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Albert Wesker RPD Winter Jacket – Resident Evil

I know VGA has some Resident Evil fans out there as some of you have been submitting a lot of RE auctions to VGA. Well this popped up a couple of days ago on eBay. Seller compramobil has up a very rare Albert Wesker Winter Jacket.

Albert Weskter Winter Coat

I don’t believe Albert Wesker ever wore a winter jacket in any of the Resident Evil games; perhaps it was in Code Veronica where Chris enters the Frozen underground facility? It’s been a long time since I played that game, but I know this jacket was manufactured to be part of Weskers wardrobe. I would love to own this piece! It’s nice and really stylish!

This jacket is official, by Capcom, and is available on E-Capcom’s Website in Size S & XL. I got a friend to email E-Capcom since word on the street is that all E-Capcom’s Resident Evil clothing is limited. Well in fact all Resident Evil clothing are limited on their website(which shows Leon Kennedy’s Sold Out Bomber Jacket). E-Capcom says that there are 2000 “products” made for each character. Taken from E-Capcoms Website, here is what is in the decription:

Reproduction of Bomber Jacket worn by Albert Wesker. This jacket copied detail silhouette of his jacket n the game. Length is little shorter than ordinary N-3B and made it little tight cutting as well. Placed S.T.A.R.S embroidery patch on let shoulder and reflective R.P.D Logo on left chest. Original R.P.D. design buttons and uses genuine fur on its hood.

Body width 23″ 23.6″ 24.8″ 26″
length    30.7″ 31.4″ 32.6″ 33.8″

This auction is currently running and probably won’t last for long. The price is $549 buy-it-now with $71 shipping EMS. With only 2000 ever made, I believe this is a decent price.

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Albert Weskter Winter Coat

$140,508.00 Resident Evil Billboard Store Display

Albert Weskter Winter Coat

Well….this was quite interesting. I mean I haven’t seen one of these billboard display since literally the beginning of eBay’s birth. but many years later the price is not justifiable. Not sure exactly the reason of such a high price, but who knows, maybe the seller genuinely believes this billboard is worth that much? The seller also has this $46,836.00 DUKE NUKEM Large Billboard display which is rather rare indeed, but $46,836.00 rare?

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