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All 4 Mego Nintendo Handhelds

Back in the 80’s, Nintendo had a company, known as Mego, to make their handheld games in North America. Mego made all kinds of toys and figures and there are actually fans of Mego out there that try to collect as many Mego products as possible. Mego unfortunately went under and that’s exactly why the following games are valuable. You see, once Mego wasn’t able to make more games for Nintendo, Nintendo began making the Game & Watch series in North America. These Mego games pre-date Game & Watch… how awesome is that?

Mego only made 4 games and all 4 were later released as Game & Watch titles…

Fireman Fireman – This is the early version of the “Fire” Game & Watch game. The auction includes the original box!

Flag Man – Flag Man was the only game to keep it’s original title when released as a Game & Watch game. Once again, the original box is included.

Toss-Up – This one became “Ball” in the later Nintendo release. The original box is included

The Exterminator – The original box isn’t included in this auction, but it does make a complete set with the above auctions. The Exterminator later became Game & Watch’s “Vermin”.

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