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30 Arcades, 3 Sealed Rarities, 2 Displays and a Pear Tree

♬ On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me…♬ Haha….. Common you really think I’d put you through that? If I would have woken up earlier I probably would have gone all the way.

30 Vintage Arcade Games

Classic Arcades

I don’t know about you, but it’s one of my dreams to have an arcade room of vintage games. The visuals and sounds you get from entering a room full of arcades is really cool, especially when the only lights on are the ones from the arcades.

This seller has a lot of 30 arcades that were all stored in a warehouse for 15 years. I wonder how many of these arcades became homes for rats!

There’s not much detail given about these arcades, just the list of names and that they haven’t been tested. For 10k, I would have at least put some more effort as brief description don’t help you too much when selling on eBay. But moving just one of these arcades is nearly impossible. Some of the arcades listed are Frogger, Super Mario Brothers,Pac Man, 3 Ms. Pac Man Machines,and Centipede. If you want to check out this auction click here.

Other Video Game Auctions:

Pricey Nintendo Entertainment Sign with Golden Mario – Both of these displays are incredibly mint. I don’t think I’ve seen many Golden Mario’s without a scratch like this one. Still, the price is not justifiable….

I Link Therefore I Am : The Legend of Zelda and Philosophy – This book is a philosophical insight of the game series and deciphers gamers’ connection to the character “Link”, his existence as a collective consciousness, and the distribution of space in the virtual land of Hyrule.

EarthBound Sealed – There is some fading in the corners and a small dent. Not sure how much Video Game Authority would rate this, and the seller is uncertain if the box has actually been opened or not. Thanks **Jospeh!

Seller mywantlist always has vintage video game collectibles up on eBay so I’ve highlighted some of his items:

Taco Bell Video Game Display Toys – How appropriate, he lists this during the holidays 🙂

The SEGA 3-D Glasses

Sega Saturn Night’s into Dreams Sealed

BUBBLE BOBBLE promo Famicom Disk System pak

Good Luck!

oh wait….I forgot the ♬ Partridge in Pear Tree ♬ 🙂

CLICK HERE to buy this!

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