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Ace Attorney Investigations DS Signed by Motohide Eshiro, Nintendo Vintage Director Foldable Chair and More!

Alright, it’s a Friday and and I’m making a post. Yes… it’s out of the norm BUT I’m super busy tomorrow so I figured I’d do a nice TGIF post for you all :).

To my surprise there are a bunch of great auctions listed now.

Many cool vintage Nintendo auctions, some rare merchandise and store displays!

But one really cool item is this Ace Attorney Investigations DS Signed by Motohide Eshiro. If you never played Ace Attorney, well,


Straight from the lion’s mouth:

Included are are five items all signed by Ace Attorney Investigations/Gyakuten Kenji producer Motohide Eshiro at New York Comic Con 2010.

First is a special edition Gyakuten Kenji Nintendo DSi manufactured in limited quantities featuring the Blue Badger (Taiho-kun) from the Ace Attorney game series on its front. The console’s serial number has been concealed in this auction’s second photograph out of respect to the auction’s winner. The DSi was never registered through any services available by Nintendo.

Second is a Miles Edgeworth CSI Case sold in February of 2010 on Capcom USA’s online store to celebrate the North American release of Ace Attorney Investigations with the game’s logo displayed on the front of the case.

Third is the box that the Gyakuten Kenji DSi was packaged in with the game’s logo and cover art on the box’s front side, character art of Miles Edgeworth, game screenshots, and an image of the included DSi itself on the box’s back side, and character sprites of five of the game’s primary characters on one of the box’s edges.

Fourth is the game card case included with the Gyakuten Kenji DSi with the manual, game card, and all inserts included inside. Due to the fact that the game card case was not sealed upon being autographed, the case cover insert is signed.

Fifth is the game’s Japanese guide book with artwork that includes much of the game’s main cast on the book’s cover.

All items are in excellent condition and have either been displayed in protective cases or have been kept in in storage with extremely minimal use since being signed. Further details regarding the conditions of the items are included in this auction’s condition description.

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Good luck!

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