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Extremely Rare Apple Pippin Console Black CIB PW-10001 PW-20010 NTSC US

Apple Bandai Pippin world Black CIB PW-10001 NTSC-US Release Matching Look 1997

If we still have people reading our posts, then you’re probably wondering why there’s not a lot of activity right now. Well to be honest there’s a big transformation happening in the next few weeks to a month! When it comes it comes and you all will be notified! But in the meantime I couldn’t pass up on this auction. When a museum piece comes along I have to make sure the word gets out there. Someone on eBay is selling an Apple Pippin Console. In short, this was Apple’s all-in-one multimedia player. Here’s what Wikipedia says:

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Top Ten Poker Collectibles

While video gamers are amongst the most ardent collectors of games and memorabilia, they are not the only games fans who collect vintage and unusual items connected to their pastime. Poker fans around the world have long sought after rare and collectible items to add to their haul. Here are the top ten poker collectibles:

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Featured Halo Nintendo (NES) Nintendo 64 (N64) Promotional Items Sega Saturn

Sega Saturn Three Dirty Dwarves, Official Resident Evil 2 Coffee Mug, Nintendo Stuff and More!

punch out nesw mike tyson trophy competition nintendo

Today I would like to answer a question that I receive a lot and that’s about the auctions ending. Basically we post auctions that are ending within 24 hours, most likely less than that. The reason is because most of the auctions that you read about should be available to buy right away or ending the same day. If you need to add some auctions to your watchlist then most likely you will forget about bidding on them (as we do here at VGA). So the chances of you missing out on auctions are quite slim, hence the reason we post auctions that end the same day. Todays auctions are actually ending sooner!

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Featured Nintendo Switch

Want the Nintendo Switch? This is How You Get One…

Nintendo Switch Buy Now March

Nintendo Switch’s big day is around the corner, March 3rd. As many of my followers are aware, when a new generation console is released I do whatever it takes to get my hands on 3 orders. My first to consoles are at release date. I open and play with one and the other remains boxed and sealed never to be opened, well unless my kids decide to open it one day when I am no longer around. The 3rd purchase comes when the second generation is released. So typically, 8-14 months after the original was released.

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Merchandise Metal Gear Solid Sega Genesis Signed Sonic The Hedgehog Statues Super Mario Bros.

Mortal Kombat II Studio Tape Music, Sonic the Hedgehog 10th Anniversary Limited Statue and More!

mortal kombat II 2 ost soundtrack studio mix tape original rare Acclaim

Mortal Kombat is a fighting game that holds a special place for all gamers. From the very beginning back in 1992 till today with the newest Mortal Kombat XL game, the franchise continues to live strong. For me, the most memorable Mortal Kombat game was MK II. I have the most memories with it from picking it up on the day of the release, to playing with friends and entering tournaments.It was a pretty cool period for me. However, I’m no huge into fighting games, but MK always stuck out as the leader.

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Everything Nintendo 64 (N64) Pacman Plush

Original Banpresto Metal Mario Plush, Coco Toy Super Mario Plush, Chrono Trigger Trading Cards Box and More! #banpresto #mario #nes #nintendo #plush #chronotrigger #gamecollect

Today’s line-up of auctions are pretty sweet. We have some rare plushes (Banpresto Metal Mario and Coco Mario) as well as a super rare Chrono Trigger Trading Cards Box! I’ve never seen the actual box for the cards anywhere so it’s pretty insane to see them brand new sealed like that. I’ve seen packs sell here and there but not an entire box.

The problem I see with the whole box thing is if you’re actually willing to buy it just to build an entire set, the thing is that you’re not guaranteed to make a complete set. And complete sets of Chrono Trigger trading cards go around $500-$700. So unless you’re an insane Chrono Trigger collector and want to actually say you own a box of unopened packs, better to spend your money elsewhere :).

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