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Sorry folks, no Black Friday deals on eBay for video game related stuff unless you’re buying a console or some NOS games. But I still think the auctions in this post will tickle your fancy! First up is this awesome PONG Clock! Instead of reiterating what the seller wrote, I’ll simply copy and paste the auction description below:

“I’m selling my Pong clock. Designed by Sander Mulders, this is 1 of only 400 Pong clocks he ever produced. These are no longer made as Atari only allowed a very small production run. When these went on sale they sold out in one day. These are extremely rare and don’t show up often on Ebay.

I am the only owner of this clock and have kept it in excellent condition in a smoke free home. It has been displayed for about a year and kept in a box for the remainder of its time. It works flawlessly for both keeping time and for playing pong with it. A short clip of my pong clock at work can be found here:

Articles about this clock can be found here:


Clock: While this game of pong randomly plays, the so called players score the time. The left player scores the hours, and the right player scores the minutes. This unusual timepiece, makes an ideal conversation piece, and ideal for those friday afternoon moments.

Gameplay: Take your Pong Clock and hold it in front of you like an oldschool handheld game. Then, holding the two buttons on the back simultaneously for 2 seconds with your right hand, your Pong Clock will switch to game mode. This allows you to play a game of Pong against the clock, while controlling the right paddle with the two buttons! Holding the two buttons on the back simultaneously for 2 seconds again, will put your Pong Clock back in clock mode.

I will ship the item with 24hrs of payment and provide a tracking number. The clock will be securely and safely packaged.”

Click here for Atari Pong Clock by Buro Vormkrijgers

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Good luck!

#mario #nes #nintendo #christmas #supermariobro #atari #streetfighter #laracroft #playstation

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