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1990 Nintendo World Championship Grey Cartridge #81

Here’s the famous Nintendo World Championship cart(Grey version) on eBay. These auctions always get so much attention from everyone, but in the end no one bids. Goes to show you that none of us won the lottery yet :).

We’ve listed a couple of NWC carts in the past that I can explain the whole significance behind this cart, but honestly, tell me a gamer that doesn’t know the carts history and I’ll be shocked. You can check past VGA posts on the NWC if you want full details.

Seller says:

1990 Nintendo World Championship Game # 81. I am the original owner/recipient of this game. Yes I was a Finalist and one of the very few Female Finalists.. It is in really Good Condition and works.

There were only 90 of these Grey Cartridges made ans is considered one of the rarest and most Valuable NES Games

specialized game cartridge designed specifically for the contest. Officially, a player has 6 minutes and 21 seconds to play, which is divided up into three minigames. The first minigame of the competition is to collect 50 coins in Super Mario Brothers,The next minigame is a version of Rad Raceer where players must complete a specialized Nintendo World Championship course. The final minigame is Tetris,and this lasts until time expires. Once time does expire, a player’s score is totaled using the following formula:

(Super Mario Bros.) + (Rad Racer x 10) + (Tetris x 25) = final score

Please feel free to contact me with Any questions”

Nintendo World Championship Grey Cartridge #81 Auction

Sellers starting the auction at $10,000 with 6 days and 18hrs left, and 223 watchers 😉

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