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Arcadia Wine Bottle, White Xbox and More

Well today was the first day back to school, and the teachers are already loading the students school bags with homework. It was a pretty hectic day but I managed to squeeze in some auctions :).

White XboxWhite Xbox

This was a Limited Edition 2nd Anniversary Xbox that was only offered through as a mail-in prize in Japan. Seller says:

“A limited edition 2nd anniversary Pure White Xbox (not 360). This is number 170 / 1000, this collectable sold out in 1 week when offered through mail in only in Japan in 2004. Extremely hard to find even in Japan, impossible in Canada or US. Would cost you about $150 to have one shipped from Japan, free shipping on this in Canada & US! The original purchases elected to not have anything dumb engraved on it.”

Everything inside is mint and complete. The prize is a little steep and I don’t believe it will sell at that. Maybe back when Xbox was the only console Microsoft had out, but now people want the newer stuff in terms of limited edition consoles. I do believe there are the collectors out there that collect any sort of model, but from experience it’s always been the newer limited edition consoles that are hot. This particular console is number 170.

Click here for Boxed Pure White Limited Edition Xbox #170/1000

Other Auctions:

Vintage Nintendo Red Jacket Medium NWT
Vintage Pac Man Pacman puzzle SEALED
Official Nintendo 64 N64 Game Storage Case for 12 games
Mario Sonic Olympics LARGE Poster Sega
Bioshock 2 Arcadia Wine Bottle – there’s a few of these left and this is the cheapest one
Nintendo Stars Catalogue Zelda Wall Decoration – “United Kingdom (UK) Official Nintendo Website Stars Catalogue Zelda Wall DecorationBrand New & Sealed (Officially Sealed by the manufactorer)
In ”Perfect Condition” (Completely undamaged of any kind anywhere)”

CLICK HERE to buy this!

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