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Atari Jaguar Chocolate CD, Nintendo Wide Boy,1980 Coleco Quiz Wiz store display and More

Today’s post has video game auctions to satisfy everyone. We have things from old school to new age. The first auction I want to showcase is the Atari Jaguar Chocolate CD! An incredibly rare item, the seller says that “almost all of them were eaten or destroyed since its release in 1995”. These chocolate CD’s were given out to Atari employees to celebrate the release of the Jaguar CD Player. It’s strange when you think about it. Why would someone hold onto this and never eat it? I guess it’s just part of the collectors DNA that when something shows up that’s only made for a partciular event (whether it’s food, wine bottle or anything else of that sort), it’s held onto and never consumed. Thankfully there are plenty of collectors out there who will hold onto items like these in which it will always be passed from one collector to another. The seller also has a bunch of other rare Atari Jaguar stuff so check it out!

Other Video Game Auctions:

1980 Coleco Quiz Wiz store display w/45 books
1989 Super Nintendo Booklet
Original Taito Arcade 1987 “Double Dragon” Painting by Pual Faris – price is decent and there’s currently a bid on it.
Halo Reach Launch Kit
Donkey Kong Nintendo 64 PROMO T Shirt
Nintendo Wide Boy – Gameboy Developer hardware
HALO Door Wall POSTER Master Chief
Super Mario Bros. Stage Figure 2nd 6Compleat + Secret
Huge 16″ Ecco The Dolphin Cardboard Store Display Sega Dreamcast
Huge 28″ Sega Dreamcast System Poster Store Display Advertisement Console

Charity Auctions:
Signed Jens Portrait
Signed Notch Portrait
WonderCraft signed postcard with sketch

eBay seller popculturerelicscom has a bunch of cool nintendo video game auctions. Click here to see what he has.

Good luck!

CLICK HERE to buy this!

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    Jan 14, 2012

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