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Play World of Tanks for FREE

I have recently started playing online games, and there’s so many to choose from. What I love about these is I don’t need to go out and buy them, I can just download them and play for free. I’ve recently got into World of Tanks because I’d see it advertised all over the place, and since I love war games of all sorts I decided to download it and give it a shot. At first I was turned off by the LONG download time, which if you have the patience it pays off. What I did was I browsed the web and let it download in the background. With all the updates and everything it took about 30 minutes to finally install. That’s when I got into training mode, then online multiplayer. I have to say this game is so much fun! I love the concept of choosing classic war tanks and going into a head to head battle. It’s your typical one side versus the other side like Call of duty Modern warfare.

The controls are a little bulk but when you get used to it the games so much fun. If you have an actual control pad for the PC then you’ll fly in this game, it’ll be like second nature. The maps are really cool as they take place all over the world. I could choose different tanks from German Nazi tanks to American Tanks and even French or French tanks. Each has it’s own advantages. The sounds are good and so is the graphics. For a game that’s free I am loving this new adventure of online games. I’ve downloaded a ton and will slowly review the ones I find really good.

One thing I suggest is don’t kill your teammates 🙂 I’ve done that a few times and got banned for a day, but it’s so tempting! Go ahead and give this a try, if you don’t like it then delete it and download another game. I’m also trying Neverwinter and will let you guys know how that is. If you want to download World of Tanks just click on the banner below.

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  • Josh
    Jul 29, 2013

    I downloaded this 3 weeks ago and they showed it at E3 in L.A

  • Riku
    Jul 30, 2013

    It’s funny that I was meaning to download this game for a bit now and keep forgetng. I’ll download it tonight and play you tomorrow. What’s your username Kenji?

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