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Atari 2600 Demonstration Unit, Star Fox 64 3D Promo Scarf, Gameboy Kiosk, and more

There are a couple of great auctions here for Atari fans and a whole bunch of promo items. First let’s check out the Atari stuff…

Atari 2600 Demonstration Unit (42 Games) – With some work, this collection of parts could be made into an amazing Atari 2600 cabinet equipped with 42 Atari 2600 games. The screen isn’t included, but it connects by a standard TV cable. Fully tested and working.

Atari 400/800 Add-a-Pak The Arcade Champ (2) – It’s always nice to see boxed items inside the box used for shipping. This means you get great and clean boxes. There are two sets in this auction.

Nintendo Game Boy Kiosk Store Display – This kiosk is a bit worn and the seller doesn’t have the key. This combined with the shipping cost makes the seller’s price quite high. I recommend contacting the seller with an offer.

Star Fox 64 3D Promo Scarf – Right in time for the incoming cold weather! It’s red which is a nice touch since Fox is often seen wearing a red scarf.

Danny Sullivan’s Indy Heat (Genesis) Reproduction Cart Ltd 50 – A very well done reproduction cartridge of Indy Heat. The game was completed for release on the Genesis, but it never happened. Only 50 of these were made (unofficial of course). The seller actually has 8 of them.

Nights into Dreams Promo Clock – The face design is very nice and not unbalanced as many clocks of this kind can be. Original box included.

Legend of Zelda Press Promo T-Shirt – The seller claims this t-shirt was never for sale and was only offered as a press release. True or not, this is an awesome looking t-shirt and the price is very reasonable.

Dragon Quest VII Promo Canvas Notebook – Another promo item which the seller says was given to those within the gaming industry. The pages are all set up to support playing the game. Kinda cool…

Street Fighter X Tekken Speaker Set – The seller’s listing title for this item is way off. They listed it as a Resident Evil Street Fighter speaker set, but the box art is clearly Street Fighter X Tekken. A nice starting price too.


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