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1990 Super Mario Flute, Blip The Video Games Magazine Complete Set, Pac-Man Chair and More!

Hey guys, we try to keep things daily here at Video Game Auctions but sometimes life does get in the way and well, we need to skip a few days here and there. Thankfully today we bring you some posts that you check out. There’s a neat Super Mario flute on eBay right now. It’s pretty cool as it resembles the same type that was used in SMB3. It’s your regular flute that you’d use in school for music class, except it’s wrapped up in a Super Mario package which increases it’s value. But $500 value? Probably not. I’d go as high as $100 just because it’s sealed :). Check the rest out!

Video Game Auctions:
2012 Hotwheels Nostalgia ATARI CENTIPEDE Cool One real riders RR
2012 Hotwheels Nostalgia ATARI BREAKOUT `49 FORD COE real riders RR
Mario Kart telephone
grand theft auto III 21½” X 13″ POSTER Worldwide Shipping
CALL OF DUTY IV 4 Modern Warfare SIGNED POSTER Activision Infinity Ward RARE
Running Stadium(use only Family Trainer) Famicom/N
Nintendo 64 System Carrying Bag
1989 Applause Nintendo Super Mario Bros. World PVC Figure on a Koopa Troopa
Super Mario Bros Beanie Hat One Size
Blip The Video Games Magazine Complete Set
3 Vintage 1989 Official Nintendo Princess Peach Wallpaper Wall Trim Vinyl Border
Vintage 1980 Bally Midway Giant Pac-Man Chair RARE 61165 Big Jumbo Pacman
Giant NES Nintendo Controller Jumbo Huge Big Control w 9-Pin Plug RARE 61164
Vintage Sharp TV 1986 NES Built-in Original Nintendo Television RARE NTSC 61166
Killer Instinct Iron on Rare Patch Xbox One SNES
9 Hours 9 Persons 9 Doors 999 Promo Pre Order Watch Aksys Nintendo DS Nine
SONIC The Hedgehog Embroidered Snapback Baseball CAP
Nintendo Mario Party Pin Badge official prize champion
Fallout 3 Vault-Tec Hard Work Cap
Rare Vintage 1996 Nintendo 64 SUPER MARIO Mario Mania Long Sleeve T-Shirt tags

Good luck!

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