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Beautiful Heavenly Sword Concept Game Art from Ninja Theory – PS3

Today we have an interesting auction submitted by our friend Andy (thanks bud!). He has a beautiful lithograph from Heavenly Sword. It’s a super rare piece and I’m SHOCKED that there’s only one bidder for this art work. Andy mentions that the art is “Approximately A2 size from the early PS3 Game Heavenly Sword.The image is of the main character from Heavenly Sword (Nariko) holding the cannon (used in an early part of the game). Concept artist’s signature is at the bottom right of the image (Alessandro “Talexi” Taini).”

He was lucky enough to gain possession of this print which was used around the studio whilst the game was in production (some time in 2006). It may have been set in a display for some of the local developer exhibitions around the time of pre/post release. The item is in excellent condition, I have had it stored away for almost a decade now. As far as Andy knows, there were only around 20 prints made for the purposes explained above, so there won’t be many more of them around! If there are it’s probably fake!

Link to auction

Good luck!

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