Atari Limited Edition Pacman Prototype 1

Atari – Very Rare Cartridges

I, like many gamers of my generation, first experienced a home video game system when powering on an Atari 2600. It stood up against many other systems during it’s time and proved to be the best by staying in all of our memories… Today I would like to open the doors to the future owners of some of the rarest cartridges that exist for the Atari.

Prototype Games – Some collectors seek theses carts exclusively and tend to pay well for them. These are not carts you could have ever found in any store. They are working prototypes made for testing before the release of the final game. As you would expect, few are made… Prototype carts for Ms. Pac-Man and River Patrol have surfaced on eBay and are available right now! Check here on eBay for Ms. Pac-Man and River Patrol can be found here.

Horror Games – Modern games throw blood around like it’s nothing and the shock wore off with Mortal Kombat 3 for most people I think. In the age of Atari however, the idea of killing someone in a game was considered a dark and demented concept and any game to incorporate this into the goal was quickly shot down and thereby limited in production. Two such examples are Halloween and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Believe it or not… both are being sold on eBay right now.  Click here for The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Halloween can be found here on eBay.

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