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Banpresto Famicom Collectibles, Resident Evil Series VGA Rated Gold, and Concept Art

Some very cool stuff to check out today. If you’re into collecting Japanese import Nintendo collectibles, you’ll find more than a few auctions here that may interest you. On top of all that, we have some crazy auctions to drool over lol. First up is not quite one of a kind, but still very rare…

Spirit Master Concept Art – Here’s another big one from PSMuseum. Spirit Master was a 3D fighting game under development for Acclaim which was scrapped before release. This auction is for 75 pieces of concept art for this unreleased title. These aren’t the originals but the artist did sign them.

Resident Evil Series Video Game Authority Sealed Gold – Here is the entire Resident Evil series sealed and rated by the Video Game Authority with a gold rating on every copy. Every copy is also factory sealed and you get second special copies of the first, second and fourth game (long box on the first, dual shock edition on the second, and Gamestop Special Edition on the fourth). The price is…. beyond insane. You may have to wait quite a while through several re-listings for the seller to lower the price. They are taking offers, but an offer of $2000 will be shot down for sure. Still… damn, that’s a nice set.

Ice Climber Calculator – In the original box and in very nice shape. It appears to be an Ice Climbers Famicom cart but it’s actually a calculator! Weee

Famicom Controller Megaphone – Another of the Banpresto Famicom items that are not what they seem. This Famicom controller is actually a little megaphone.

Mario Golf Toy – Last Friday I listed the Luigi Golf toy which was being sold by someone who didn’t know what they had. It actually sold for $10! (congrats to the buyer). Here is the Mario version of the same thing. The price isn’t terrible here… getting the Luigi for $10 is a great deal.

Super Mario 3 Address Book – This seller is known for high prices but this address book is quite rare even in Japan.

Nintendo Pin Collection – A boxed collection of Nintendo pins from 1989. Not sure how the seller got 25 sets but they have sold 6 of them already.

N64 Game Storage Case – People in my area never really bought enough N64 games to require a storage unit like this but maybe the current age of collectors could benefit.

Legend of Zelda Twillight Princess Wallet – This leather wallet comes in a nice tin case. I’ve never seen one in person but it doesn’t look like it would last too long in use. I would also suggest contacting the seller for a lower price.

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