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The Little App That Finally Broke Through

A startup Company, in 2011, launched a simple app to help users track how much data our installed apps were consuming. The app did not quite jump out with instant impact, but it remained on our radars for the next three years. Acquisitions helped boost funding and all of a sudden the app was on our radars. Onavo would monitor a month worth of data usage for locally installed app on our smartphones. You could tell who the culprit was and what apps could risk breaking your data plan. Fast forward three years and part “deux” Onavo Extend delivers a new and innovative way to save on data plan usage. Your data is compressed using the dev servers and then sent back to your mobile. You are basically running your data over their servers and saving big time. We put this neat app to the test. The app is fast to download and runs as a background task in real time. You should not see or feel any performance issues when the app is running.

onavo app review VGA
We did however sometimes notice text messages were taking longer to show delivered, a very small detail but it was noticeable. After testing the app over a span of three months, we noticed significant data saving over regular usage. If you are into streaming video, this app will not compress and help. You will actually have your mobile slow down and buffer. Stick to flat pictures and html sites to take advantage of the app’s strength. As we move toward faster speeds and larger data plans across North America, Onavo will need to think a little outside of the box if they want to keep a strong presence with Onavo. This is a cool app to test out. You might be very surprised with your results. Some app you have installed may use way more monthly data then you think. You will quickly get a feel and a sense of direction on what should be cleaned up from your app, game and widget inventory.


Size:   * * * * *
Ease of use: * * * *
Speed: * * *
Features: * * *
Support & Patches: * * *
Overall: * * *

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