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Alan Wake Charity Auction,Nintendo M82 Demo Unit,Cloud vs Sephiroth Statue

Happy Easter! Just remember not to eat all the chocolate at once ;).

Today’s post is going to be short but sweet. There are some eye candy video game auctions, some of them being very rare.

Microsoft Xbox 360 120 GB Alan Wake Custom Console – “This bid is for an exclusive Custom Alan Wake XBOX 360 Console signed by Remedy Entertainment development team. The console is brand new and unused. This is a one of a kind! 100 % of proceeds will be donated to Japan.
Nintendo M82 Demo Unit – “This is a Nintendo M82 Demonstration Unit which has been in an youth recreation centre in Sweden. I acquired it from there in the 90’s.
Crysis 2 Nano Edition Xbox 360 – “This is really the best Collectors Edition for any game released, and are completely sold out everywhere!!
Limited Edition Monster Hunter 3 PSP Рthis is from Japan, but obviously you can switch the languages in the system.
Cloud vs Sephiroth Statue – “The statue depicts the awesome final battle from FFVII. This is considered the rarest of the cold casts or any Final Fantasy Statue for it’s detailed and desired theme.”. I think only 1000 of these were made, but I’m not sure.
Blackthorne Interplay Level Map Poster – This was a great game with great cover art

CLICK HERE to buy this!

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