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3DO Wall Clock, Dreamcast DevCon 2000 Binder, WideBoy 64 Dev Cart

For anyone who had to do a presentation in class, or during a business meeting probably understands how to use PowerPoint. I remember in school the teachers were always so strict about every detail in your slide which makes me bring up the first item today: a Sega Dreamcast DevCon 2000 Binder with various notes/PP slides for the conference meet. I’d like to see how Sega employees had to organize their slides, see what the big guys did at the top level(I’m a geek like that). Also interesting to see how is they had to get their points across through various topics. But, most collectors probably want this piece purely for low availability of these DevCon 2000 Conference Binders. If you check out the auction, the seller mentions the interesting content inside the binder.

Other Video Game Auctions:
WideBoy 64 Developer Cartridge – these units are development systems used by licensees to test their GB, GBC, and GBA games on a TV screen or monitor. Game magazines and retailers also used these WideBoys to display or promote games to the public. Very few of these exist.
Bionic Commando WonderCon Capcom Booth Shirt
Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time Pocket Watch – Really cool collectors watch. This watch was available in the Nintendo Power Catalog and was listed at $19.99. I’m surprised this is still up
Wendy’s Super Mario Bag Signed by Charles Martinet – you see Charles sign games, magazines, consoles, photographs, and for the completion…. a Wendy’s Kid’s Bag!
1990 Nintendo World Championship Patch
Limited Edition Piggsy Manhunt Statue – this one has the box and is the first statue produced. It’s literally 001/500.
GameCube Star Fox Adventures Bobblehead
Metal Gear Solid 4 Ga-Ko Alarm Clock
3DO Promotional Wall Clock – you don’t see too many promotional items for 3D0
Custom Pac Man Wooden Table Lamp – Cool custom lamp done very well.
Atari Asteroids International Tournament Lenticular Pin – Thanks ** David!
Street Fighter 2 II Animation Cel Title Cel Capcom 2 – “Up for auction is Street Fighter 2 II Animation Cel Title Cel Capcom 2!!! In 2006 at Comic Con I walked into Capcom booth and there was a giant box of Street Fighter Animation Cels. I bought the whole box. These Cels were the ones that were prizes that were given away from Capcom. There are very few Title Cels made because they appear for a short time in the animation and they are made once then used as stock for each episode” Thanks ** David!

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