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Albert Wesker Signed Lithograph by Richard Waugh

Everyone has their own specific searches when going on the net for collectibles. Especially on eBay; if you like Mega Man you’ll be doing most of your searches for Mega Man just to see what rare or unique item might pop up. I have the same habit with Resident Evil, but I’ve noticed that it’s hard to find an item that separates itself from the rest of the collectibles. Until now..

Today I’m featuring this beautiful Albert Wesker Lithograph that eBay seller thestartyde is selling. He’s been selling a lot of rare collectibles in the past few months, notably the Resident Evil wine bottle.

The lithograph is in pristine condition, and has been kept sealed since he obtained it at a Capcom event years ago.  What’s more impressive about this lithograph is that it’s signed by Richard Waugh, the  voice actor for Albert Wesker. Thanks to Holly, one of our viewers for correcting the mistake I made. Initially I wrote down that the signature on the litho is from D.C Douglas. The seller also made the mistake in his auction. Richard is not the original voice of Albert Wesker from PS1; Sergio Jones was the original voice and he was my favorite in the series. To see and hear all the voices behind the Albert Wesker, a great article is here at Behind the Voice Actors.

I can imagine that not many of these lithos were signed. If you’re interested in this auction, click here for Albert Wesker Signed Lithograph.

The seller has a bunch of other goodies up on eBay, predominantly sealed games such as Guilty Gear VGA 85+ rated, Mass Effect Sealed Collectors Edition VGA 85 rated, and 7th Guest Sealed for the PC(remember that game?).

I’m a little disappointed that I missed this Nights into Dreams Promo Lenticular Poster. Sold for $300 and this is an item you don’t see on eBay at all. I know many of the NID fans are knocking their heads now 🙂

CLICK HERE to buy this!


  • Holly
    Dec 14, 2010

    Actually, this litho is signed by Richard Waugh, NOT DC Douglas. Which, I would think, make it much more rare. But look at the sig – It’s not DC, It says Richard Waugh.

  • Riku
    Dec 14, 2010

    Ha! You’re right! That’s pretty funny. The seller wasn’t wrong about anything else he was selling so I didn’t even read the signature, but it is Richard Waugh’s signature. He’s not my favorite, and couldn’t stand his voice. I preferred Sergio’s voice over Richards. D.C Douglas does add a nice touch to Wesker in which I will probably grow to like. Btw thanks for pointing that out Holly, I’ll change the description. Should we even bother emailing the seller to notify him of the error?

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