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Atari 2600 Track and Field, Shuttle Orbiter, Joyboard Complete

Seller chad5200 has some rare Atari 2600 carts up on auction. They’re in great shape and all of them come complete! He also has the Atari 2600 Track and Field complete that comes with the rare “Special Arcade Controller”.

On top of it all, chad5200 is selling “The Joyboard”! The Joyboard is a balance board peripheral used for the Atari 2600. It was released in 1982 and is used by standing on top of it and leaning in certain directions. Imagine, people now who have no knowledge about the history of video games probably believe that the Wii’s Fit is the pioneer of video game exercising. Little do they know that the Joyboard happened 27 years before that. Only one game came with The joyboard; Mogul Maniac, which is included in this auction.

Check out the video of Mogul Maniac in action below! (Don’t hold your breath while watching…)

As you can see, all you’re really doing is guiding yourself through the poles. Here’s the list of the Atari Auctions the seller has up. He just listed them:

Atari 2600 TRACK & FIELD Complete
Atari 2600 SHUTTLE ORBITER Complete
PARTY MIX by Starpath Complete
JAMES BOND 007 Atari 2600 Complete
Atari 2600 DICE PUZZLE Complete
The Joyboard with Mogul Maniac and Box

Other Vintage Video Game Auctions:

Atari Game Cartridge Store Display Case Storage – I love the design on the box. It needs some work but nothing major.
Turbo Grafx CD Carrying Case
First Run Magnavox Odyssey Complete
Jack Bros. Virtual Boy Complete Mint – a complete version sells around $200 but we’ll see with this one.
Jack Bros. Cart Only
Brand New Panasonic 3DO FZ-10
Super Famicom Spider Man Lethal Foes Import
Super Famicom Super Back to the Future II Complete! – cheap!

Good luck!

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  • Joseph
    Mar 16, 2011

    That Atari display box is really nice!! But, I have no nostalgic (ness) for Atari. I’ve never even touched a 2600 controller 🙁

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