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Arkham City Prize Xbox 360 Console Limited to 30

You’re probably wondering why the gentleman in the thumb pic is smiling while holding up a console and a game. I mean it’s just a regular console & game right? Wrong! It’s only the Arkham City Prize Xbox 360 Console that’s limited to 30 worldwide along with the Arkham City Collectors Edition Pack!

Yeah the game has already been released, but for those of you who dig the limited edition consoles this one’s pretty sick. I love the green touch on Jokers mouth, very slick. The seller says:

My understanding is that only 30 of these consoles were made and only 4 were given away to the public. I was told the face value is over $1200. I had to fill out a W-9 tax form.

There’s another Arkham City Xbox 360 Prize Console on eBay but it’s a little more expensive. The seller of that auction says : “a total of 30 were made and all but four were given away as gifts to people in the video game industry.  One was raffled away by Rocksteady’s and the remaining three were raffled away at PAX Prime 2011.  This is one of those three given away at PAX.This is Batman Arkham City themed Xbox 360 has Joker on one side with Batman/Two-Face on the other.  It has a custom airbrushed paint job (which was valued at over $2000 by itself).  This system is incredibly rare and will not be made again.

Interesting auctions nonetheless. Check them out!


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