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Age of Empires III Ship Display, Syphon Filter Vest and More

Here’s a really cool Age of Empires III Battleship Display used in retail stores to promote the game. I would’ve hate to put this thing together, looks complex 😕.

The seller says:

This is a truly amazing RARE piece of video PC game memorabilia that would make an amazing  find for any Gamer or Collector! A rare and very hard to find piece that was only sent to a few select video game retailers when Age of Empires III was released.  This is the Promotional Store display piece that was sent out ahead of the Age of Empires III release! This amazing ship measures about 18 inches long and 16 inches high and can be detached from the bottom “wave” stand. The stand has the logos and is marked from Ensemble Studios as well as Microsoft Game Studios. Its only issues are a bend at the prow and a bend on the tab on the back sail, and a few small creases on the back sail upper rear mast. This is a fabulous piece for any gamer or entertainment memorabilia collector.

Age of Empires III Ship Display Auction

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  • kenjivga
    Mar 10, 2011

    I like the Maximo and Age of Empires III auctions

  • Joseph
    Mar 10, 2011

    So do I! I like the Syphon Filter vest also, to bad it’s for Omega Strain (Not the best game) It looks similar to that MGS 2 vest that you guys had up awhile ago 🙂

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