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2nd Annual NES Marathon for Child’s Play Charity

Last year, Pat the NES Punk took it upon himself to play through the entire NES library in a marathon for Child’s Play Charity. The marathon lasted over 30 hours and Pat raised $8,000 for the cause. This year, a week from now, Pat is going to make the distance once again and the goal is $15,000! Believe it or not, Pat has already brought in over $1,000 and the marathon hasn’t even started yet!

Even at a 24 hour aim, the entire NES library proved to be very demanding on Pat and Ian’s time (Ian is a friend of Pat’s and will be taking the challenge this year as he did last year). Playing over 700 games meant playing each for a matter of minutes or seconds each. This year will be more selective with 100+ games being played over 24 hours for a longer time each. It will be quite an event and it’s for a great cause.

The marathon is Oct 22nd (3pm EST 12pm PST) and I encourage everyone to check it out. Even though the event is a week away, you can make a contribution today and help Pat to make his $15,000 goal or perhaps go beyond…

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  • Riku
    Oct 15, 2011

    This will be great! Can’t wait to see everything unfold. I’ll be ordering pizza all day during the marathon lol. Hopefully Pat and the gang will reach the $15000 goal. Thanks for the nice reminder Akira! 🙂

  • kenji
    Oct 15, 2011

    last years was a blast, it’ll be a lot of fun to watch again this year. Glad the guys are doing it again for a great cause!

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