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1983 Atari Sweepstakes Ad, Nintendo Competition Backpack and More

Today I didn’t have the luxury to do extensive search for video game auctions, but I managed to find a couple of things with the help of some VGA readers. Some items are not that rare and appear on eBay more often than not.

1983 Original Vintage Ad For Twix Atari Video Games Sweepstakes “Arcade System” – some of you might not consider this a collectors piece, but for the hardcore Atari collectors; when’s the last time you saw an original ad for Atari in the newspaper? Whats cool about this ad is that you have all the prizes layed out. I love the 80’s artwork on top of it all!
Atari Asteroids Limited Ed Watch – These have been around for a bit now, but check out how many the seller already sold! 103! I’m planning on getting one for me. Just the whole presentation is impressive! Limited to 5000.

Seller bing1289 has some nice auction up on eBay right now:
Nintendo 64 Wall Clock
Legend of Zelda Wind Waker Banner
Nintendo Competition Promo Sling Backpack“Only a few were given as a grand Prize By Nintendo Employees during competition events.”

99% Complete Nintendo NES Game Lot(753 Games)$7,500
Mike Tysons 90 Gold Level VGA Grade $7,500
= Hmmm…. I wonder which auction I would choose if I had 7.5k in the bank

Nintendo Gamecube STARFOX ADVENTURES – Thanks **Blaster!
Space Channel 5 E3 Expo Press Only 2001 Blow Up Morolians – Thanks **Dogma!
Nintendo Gamecube Press Bag from E3– Thanks **Dogma!
Conker’s Bad Fur Day SOUNDTRACK – Thanks **Kim!

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