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Auctions Ending Today!

Here are a few cool items that currently have low or no bids and are all ending today. These are the kind of items that would be cool to have but never really come to mind when looking for something on eBay.¬†Make your bids today and grab up some cool stuff! I’m actually watching one of them and will probably make a bid near the end.

Club Nintendo Mario Commemorative Pin C – Here’s a pin from Club Nintendo. It’s an easy buy for any Nintendo fan and a must-have for pin collectors. Many bids have been made for this pin, but there’s still time.

Club Nintendo Mario Commemorative Pin D – Another pin in the same series as the pin linked above. If you have any of these already, I’m sure you’re going to want the rest. Only 1 bid on this one at the moment.

Nuka Cola Quantum Custom Prop – This is an amazing piece of work. This is a custom LED light up Nuka Cola Quantum bottle. If you think about it, it’s probably fairly easy to make, but the current bid is quite low.

Red Dead Redemption Sealed Playing Cards (2 Decks) – When playing a game of Poker with friends, it’s always a cool boost to the mood of the game when you play with an interesting deck. These Red Dead Redemption decks are still sealed.

Halo Master Chief Pewter Pin – Another pin for you collectors out there. It’s still on it’s original card, but I’m sure it can be removed without tearing. Starting bid is $0.99!

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