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Big Game & Watch Lot, Onimusha Statue and More!

We’ve been getting a lot of visitors in the first 2 months of operation and I want to say I’m happy many of you are coming back and enjoying what you read! I also noticed that the site is taking longer to load, so in order to combat this I will be uploading a cache to WP in order to make your viewings pleasurable :). In the mean time here’s a bunch of auctions I found that might tickle your fancy!

Game & WatchGame & Watch

Here’s a rare lot of 8 game & watch’s in one auction. All the games come complete with the box and manuals! I’ve only seen one lot bigger than this, and it was from a seller in Italy who was selling his entire collection(which happens to be the biggest on the internet!). So this is right next to him minus 80 games :).

The games you get are:

It’s a pricey auction, but considering how rare some of the titles are you’ll be spending around the same amount buying them separately. Game & Watch’s have this charm to them and are unlike any other collectors item. I always get that retro vibe picking up one of these and playing them.

If you are interested in this eBay auction, click here for Game & Watch Collection Lot of 8 Games.

Other Great Auctions on eBay:
Onimusha Art of War Statue by Capcom

Fire Red Nintendo Gameboy Advance SP Store Display – This is the rare Red Version of the GBA store display. Already hit the $50 mark!

Sega Genesis Nomad Mint In Box – You don’t see many MIB Nomads!

Fantasy 14 UK Collectors Edition Items – I haven’t been following Final Fantasy for a long time now. This is the “UK Collectors Edition”. I’m not sure whats the difference between the UK and N.A versions, but maybe Akira can’t point it out for us…

PSP Wall Clock – Very hard to tell if this is official or not. What do you think?

Turbografx Turbo Play June 1991 Magazine BONK! – I saw this in one of my searches and thought it would be pretty neat to show you all. BONK is one of those games that had virtually no merchandise. I saw Kenji posted a “prototype” BONK doll which is only other time I’ve noticed something unique from the game.

Good Luck!

CLICK HERE to buy this!

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