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Atari Factory Sealed Consoles,Vectrex 3D Imager and More

VGA has featured seller mycollectibles2011 before; he’s the seller that has those sealed Atari consoles but I was expecting you to remember :). When you make posts all the time of auctions you tend you remember certain sellers and what they have to offer. Moving on, mycollectibles2011 has decided to split up his Atari Consoles since he was selling them as a lot. I did however forget the initial price he had on the lot but each auction has a price tag of $500. This is better IMO because if you wanted to have CX-2600A alone now you can instead of hassling the seller to remove it from the lot. Sealed Atari’s are always a big deal because you see less and less of them on eBay as the years pass. Here are the auctions:

Boxed & Sealed Original Atari 2600 Game System CX-2600A 1980
Boxed & Sealed Original Atari 2600 FACTORY RECONDITIONED System 1981
Boxed Sealed Original Atari 2600 Junior Mini Rainbow Game System 1987

Other Video Game Auctions:

Ultra Rare Atari Jaguar Gym bag – Most expensive video game bag ever? Well, at least the auction has a best offer.
Vectrex 3D Imager – This auction’s complete and seller lists the condition as “very good”. Auction’s quite low now considering these have fetched more than $600+ in the past.
3 Atari Systems 2600 96 Games Manuals and More Huge Lot – For $100 who’s complaining?

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