…
Game & Watch Club Nintendo Original 2015 T-shirt Size M Japan import NEW
SUPER MARIO BROS 3 Sticker Sheet * * Famicom History Book Stickers Japan NES
Super Rare Modify Watches Limited Edition Custom Sega Dreamcast Like Fallout! NEW

Good luck!

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CAPCOM v SNK Cammy Original Art Hand Painted Signed by Shinkiro, Metroid Garage Kit ver.3.0 and More! #Capcom #game #metroid #nintendo #videogame #nes #link #zelda #wii


Today’s post won’t have too many auctions like I normally throw up here as my watchlist didn’t comprise of too many note worthy auctions. The ones that were noteworthy have expired a few days ago. But today’s auction list is short and sweet. I’m sure you’ll find something to bid on as the current bids for these auctions are quite low and all finishing today. Take a peek!

CAPCOM v SNK Cammy Original Art Hand Painted Signed by Shinkiro
Lot Of 116 Nintendo Ds Empty Cases W/manuals + 8 W/ No Manuals
Genuine Nintendo Radio Boy Game Boy NES Portable radio NEW Sealed
Final Fantasy VI 6 poster – Japanese PROMO B2 – Square Enix – EXCELLENT
Lot of two Bethesda Vault Boy masks – Fallout 4
The edge joystick controller for nes classic and wii u Brand New and Sealed
Metroid Garage Kit ver.3.0 – Wonderfest 2007 Nintendo Samus Aran model Japan
Vintage 1988 Nintendo Twin Flat Sheet – Super Mario Bros Zelda Pinterest DIY
LOT 1989 Mike Tysons Punch Out Nintendo Topps Sticker Cards King Hippo NES

Good luck!

#Capcom #game #metroid #nintendo #videogame #nes #wii #punchout #fallout #zelda


Splatterhouse TurboGrafx-16 Comic Book, CLU CLU LAND Black Box Sealed and More! #videogame #game #gamecollect #nintendo #nes #sega #gearsofwar


Quick post….

1982 Deka Donkey Kong Nintendo Plastic 11 oz. Tumbler RARE
1982 Deka Donkey Kong Nintendo Plastic 20 oz. Bowl RARE
Splatterhouse TurboGrafx-16 Comic Book mini comic ad framed! Promo NEC pce namco
Gears of War 4 Copper Mug Crimson Omen Coaster Set & In-Game DLC
Gears Of War 1 & 2 & 3 Cardboard Store Display, Standees
Vintage Sonic the Hedgehog toque
PAC-MAN Ponchos Rain Ghosts Dry NEW Gamer Two Pack Teens Adults One Size
The Last of Us Joel’s Wrist Watch Limited Edition Meister MSTR LoU
Super Street Fighter II Vintage Cammy Figure
Loot Gaming Crate May 2016 Exclusive – Doom Can Glass Hellboy Plush Abe Sapien
Original Nintendo Sticker SEALED—CLU CLU LAND, black box, NES first issue
Rare Vintage Harvest moon SNES Super Nintendo Factory Sealed Video Game Natsume
NEW ~ Authentic NINTENDO 64 Controller (2000) ~ Watermelon Color
Pocky & and Rocky 2 Complete in Box CIB US Super Nintendo Game Snes 1994

#videogame #game #gamecollect #nintendo #nes #sega #gearsofwar



N64 Zelda Majora’s Mask Grey NFR Not For Resale Cart, Vintage Nintendo Towel and More! #nintendo #zelda #link #atari #nintendopower #megaman #game


Tomorrow is Halloween! Yup, I still get excited for the day and with that I tried to do an ebay search of Halloween related items. Well, all I am able to see are some lame masks and 5 Nights at Freddy’s auctions so I just did my regular search on ebay lol. Lot’s of cool items here so today will be a quick post. Enjoy!

GAME & WATCH CHEF VIGNETTE Figure Diorama Nintendo Japan Display
Mega Man X Promotional Clock – MegaMan X Promo – Need battery
Nintendo Power 1988 Super Mario 2 Zelda
Vintage 90s Nintendo Super Mario Bros. Beach Towel
Mumbo Jumbo Plush Nintendo 64 Official Banjo Kazooie Day Of The Dead Halloween
3 inch Nintendo Swiss Army Pocket Knife Promo – Very Rare Arcade video game
Metroid Prime 2 Echoes Samus Light Suit Exclusive First 4 Figures
Fallout 4 Vault 111 Sweatshirt Size XXL
Playstation PS1 PSX Neon Sign Store Display New!
Super Mario galaxy Stockings
Castlevania Symphony of the Night SOTN NECA Action Figure KONAMI Belmont Alucard
Holographic Super Mario Wallet, Nintendo of America, Avon, 1990, GUC
Call of Duty Black ops 2 Collector s Drone MQ-27
Sega Dreamcast BIOHAZARD CODE VERONICA Limited Edition Japan 1024A8
Resident Evil Green Herb Tea Coffee Mug Code Veronica Official CAPCOM Rare Chris
N64 Zelda Majora s Mask Grey NFR Not For Resale
Massive Sega Saturn Prototype Sample Demo Disk

Good luck!

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