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Bio Shock 2 Press Event Invite, Soundtracks, and Some Graded Games

Got a nice selection today with a few auctions submitted by you guys, the readers, who keep this site going! Always nice to see the finds people come across or what sellers have recently put up for collectors to grab. Tim sent us the link for this first auction…

I, Robot Arcade – This cabinet from mid 80’s Atari is crazy rare. It’s suggested that possibly less than 1000 exist in the world and this auction is for one of them. There are no hints of custom work here to make it only appear original as far as I can see. I’m convinced this is one of the few.

Forza Horizon Press Kit – PJ gave us the heads up on this auction. I always love that “make an offer” button.

Banjo Kazooie Soundtrack with T-Shirt Sealed – Still sealed, this pack in extra for a soundtrack is kinda strange… a t-shirt. I would like to mention that it’s cool the t-shirt is a generic N64 t-shirt rather than a Banjo Kazooie t-shirt.

Nintendo DS Gift Card Holder – It looks like a proper DS but this is actually a gift card holder. Nice to sucker people into thinking they got something better for Christmas than they actually did.

Panzer Dragoon Soundtrack –  Not sealed but a sweet soundtrack.

Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood Ezio Hidden Blade Replica – I’m sure plenty of you are well aware of this Neca release but it’s selling to the highest bidder. Good to keep an eye on.

Bio Shock 2 Press Event Invite – An empty box of bullets with some stylish Bio Shock flash. This is a press invite and the price is decent.

Nintendo Power Collection 20-81 – Some of the spines are torn but the auction’s at a low price one way or the other especially if you’re looking to read them rather than just collect.

Tingle’s Balloon Fight – Here’s a Club Nintendo item that does more than sit on a shelf. Gotta love Balloon Fight. (Nintendo Land scores anyone?)

Sega Dreamcast Broadband Adapter – I remember playing Quake on a dial-up connection. Wish I got my hands on one of these.

Boxed NEO-GEO CD – The condition looks fair and this auction ends today.

For the last few auctions, here are some Video Game Authority graded games. Not all crazy prices! lol… thanks Alejandro. 😉

The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time Collector’s Edition Graded 80+

Ico Graded 85+

Metal Gear Solid 2 Graded 80+

Gears of War Graded 85+

God of War Graded 85

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