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Barbarian (Psygnosis) Sealed Games

One of my favorite games on the Amiga was a game called Barbarian. This shouldn’t be confused with the completely different game called “Barbarian: Ultimate Warrior” which featured a then-risky Mortal Komat-ish decapitation. No, the game I’m talking about was made by Psygnosis; a game company with a huge list of great games from nearly every genre you can think of. Barbarian is not the game for everyone however, it plays as a side scroller but the controls are commands you give to the barbarian at deadly quick key moments that require great reflexes. In this game, even jumping over a rock is an epic challenge…

Barbarian Sealed Game

Several copies of this game can be found on eBay fairly quick (including the Amiga version I enjoyed). Today however, I would like to list a few that are still factory sealed. If you collect old computer games, these auctions may be of great interest to you. Also, if you’re hoping to play the game to re-live some great gaming memories, opening a sealed copy of the game pretty much guarantees the game will be in perfect working condition.



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