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Best of LucasArts Soundtrack, Miyamoto Signed Link to the Past, Unique Sega Items and More!

sonic the hedgehog game stills slides 1990 sega

Wow wow wow! What a line up of cool video game auctions I got for you today. We’ve received a lot of user submissions over the week so I want to make sure to post them as there’s some unique and rare stuff! As well, going back to memory lane with some LucasArts merchandise; yup, the good ol’ PC gaming days. also wanted to point out a fail lol. It’s pretty funny as I can picture an older relative who doesn’t play video games find something like this and put it up on eBay. Someone listed a Super Mario & Yoshi pin, but the title is “Nintendo pin: Mario on dinosaur“. LOL, have to admit that gave me a laugh. It’s true, to someone who doesn’t feel like putting too much depth in their listing will just call Yoshi a dinosaur. Yes, that’s what he is but just funny to see him being described that way since typically people say Yoshi.

Anyhow, enjoy the auctions listed below. Be sure to comment if you have any questions or remarks.
*Please note all auctions are ending within 24 hours…

Video Game Auctions:
1990 Nintendo World Championships NWC Gray Cartridge WORKING and AUTHENTIC
Rare Nintendo Gameboy Advance Neon Video Arcade Game Room Store Display Sign 3ft (Thanks Jennifer!)
The Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past SNES – RARE SIGNED BY SHIGERU MIYAMOTO (Thanks Richard!)
RARE Virtua Fighter LOU CHAN figure from 1995 – SEGA (Thanks Tyler!)
VERY RARE SEGA corporate gift – Moose plush – never seen another one like it (Thanks Tyler!)
Set of 5 “gameplay” slides for Sonic the Hedgehog 3 – Super Rare! (Thanks Tyler!)
Assassins Creed Limited Edition Altair 12″ Figurine, Xbox, Pc, Playstation (Thanks James!)
Super Smash Bros Grand Theft Auto Mash Up Shirt Arcade Block W S Small
LucasArts vintage promotional items promo yoyo bottle opener
LucasArts 20th anniversary Best Of LucasArts Original Soundtracks grim fandango
Nintendo pin Mario on dinosaur
Retro Nintendo Capcom Video Game Poster – Folded – Mega Man 2, Ducktales, Willow
The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time 1998 Official Nintendo Promo Art Cel – RARE!

Good luck!

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