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$1000 for a Metal Mario Plush from Super Mario 64? Plus Some More Auctions to Show…

You read the title right ladies and gents. $1000 for a Metal Mario plush. So, any bidders yet? None so far. But I don’t blame the seller for trying. It’s a super rare N64 plush, I believe the rarest although I’m not an expert in the N64 plush field. Still, $1000 for anything video game related is expensive and the item has to be incredibly rare to get that kind of price tag. Items that come to mind are Miyamoto signatures with other Nintendo staff (depending what he signs of course), Aeris Music Box, Resident Evil Mansion keys, LOZ Wind Waker Scroll and some rare sealed games.

Getting back to the Metal Mario Plush, this is what the seller says in the description:

“This is a very rare Mario plush from Super Mario 64 made by Banpresto. It was made in 1996 from Japan. The condition of the item is not that great. I tried to take pictures that would display the condition best. The overall item seems to be faded and has lost what appears to be a shiny silver color in some areas. It is missing the tag. It appears to be missing 1 eyebrow and the M on the front of the cap. The mustache is peeling apart but is still attached. These are the things that I have noticed. Again the condition is not great but this is a very rare piece that I have not seen an auction for in a few years.”

I can;t remember how much a previous Metal Mario Plush sold for, but if I remember correctly it was around the $600 mark. But the condition was near mint as opposed to this Metal Mario with a selling price of $1000. Anyhow, we’ll see what happens, but I know there are some hard core Super Mario 64 fans out there who need this in their collection. Maybe you can email the seller with an offer after the auction ends? It’s up to you, but that’s what I would do. Who knows, maybe someone will bid on the auction? Best of luck to the seller and whoever wants to buy the Metal Mario.

Click here for Metal Mario Plus N64 Banpresto

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Good luck!

CLICK HERE to buy this!


  • TurtleBeach
    Aug 14, 2015

    I have the Bowser from that plush collection.
    I assume the seller is testing the waters on pricing – but it’s far too much.

  • Alex
    Aug 14, 2015

    I’ve seen some of the rarer Super Famicom era Super Mario RPG plushes sell for the equivalent of $1000+ on Yahoo Japan, so who knows what somebody is willing to pay.

  • Riku
    Aug 16, 2015

    That’s crazy, especially on Yahoo Japan. You’d figure it would go less. I’ve seen the prices on Yahoo go up over the years. Guessing Japanese sellers know that there’s a lot of demand from US buyers and around the world.

  • TurtleBeach
    Aug 17, 2015

    I actually have the Super Mario RPG Yoshi plush, which is in my opinion rarer, more sought after, and value at a whole lot less than the above plush. I have never seen an RPG plush actually SELL for $1000+ on any site. To each their own I suppose.

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