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Atari 2600 XANTE Worm War 1 – Extremely Rare R10 Video Game Holy Grail #atari #xante #wormwar #videogame #game #nintendo #gamecollect #holygrail

Hey all! Today is going to be a quick post. Apologies for the speedy post, but it’s a very busy month for me and hopefully I can get some posts in. Nonetheless, whatever I posted will ALWAYS have some goodies :). Check em out!

Atari 2600 XANTE Worm War 1 extremely rare R10 video game holy grail – ultra super duper incredibly rare! Thanks T Sal!
Sonic The Hedgehog Exclusive Badge
The Legend of Zelda : Green Rupee with Display Stand – super cool!
Legend Of Zelda Club Nintendo Messenger Bag – fake?
Mario Puppet Kooler – Nintendo NES Vintage 1989 Merchandise
Playstation 2 Branded Pencil Cup and Pencil – RARE promotional item
Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Sentinel Black Baseball Flex Cap Hat OFFICIAL NEW
Metal Gear Rising PS3 Collector’s Edition Soundtrack Plasma Lamp
ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK CD Assassin’s Creed Syndicate edition promo limited big ben

Good luck!

#atari #xante #wormwar #videogame #game #nintendo #gamecollect #holygrail

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1 Comment

  • Brett Martin
    Sep 03, 2016

    LoZMM Messenger bag = official
    LoZ Rupees = fake.

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