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$164,000 Video Game Collection and More!

Good afternoon VGA readers. So we’ve come across a post which you may have seen with a guy selling his video game collection. This married father with his daughter seen playing a video game in one of the pictures depicts the evolution of hobbies and interests in one mans life. Some take the plunge and sell everything in order to “fix the porch” or attempt to pay for their kids schooling. Others hold on to every piece of collectible known to man-kind and god forbid you pick up one of these collectibles with your hands. I’m…. the latter :). So another collector has succumb to the bi**hing and complaining from his wife, or the denial that he needs to “let go” of his child hood. Well that’s totally understandable, and a chance for collectors like us to go in and take advantage of a situation that may even be dire. Regardless, it’s nice to see this man’s hard work over the years. Is it worth $164,000? Nah.. by looking over all the titles, taking into account the size of the collection, condition, extra collectibles, man hours to in collecting, I’d estimate this more to $80,000, and that’s rough accounting. Is it still worth it? HELL YEAH. I love the setup, the consoles, everything about this collection makes me drool. What would I do with all these games if I spent $164,000 that I can use for a down payment on a house? Nothing… I’d take it from a place where it was just sitting, to my basement, where they will continue to just sit, but let you tell you ladies and gentleman, my inner gaming soul would be at peace once and for all. Enjoy the auctions today and see you tomorrow!

Video Game Auctions:

– Baby Mario & Yoshi Japanese Paper Protector

– Lot of 10 Brand New Officially Licensed Portal 2 Spatulas

– NES Nintendo Trading Cards for Halloween

– Fallout New Vegas Welcome to New Vegas lighted sign


– Rare Ratchet & Clank Inflatable Blow Up Decoy Glove Figure – Insomniac Games

– Official S4 2014 League of Legends Jacket (Medium)

– Vintage 1990 Super Mario Velcro Wallet NES Hologram Avon

– Nintendo Virtual Boy System Console Store Display WORKING

– Super Metroid Samus Pin – Official Nintendo Promo Item for SNES Game Release

– Dark Megaman/Rockman and Bass/Forte exe Navi Chips for Link PET EX Exclusive Set

– 5700+ Games, 50+ Systems.Complete Nintendo & Sega Sets and more. Huge Collection

– The Best of the Nintendo Comics System Book

– Lara Croft Tomb Raider 8″ Wall Clock Battery Operated – New

– Ultra RARE Caps from Nintendo Super Power Club – Brand new in package

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