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Bearded Review – StarTropics I & II

Bearded Reviews are broadcasted and recorded live! Take a look at each game moment to moment with the good and the bad examined. This of course also means all bloopers and gamer failures will broadcast for the entire world to see as well!

Today I played a game recommended by Kenji here on VGA: StarTropics! I tried out the sequel as well to see where they improved or failed in continuing a game series.

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  • Kenji
    Apr 07, 2013

    Great review bearded, I enjoyed the commentary and thoughts. See at least you were competent enough to figure out the general scheme of the game.

    To quickly answer a few questions during game play. The jumping and moving in the first game is something you craft into a skill. For example when walking straight, then turning right and still moving, you can use that in your favor. Once you get used to the controls it’s not an issue.

    Personally I remember seeing it for the first time on TV. I saw a commercial and it was the “new” game so as a kid of course I’m going to buy into the hype and commercial. Then one day I was walking with my dad in a Flea Market in Lachine and I saw an area that was selling general stuff and this game was in the window(place smelled like cigarrettes), a guy with a cowboy hat came out and my sister was with us, she saw the game and asked my dad to buy it, again because we saw it on TV. Since then I liked the story line, the tropical feel, the bosses, the RPG feel. I never thought of the controls as bad, or anything else. As you progress the story does get better and so do the puzzles.

    As for Star Tropics 2, I also went to Zellers and saw ST2 and Mega Man 6. I bought ST2 and months later MM6. At this time NES was nearing it’s end for releases.

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