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Atari Tag Arcade Posters, Duke Nukem Signed, and promo items!

Good morning VGA readers. Today’s post is filled with unique autographs, awesome vintage Atari posters and tons of cool promo items.

Let’s get started. I have for display a bunch of Atari Targ Arcade Posters( Exidy 540x900mm). These were Leisure and Allied Promo Posters never for public sale. The was a promotional poster was given to arcade owners back in the early 80’s. Excellent condition (see photos) has some small creases. The seller has other retro games Posters + Marquees for sell this week. They are up for auction so you have a chance to steal these and now is your only chance! Atari collector’s get your engines ready!

Click Her for Targ Poster

Click here for Galaxian Poster

Click here for Missile Command Poster

Click here Asteroids Poster

 Next auction up for bid is a Duke Nukem 3D Plutonium Signed By the entire Development team. Details are below:

Some of the Signatures:

George Broussard  3D Realms President, Director/Project Leader/Level Designer for Duke Nukem 3D Plutonium Pak

Randy Pitchford Level Designer (now President of Gearbox and rescuer of Duke Nukem Forever and the Duke Franchise.)

Allen Blum Creator of the Duke Nukem Character and Assistant Director/Level Designer/Programmer

Todd Replogle Creator of Duke Nukem and Programmer

Chuck Jones Modeler/Artist for all the Duke 3D characters (who, after this, went to Valve and modeled for Half Life)

Stephen Hornback (me) – Senior/Lead Artist for the Duke Nukem 3D projects

 If you want to bid on this soon to be “antique” click here for Duke Nukem Signed by Dev Team. It’s an auction so you have a great chance to win this. I know I’ll keep my eye on it 😉

Honrable Mentions:

BlizzCon 2010 Diablo III Poster RARE DROP DEV SIGNED

Dead Rising 2 Promotional Zombie Figure Figurine


Termintator Salvation Promo Sticker

Legends of Zork Promo Pass

Capcom Okami Promo Board

Spider Man Shattered dimensions Cell



CLICK HERE to buy this!

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