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1970 Nintendo Game, Resident Evil Raccoon City Police Jacket and more!

Good morning VGA readers. It’s getting quite cold where I live so most of my leisure time is spent on the internet looking for auctions or playing video games of course. Gears of War 3 has the new map pack downloaded via xbox marketplace. Are the maps good? Not bad… I would have liked to see more of the original maps being reintroduced like Escalation or Roof Tops. But still can’t complain new multiplayer maps are always good.

The first auction is for a rare and complete 1970 Japanese Nintendo game titled “Challenge Ball”. “The game is in excellent, unused condition. Long before Nintendo developed video games, the company’s focus was playing cards. Many years later, it expanded into toys and such. This particular game is one of the earliest Nintendo games made”. Very unique auction with 3 days left and no reserve. There is more info on the auction so check it out. Thanks **Mato!

The second auction is for the Resident Evil Raccoon City Police Department from 1999. It was made by Phantom Tokyo and  purchased at Capcom’s booth at the 1999 Tokyo Game Show. The detailing on this is absolutely incredible. I have seen this in person several times. It’s a nice jacket and high in quality. For the price I think it’s a fair deal.

Other Video Game Auctions:

Final Fantasy XIII Autographed Signed Art Cards – This listing is for an ultra rare set of exclusive art prints signed by producer Yoshinori Kitase and Art Director Isamu Kamikokuryo at the official Square-Enix HMV launch at Oxford Street in London.

Final Fantasy XII Autographed Bundle – Same as above but different auction.

SNES Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals Complete – Game comes complete with map, box and booklet. No reserve and it’s starting low.

Biohazard Stamp Collection 2006 – Released in the Japan Post offices in 2006 as a limited run, were sold out immediately. Why don’t they release stamps like that here in N.A? Auction is at $250.

Dragon Quest Smile Slime Mimic Plush Doll 2004 – This was part a prize in the arcade machines in Japan. I don’t know which game but that is how you won it. Looks to be in great shape, but no tag.

Donkey Kong Country Official Poster – A very nice official Donkey Kong Poster for the SNES. Looks to be in mint condition. I don’t see this often and it’s at $224 or best offer.

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