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Bearded Review – Tale Spin (TG16)

Bearded Reviews are broadcasted and recorded live! Take a look at each game moment to moment with the good and the bad examined. This of course also means all bloopers and gamer failures will broadcast for the entire world to see as well! Today I checked out a Disney game knowing that many on the NES and SNES were very good games. How bad could a Disney game be on the TurboGrafx 16?… Pretty damn bad.

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Next live review will be Saturday April 20th at noon eastern time. I’ll be playing a game well known to all as one of the worst SNES games ever made but I’m going to try to see if there are any good things about the game at all. It’s time for Shaq-Fu!

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  • Kenji
    Apr 17, 2013


    Yeah… that game is crap. Disney probably approved it because of it’s Graphics, as we know back then it was all Graphics.

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