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7 Foot Super Mario Display

Does anyone have any room for a 7 foot Mario display in their house? If you do then you should definitely take a look at this 7 foot Super Mario Display Auction! He is huge! The seller even took a great picture of him standing next to the display so we can all see the height difference. Great auction!

Seller says: “Up for grabs is a Huge 7ft Nintendo Super Mario Bros Store Display from.It is an original display and super rare.These were made back in the late 80’s. and there are not many known to exist according to one Video Game Museum expert.This display is in good condition.It does show some wear throughout.Mario has some scratches on his nose(pictured).He also has some small cracks and 2 quarter sized holes.1 hole in the front and 1 in the back.The cracks are located at the seam at his right arm.Overall Mario looks great and would make an awesome 1 of a kind display for any gaming stores or serious gaming collector.”

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  • Heidi Poe
    Jun 16, 2011

    Holy ffffff that thing is awesome!

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