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A Few of the Rarest Atari Games in the World

There are a couple dozen titles for the Atari 2600 that are worth thousands of dollars due to their rarity. These games will always increase in value as time goes on, but be careful how much you pay at this time. If you buy a game for $4,000 and it’s actually worth $2,400… you may end up waiting 20 years before it becomes worth what you originally paid! Still, a game’s value to based more on how much it has sold for than a currently suggested price. For example, if a game sells for $7,000, this then becomes a reasonable asking price for other copies of the same game.

Atlantis II with Paperwork – This game was used in a tournament whose grand prize was $10,000! The cartridge actually look exactly the same as the first game, but this version is much faster and points go up slower (to stop players from maxing out their score in the competition). Some of the top players were sent one of these cartridges and it is believed that 24 or less of these exist. The copy currently up on eBay also comes with the authentic paperwork from Imagic! This is important because the original Atlantis game (which looks the same) has been put up on eBay claiming to be Atlantis II in the past.

Pepsi Invaders with Box – This modded version of Space Invaders was made for the enjoyment of Coco-Cola executives. 130 or so were made and the box is extremely rare. In fact the box is so rare, some websites declare it as a myth or a hoax! But, the box does exist (after all, how else could it have been originally distributed?). The copy currently up on eBay comes with the original box.

Eli’s Ladder – This educational game happens to be one of the rarest Atari games ever made. The copy up on eBay is the cartridge on it’s own, but the game originally came with a wall chart and stickers. The extras that came with the game are nearly impossible to find and most have likely been lost or destroyed.

We have one more interesting item that has been spotted on eBay…

One of the rarest games in the world (on any system) is Gamma Attack for the Atari 2600. Only a few of these were made (quantity unknown, but likely less than 10) and it’s value is very hard to pin down because they haven’t been sold. It’s appearances on eBay have put it between $18,000 and $20,000. Knowing how rare this game is and how much collectors want it, Gammation (the company that released the game) has made a limited re-release of the game signed by the game’s programmer (Robert Esken Jr.).

This version of the game has been limited to 100 and they are being sold here on eBay!

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