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Arc the Lad Collection Pocket Watch, Super Mario Kart Watches, Crash Bandicoot Plush

There are a couple of nice Nintendo promo VHS tapes listed below in crazy-nice condition and the auctions are starting at $0.99. Very much worth checking out. The other two that really stand out are the sealed Super Mario Kart digital watches. Good luck all. 😉

PS2 Carry Case – The sticker on the case has started to peel away but the condition is otherwise good.

Grand Theft Auto 2 Press Disc – A CD holding artwork samples for GTA2 given out to the press.

Arc the Lad Collection Pocket Watch – Comes with the case but the case has some damage right on the title print.

Super Mario Grid Paper Notebook – Japan import notebook which measures at around 6″x8″.

Kid Icarus Uprising T-Shirt – Promo from Wondercon 2012. The size is 2XL.

Super Mario Kart Watch – Mario – Sealed digital watch with Mario on his kart as the face.

Super Mario Kart Watch – Yoshi – Sealed as above but this one’s the Yoshi version.

Crash Bandicoot Scuba Plush – The price isn’t too bad.

N64 Launch VHS – The box is in remarkably great condition and the first bid is $0.99.

Donkey Kong Country Release VHS – Another Nintendo promo tape as above and is in just as good shape. This auction too starts at $0.99.

Genesis Game Genie Sealed – Never opened. The Kay-Bee sticker can be easily removed using the right methods.

Massive Strategy Guide Collection – This auction was sent over to us by John N. I did a quick count and there are around 350 guides here. If you do the math, the price is a bit tough to accept but the seller may lower the minimum bid if contacted.

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  • Alex
    Mar 05, 2013

    Sure you COULD remove the Kay-Bee sticker but who would want to?? That makes me super nostalgic; I’m pretty sure I got my NES Game Genie on clearance at KB.

  • Riku
    Mar 05, 2013

    True, but personally I’d like to have my sealed games with no stickers on them. I find that not only does it decrease the value of the game, it also doesn’t look too great. I guess it’s because all of the games I bought when I was younger had no stickers on them. I just couldn’t see some sticker from toys r us on my sealed Kingdom of Hearts! I would be heart broken 🙁

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