All Sprite Facebook Page

Thought I’d share this with you guys. Earlier this week a new Facebook page was created by one of our viewers (All_Sprite) which is directly related to Old School Video games from golden 80’s & 90’s. The pages main “thing” is the cover photo that “air’s” this daily “animated series”(which begins when 50 likes on page), in which the adventures of Mega Man, TMNT’s, Mario, SF-Ken, Luigi and some other characters takes place. Means that the cover photo of the page will change on a daily basis. The page is also a display case for 8 and 16-bit characters that are made from plastic beads. There’a a lot of cool pictures there and if there’s any 8/16 bit characters that catch you eye you can send All_sprite a message. Link below: … 2637659863

If you guys like what you see, give the page a “Like” while your at it :).

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