Capcom Everything Factory Sealed Limited Edition Mega Man Nintendo (NES) PlayStation (PS1) Press Kit Super Nintendo (SNES)

Auctions from Seller VGLobby – Sculptor’s Cut CIB, Legend of Zelda OOT CE Sealed, Mega Man 10 Press Kit SE

It’s always great when you guys send us auctions you’ve come across or auctions you yourself have running but they don’t always come in nice lists of  mostly high value items. Today I’ve got exactly that for you all to look through. Some very rare versions and variants of things you may already have or have heard about along with complete and sealed games. I should also mention that all but one of these auctions are selling to the highest bidder and the one that isn’t is still taking offers.

Clay Fighter Sculptor’s Cut Complete – Only 10,000 copies of the game made and very few still have the box or manual today.

The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time Collectors Edition Sealed – A few days left on this auction.

Mega Man 10 Press Kit Special Edition 24 of 25

Family Fun Fitness Pad Complete – Rare to find this in such nice condition.

Zelda II The Adventure of Link (Misprint?) Complete

16-Bit XMAS 2011 Complete

8-BIT XMAS 2011 Complete

Nyan Cat NES Homebrew

Panesian 3-in-1 Pink Edition Limited 5 of 5

Space Hulk (Long Box Variant) – You may be thinking, “Ya, I’ve seen Space Hulk’s long box. So what?” but you’re probably thinking of the flat cover long box. This variant box has the bumpy edge along the spine rather than a picture of it.

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