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Assassin’s Creed III Ultra Rare Aus Charity Edition, Taco Bell N64 Mario Drink Cups, Charles Martinet Wanted Signature

We have some submissions to share first from our readers. It’s always appreciated as we can’t spot everything on Ebay and any outside help is always a plus :).
Kyo has submitted this Brand New Carton of Super Mario Land Gameboy (thanks!). Too bad the box is opened otherwise the seller could have had this graded by VGA as “uncirculated” which always adds value. Seller says: “The item you are bidding on is 1 carton of Super Mario Land for the Nintendo Game Boy. This game is BRAND NEW and was found at the back of a gaming warehouse! This is the ORIGINAL, FIRST PRINT release of the game, much rarer to find and more desirable than the Player’s Choice re-release. This game is in near-mint condition. There are no tears in the wrap and the box is in great shape with no creases. This is the game that started the mario craze around the world and never once sold as a carton, sadly it have to go to fund for my new house.

Another submission comes from Sam (thanks!). It’s for a very rare Assassin’s Creed III 3 Ultimate Special/Collector’s Australian Edition. Here’s some more info:

Up for auction is a very rare Assassin’s Creed 3 Ultimate Collector’s Edition.

Ubisoft Australia put together 10 of these editions and auctioned 8 of them off for charity last year. The auctions were only open to Australian residents.

The contents of this set contains the following:

· Assassin’s Creed III Backpack satchel
· Assassin’s Creed III Tomahawk USB Key
· Assassin’s Creed III Steel postcard
· Assassin’s Creed III Notebook
· Assassin’s Creed III Belt Buckle
· Assassin’s Creed III Wristband
· Assassin’s Creed III Iron on patch
· Assassin’s Creed III Steel Book (different to the one in the freedom edition)
· Assassin’s Creed III Lead Figurines (Pewter Figurines)
· Assassin’s Creed III Tomahawk keychain
· Assassin’s Creed III Liberation keychain
· Sony PS3 ULC – Captain of the Aquila, Colonial Assassin, Red Coat Multiplayer Pack
· Sony PSVita ULC – Mysteries of the Bayou
· Assassin’s Creed III Liberation for PlayStation® Vita – Game
· Assassin’s Creed III Freedom Edition – Game

Contents of the Freedom Edition include:
· A 24cm high quality figurine of Connor
· A steelbook case art drawn by awards-winning comic artist Alex Ross
· George Washington’s notebook revealing all the truth & secrets about the Assassins and the Templars during the American Revolution.
· One exclusive Lithograph
· Bonus Single Player Mission: Lost Mayan Ruins (Connor’s mission leads him in an old Mayan pyramid, full of mysteries and revelations. Unlock Captain Kidd’s fabled cutlass, a deadly, brutal and beautiful piece of steel)
· Bonus Single Player Mission: Ghost of War (The tide of the Revolution turns into the Templars favor. Defeat your enemies and unlock The Pontiac’s War Club, a powerful Native American weapon
· Bonus Multiplayer Package: The Sharpshooter (Unleash the Sharpshooter fury in multiplayer with 1 new character, the Sharpshooter, 1 Relic, 1 Emblem, 1 special Picture and the Title of “The Jester”)

The entire contents of this package is presented in a very nice AC3 branded chest. Each chest features the AC3 insignia on top of the chest along with the edition number in the corner (this is number 5).

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Good luck!

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