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Atari Jaguar Developer Documents, Specs, Unreleased Game Details and more

Up on auction right now is a collection of development and production documents for the Atari Jaguar and games that were set for release. Some of the games mentioned were actually not released at all including Highlander 2! Some of the sections are also signed by people involved in the work at Atari. These papers are full of interesting information but I can appreciate that long all readers here on VGA will be into this kind of collectible so I’ve also included a list of unrelated items. Enjoy!

Atari Jaguar – Developer Alien vs. Predator Artwork

Atari Jaguar – Chaos Agenda Shooting Script – (Black Ice White Noise)

Atari Jaguar Unreleased Game Highlander 2 Dev Prototype Proposal

Atari Jaguar Developer CSX Proposal with Software – Prototype Dev

Atari Jaguar Developer Manual, FAQ, Hardware Notes, MADMAC – Prototype Dev

Atari Jaguar – Return of Magic Developer Spec – Unreleased Prototype Dev

Here’s a listing of other interesting items. Note a couple of these auctions end in less than 24 hours…

Halo Reach Preview Disc Not for Resale

Dragon Warrior III Complete

Dragon Warrior IV Complete

Battlefield 4 Normal and Gold Dog Tags with DLC Code

Wild Guns SNES Loose

Playstation 2 Carry Case

Star Fox Not for Resale Demo Cart

Super Mario Galaxy Collector’s Puzzle – Prototype

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