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Bill Gates Launch Team Xbox, Nintendo Display Signs and mor

Good morning VGA readers. Have two auctions submitted by Joseph(Thanks!). One is a rare Xbox 2001 Launch team signed by Bill Gates, the other is a pile of Nintendo goodness.

The first auction for the Xbox signed by Bill Gates( 2001 Launch Team) doesn’t have a description to how it was acquired or where it came from but almost 95% of the time it was given to the developers. I won’t assume that for this Xbox, but it is an Xbox that was given to developers. With that said it’s being listed by Seattlegoodwill and 100% of the proceeds go to their “Good Will” charity.

The second auction is for a pile up of Nintendo Store Signs and Displays. You have a bunch of really cool sings here, some pretty rare. It ranges from NES, SNES and Gameboy. The seller again is “thethingsifind” which is leaving me intrigued to how he finds all this stuff. Is it his personal collection? Did he find the lost tomb of Video Game Collectibles? I don’t know but as long as he keeps supplying ebay with his merchandise I won’t ask :). He has a few other things that caught my personal attention:

Nintendo 64 Hat – I want to wear this hat side-ways.

Nintendo Desk Organizer – Put this on your desk and you’ll be the talk of the office for sure.

Nintendo World Cufflings – Wow these are cool.

CLICK HERE to buy this!

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