Consoles Development Unit Panasonic 3DO

3DO FZ-1 Testing Station Console System

You don’t see to many unique 3DO hardware units around.

Click here for 3DO FZ-1 Testing Station Console

Seller says:

“This is a 3DO testing station. According to my google research – The testing stations were official modified consoles given to 3DO developers to test out prototype software – they had a switch and an additional custom board inside to play either encrypted or unencrypted game discs. The units are still of interest to homebrew developers today as it streamlines the testing process.

I do not have a video cable for this, and the auction is for the console unit only with no controller or other hookups and accessories except for the built-in attached power cable. The system lights up and I can see the disc access light going on, but after testing with a nintendo RF unit plugged in, I am unable to get any video to display on my tv from the unit. Therefore this system is sold AS IS.

Since the testing stations were modified from the factory spec console, my assumption is that even if this unit is beyond repair, the additional board and switch could probably be put into a normal FZ-1. At any rate, enjoy this cool piece of game development history saved from the march of time!”


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