1989 Grade School Nintendo Mario Ruler, Max Payne 3 Promo Items, LucasArts 2003 Product Showcase Promo DVD

Today has a nice line-up of promo items from different games including Max Payne 3, Assassins Creed and Fallout. But, the coolest thing out of all the items I’m going to show you is the 1989 Nintendo ruler. Yup, it’s your typical cheap ruler you’d find in any where back in 1989, but try finding this ruler on ebay now will be an incredibly difficult task. I actually had some of these rulers (there were different kinds). But if you had one of these rulers when you were in grade school you were automatically cool. Your peers would see it on your desk and take note that your home isn’t the only place that eats, sleeps and breaths Nintendo LOL.

Click here for 1989 Nintendo Ruler

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Fallout 4 Bag
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LucasArts 2003 Product Showcase Promo DVD With Product Cards
Nintendo Cassette Boy Features Mario 1993 By Mani Working Stereo Cassette Player
Fallout 4 Pip-Boy, Stand, Capsule Case ONLY
Vintage 1989 Super Mario Nintendo Sticker MIP NES Rare Glow In The Dark Unopened

Good luck!

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